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  1. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Craig, the bits arrived safely today. This club is fantastic! James :-)
  2. Looks great, you done a nice job and **** quick too! Last kit I did took me best part of a week but I was medicated hahahaha
  3. Can do if you like, won't be till next wednesday,I'm disabled and won't have the cash til then, what's best way to do the other £10?.... Paypal gift? Did that with Twinset for his mini lol, sorry for late reply, wasnt capable of typing til now due to meds hahaha. ;-)
  4. I just paid for them, was worried I might miss em lol Cheers,
  5. I'll have them please if not too late James
  6. Blimey!! That was a quick reply lol :-)
  7. Hi, do u still have the box of bits for £13.00 please? If u have, I'd like them thank you James
  8. Hello, do you still have the mini for sale?,if you do could you let me know how much it would be without the radio please? Thanks very much
  9. I'd just like to say I had fantastic service from these guys. I ordered an Ansmann hotrod kit but had problems with missing parts, I contacted Neil in customer services twice and was amazed to find missing parts on my doormat in less than 24hrs! I just thought they deserved a mention as people are so quick to complain but sooo slow to compliment. They will definitely be getting most if not all of my business.
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