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  1. I was going to start a new thread, but thought it was fitting for this thread. I recently bought a Top Force from Asiatees, it came in 5 days, can't complain. 2 weeks later (today) I receive a FedEx letter, informing me I need to pay £48 tax! They included a scan of the original invoice from Asiatees which they had opened up. Has this happened to anyone else? Cheers
  2. Just wondered if anyone has a NIB/like new Technipower or Technituned motor? I don't want to buy it (unless you're selling) I just need to know a little detail about it. Need to be mint condition Many thanks Nick
  3. Just wondered if anyone has an MFA RX-15 they wouldn't mind parting with? (even an old Technigold?) PM me Cheers
  4. The Egress is currently £350, I'm sure it was £400 before., anyway- can't see it cheaper anywhere else. Good price.
  5. Would love a Ford Ranger. But like a lot of others have said......I'd love to see the Mid........Mr Kyosho must be aware that the Mid is the one everyone is waiting for, with standard gold (none threaded) shocks and normal sized wheels., please!
  6. Thanks for the replies, everyone. Will let you know what happens!!
  7. Thinking of buying a kit from RC Mart, due to good deal. Deal may not be so good if customs take a big wedge. So, any UK buyers, bought kits from RC Mart, did you get big customs fees? I never used to get charged when buying from Stella, but they never seem to have stock anymore. Cheers
  8. Here is a NIB , never opened Avante. Still in bubble wrap £390 delivered. PayPal gift or add fees cheers Nick
  9. Just ordered a re-re from Stella, won't sell this one this time!
  10. Chrome wheel option, this just gets better!!😬😬😬
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. The classic sold out in all shops a while ago now, so definitely won't be on sale at Tamico! Unlike the Worlds edition, the classic was a limited number kit, so should definitely be worth more than the worlds kit.
  12. I'm considering letting my NIB RC10 Classic (re-release) go, as I really don't know when I'll ever get to build it. Anyone any suggestions on pricing?? Cheers
  13. Hotshot Avante Bigwig Edited- didn't see '4wd' in OP's post
  14. Courier dude just dropped this in, I may get to build it one day!.........
  15. I guess £485 isn't a bad price for the buyer, considering the price of re-re's now (£400+) The seller will be disappointed he didn't get £1000 plus though!!
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