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  1. Thank you very much GregM. I'm assuming these parts are just extra bits I can pick up from most Tamiya suppliers? I'll give this a try. J
  2. Hi Guys, This post might need to be moved to another part of the forum, apologies if so. I recently completed my Monster Beetle build and was keen to give it a test before I got started on the body shell. I connected the battery and gave the throttle a little squeeze, I noticed that the gearbox and wheel axel were really noisy and quite rattly. Although it didn't sound very happy, I went against my better judgment and gave it a quick run round the garden... Within moments the car stopped moving completely while the motor was happily spinning away. I rescued the poor thing from the bushes and straight away noticed the problem. On the right side of the gearbox, the round end of the swing shaft had popped right out of its place in the (short) gearbox joint. Its almost as if the right hand side Swing shaft is too short?? I've taken the whole back end apart and reassembled it as per the instructions but still cant quite work out what the issue is... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, J.
  3. I am looking for the same solution. Dont suppose anyone has any pictures or vids of the process being carried out?? I too would peobably be willing to sell a family member in order to find out how to carry out this mod. Cheers, J.
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