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  1. I'm in the US also...post what you hear from the US site, please. Thanks!
  2. Awesome...thanks. I (obviously) had not seen that. What retailers do they sell through?
  3. I mis-typed...I have the Carisma body...Carson is a different version/livery. When did Rallylegends have a Quattro body? I don't recall ever seeing it, and it's not on their site now.
  4. What shock set-up do you have on your car and/or what size/type of upgrade shocks would work best on a rally set-up XV-01?
  5. I have been saving this Carson Audi Quattro body, and the XV looks like it's going to be the lucky recipient!
  6. I just did the same, got it yesterday from Banzai Hobby. I am interested to see how it compares to my DF-03ra once built. I will use it for rally-type bashing mostly.
  7. I've ordered from them in the past to the US from their Asian WH with no real issues. It usually takes about 3 weeks or so, with standard shipping. Only issue I ever had was a bad inruner brushless motor for a 1/16 buggy I had, and they just sent me another one. Sorry you're having an issue!
  8. The Kawada wide tire is part no. TU-141W...I would search for that and see what you can find. DTM makes some 32mm slicks, but I don't think you want that. The Tamiya 32mm radials are very sticky, but also very thin...would not expect much wear out of them. Good luck.
  9. Here's a better pic of them on my M04L Beetle:
  10. Emory beat me to it... Tires are #4793 for fronts, #4797 for rears. Cheers!
  11. Like emory and Reilluor above, I'm partial to the HPI Vintage wheels.As you can see in my sig, they fill out the wheel well/body of a hot rod-style M-class body very nicely, especially with the wide/31mm in the rear. The wheels that come with that kit are leftovers from the M04L VW Beetle...just a terrible cop-out by Tamiya, IMO. Here's a lowrider Pumpkin by Tamiyaclub member cardesigner that has simliar wheels so you can get a better idea of what they look like with the body: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=92010 Good luck!
  12. Your body is dead-on accurate...great job. But, the Mini/Eunos wheels are killing me for such a scale project. Any interest in these 18 spoke wheels? Seem like a pretty close match to the full-size. http://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-51362-mchassis-18spoke-wheels-p-28682.html?cPath=35_898
  13. Like you said, put them to bed, and start building. Otherwise, grab time on weekend if he goes with Mom somehwere or trip to grandparents?
  14. I do the same thing, but I paint the inside with silver to give it some backing and a more metallic interior look. Unless, of course, it's going over actual lights/LEDs.
  15. I've had good luck just bashing with a HobbyKing 2.4 radio for several of my models, but here's a thread from ultimaterc evaluating the 3XS, liking it a lot, and then abandoning it in favor of the newer RC3S: http://www.ultimaterc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179417
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