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  1. I'm in the US what you hear from the US site, please. Thanks!
  2. Awesome...thanks. I (obviously) had not seen that. What retailers do they sell through?
  3. I mis-typed...I have the Carisma body...Carson is a different version/livery. When did Rallylegends have a Quattro body? I don't recall ever seeing it, and it's not on their site now.
  4. What shock set-up do you have on your car and/or what size/type of upgrade shocks would work best on a rally set-up XV-01?
  5. I have been saving this Carson Audi Quattro body, and the XV looks like it's going to be the lucky recipient!
  6. I just did the same, got it yesterday from Banzai Hobby. I am interested to see how it compares to my DF-03ra once built. I will use it for rally-type bashing mostly.
  7. lawdog


    I've ordered from them in the past to the US from their Asian WH with no real issues. It usually takes about 3 weeks or so, with standard shipping. Only issue I ever had was a bad inruner brushless motor for a 1/16 buggy I had, and they just sent me another one. Sorry you're having an issue!
  8. lawdog

    Wide tyres needed - any ideas?

    The Kawada wide tire is part no. TU-141W...I would search for that and see what you can find. DTM makes some 32mm slicks, but I don't think you want that. The Tamiya 32mm radials are very sticky, but also very thin...would not expect much wear out of them. Good luck.
  9. lawdog

    Pumpkin Low Rider - Wheel options

    Here's a better pic of them on my M04L Beetle:
  10. lawdog

    Pumpkin Low Rider - Wheel options

    Emory beat me to it... Tires are #4793 for fronts, #4797 for rears. Cheers!
  11. lawdog

    Pumpkin Low Rider - Wheel options

    Like emory and Reilluor above, I'm partial to the HPI Vintage wheels.As you can see in my sig, they fill out the wheel well/body of a hot rod-style M-class body very nicely, especially with the wide/31mm in the rear. The wheels that come with that kit are leftovers from the M04L VW Beetle...just a terrible cop-out by Tamiya, IMO. Here's a lowrider Pumpkin by Tamiyaclub member cardesigner that has simliar wheels so you can get a better idea of what they look like with the body: Good luck!
  12. lawdog

    1:1 car and RC car, here's my Tamiya RX-7

    Your body is dead-on accurate...great job. But, the Mini/Eunos wheels are killing me for such a scale project. Any interest in these 18 spoke wheels? Seem like a pretty close match to the full-size.
  13. Like you said, put them to bed, and start building. Otherwise, grab time on weekend if he goes with Mom somehwere or trip to grandparents?
  14. lawdog

    Painting tail lights, inside or outside?

    I do the same thing, but I paint the inside with silver to give it some backing and a more metallic interior look. Unless, of course, it's going over actual lights/LEDs.
  15. lawdog

    Hobbyking Turnigy 3XS Transmitter.

    I've had good luck just bashing with a HobbyKing 2.4 radio for several of my models, but here's a thread from ultimaterc evaluating the 3XS, liking it a lot, and then abandoning it in favor of the newer RC3S: