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  1. Yes you want a Monster Beetle, take it from me I have two.
  2. As long as they are built to spec all is good, I like the built in Japan though.
  3. I am running a Hobbywing 1060. Is this ESC compatible with a RZ motor ?
  4. That is a good idea , not very hard is it. Do the bulbs fit the buckets.
  5. Any suggestions on some other tires , I like the spike tires but have realized that they wear quickly.
  6. Where can I find light kits for the Super Clod Buster / Lunchbox I am pretty sure Tamiya discontinued them but am looking for the closest kit to factory if at all possible .Thanks
  7. Will Lunchbox/Midnight pumpkin tires fit on MB wheels , I am considering buying these parts to fit on my MB but it looks like the MB wheels are a little taller. Will the LB tires tear while installing on MB wheels? thanks
  8. Hello all, was wondering if a super stock motor on a Monster Beetle would work I am confident it would but is there anything I should watch out for . It already has a MIP ball diff I installed looking for a little more punch. I have Sport tuned motors on my Lunchboxes and they rip pretty good but I noticed that the beetle is different when it comes to handling power . So what do you all think?
  9. Put brand new tires on one of my Lunchboxes, man nothing better than a new pair of shoes. Didn't realize how bad the old ones were ( old and hardened) new ones spin better.
  10. Ya I like the adjustability of it and if I choose I could upgrade to brushless and not worry about blowing up the rear end.
  11. Only one problem so far, I noticed it sounds like it's slipping not getting full beans on full throttle I can work up to full speed but a hard launch and it has a high pitch squeal and aia right ? and if so how tight do I make the diff to make it run properly. Thanks.
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