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  1. There a are a couple NIB on ebay lately
  2. You could temp him with a deal of withdrawing your neg feedback once you have received all your stuff I'm not a big believer of eBay excuses I've heard a lot of them
  3. Thanks that would be amazing I've just bought a Blackfoot that needs a lot doing so this will be a huge help! I've sent you a PM Many thanks Sam
  4. That's correct, Swindon, UK. I've amended my details to show this now. Got all excited when I saw 2 replys Cheers Sam
  5. Hi I'm starting to get old cars on the cheap off ebay & carboot sales and getting them running to play around with the kids (my excuse anyway) but as I've not been in this long enough to aquire lots of spare parts like Servos Recievers ESC 540 Motors transmitters etc its to expensive for me to be buying new just to put them in old bashers I dont really want to start pinching bits from my working cars to get get other ones running does anyone have an old heap of stuff or even just bits and pieces they want rid of in exchange for some cash? Ive been getting a few bits on ebay but it still adds up when buying single items as the postage soon tripples the price of even small items If anyone can help please drop me a PM Many thanks Sam
  6. Hi I need a shell for a king blackfoot Im in the south UK Thats about it Thanks Sam
  7. That's an unbelievable deal cheers for that! I'm going to wait till next week and get a couple combos as spares for when I pick up random non runners off eBay Sam
  8. Thanks for the replys looking at the faded sticker one handset is 40mhz and the other is 27 so that's why it's not working I'm going to see how cheap I can get a dirt tuned brushed motor and ESC but if it's over 20 Inc delivery I'll prob just get ezrun brushless for 40 have one in my ta04 and it's fast enough for me to be bashing around What's the difference in turns on the motors?
  9. Hi I was under the impression that any transmitter would work with any receiver as long as the correct crystals we're being used but after mixing some of my stuff around today it didn't work what's the rule with this is it by brand, or even more specific than that? Also I have a buggy with a MSC and it has a fault with the motor and the MSC servo isnt so good any more so am planning to replace with a cheap ESC and slightly better 540 motor I'm just going to get cheap stuff off eBay, can I mix any motor and ESC? Or is there something I have to look out for? Many thanks Sam
  10. I never have any luck with eBay I only play with what I can afford to lose and nolonger take it personally when something goes wrong EBay always go in favour of the buyer if you raise a dispute so might be worth it
  11. Ive been watching loads on ebay right now one went the other day for £53 complete RTR mint condition Gutted I forgot to bid
  12. I have a Venom GPV-1 bike that I would like to swap out for something off road I have just bought a brushless set up TA04 which is great but not very usefull where I live as its not very tough and needs lots of attention so am after something fast that I can hammer about on all terain The GPV-1 is in used condition so has a few scrapes etc but is not broken anywhere and its also set up well so its ready to run with all batteries and chargers etc It also comes with the big venom case that keeps it all together and holds the spares that come with it including the controller Ive not uploaded photos before so hopefully its worked Please PM me if you might be interested in a swap and post here so I know to check I'm based in south England Many thanks Sam
  13. The road out side my house is a kittle rough and has a lot of small stones which my TA04 sucks up like a Hoover and they get in to the rear belt train and jam it up till it strips the belt and wears the cog down Any way I can avoid this with out having to sweep the street clean? Also anyone know the simplest way to replace the rear belt with out having to rebuild the entire car? Many thanks Sam
  14. Thanks I'll see if my local shop has some rally blocks Sam
  15. I have a TA04 with a brushless setup and it's blisteringly fast but I only use it for bashing up and down the street so the small slick tyres that it currently has don't give much traction Can anyone recommend some bigger wheels and tyres with grip that I could swap over? A link to something or part numbers would be much appreciated Many thanks
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