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  1. Nothing planned at present as the circuit is due to be lifted and changed around, also the conditions are not the best come the winter and the track gets closed untill the spring. Check out there Facebook page for all details and opening etc.
  2. Well done to Lee and Simon for there endless effort to get this event on. A great turn out in the end and many Laughs, fun, serious racing and breakages where had by all. Many thanks guys and to John for taking the pictures and video, looking forward to seeing the results. Bring on next year - BIGGER motor and more POWERRRRRRR!!!!! next year
  3. I will have spare esc's if you need one as well.
  4. Loving the paint scheme on this, again something different.
  5. Thanks John, That dress it getting rather tight these days I don't no why
  6. I use ImageShack as it's free although I still have a PhotoBucket account.
  7. Thanks Lee and Simon for the hard work so far that has been put into this event, just hope the numbers compliment the dedication that has gone into making this day happen. Great addition of Fusion Hobbies to help with prizes, who will be donating the wooden spoon for me when I finish last???
  8. Pucker day of RC fun with 'hop, skip and a jump' from my house
  9. I am all booked in a little while back. Hows the attending the event numbers coming along??
  10. Received PM and sorting out price and pictures. Will post later today.
  11. Hi Greg, Finally after so many years got myself added to the Forum, I have a 85% complete spare TL-01 chassis that you can have, only thing missing really is no shocks. Any more info or pictures just let me know. Many thanks, Mark
  12. What a find, great job and price. Looking forward to seeing the updates in the Winter. Christmas came very early for you GING
  13. Thanks TWINSET for the update and the sad news of the outcome, i am sure all agree on this site and others that the last thing we need is the sites to be shut down as well as it would be like losing a friend. Any updates will be greatly recieved. And as someone else has mentioned expect the counter-fit fake parts to start poping up from certain countrys. Does that mean members that show the Tamiya symbol and segments from there manual have to remove them from there topic and Avator? GING
  14. Although i am/was rebuilding a SandScorcher i was going to buy the re-release for my 8year old son for his Birthday in October similer to when i was his age getting into the original Tamiya kits. But after all this with Tamiya i am very disapointed and will NOT be spending money for there profits untill things get sorted for everyones pleaseure either Old-School Vintage keeping the Tamiya Heritage alive and kicking or Re-releases for the next geaneration of racers etc. WAKE UP TAMIYA AND STOP BEING SILLY, MAKE THIS WORK FOR ALL (OLD AND NEW) GING
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