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  1. lin6499

    Marui Shogun

    Shogun restoration project completed. picture taken from my local RC Magazine
  2. Optima MK1, Turbo Optima Mid Special, and 870C Super Dog Fighter.
  3. homemade decals, 23T motors, and a 3D printed motor stand.
  4. Chassis: Kyosho Mini-Z buggy Bodyshell: YZ-870C (made by 3D printer)
  5. YOU-G parts list: OCT962 motor aluminum shocks(F&R) rear wing Aero Speed wheels (3D prints) block tires bumper (3D print)
  6. The Fox clone (AKA Killer) was my first RC car when I was 11. I am trying to build it with the re-re Tamiya Fox, homemade decals and 3D printed parts. The biggest problem I face is I don't know the dimensions of the roll cage. Anyone here can help me out?
  7. except for the Killer, I also look for the original Hotshot and Super Shot manuals.
  8. Looking to buy the FOX clone (Killer) The car doesn't have to be completed but I do need the roll cage. I am located in Taiwan. Pay by Paypal
  9. Hi, I am looking for the body-shell of Beagle PRO. New or used both are OK. I am located in Taiwan.
  10. I haven't seen anyone trying to do that, but I have seen a Javelin Mid.
  11. Not yet. Follow Kyosho or Kyosho Taiwan's Facebook, they release new photos from time to time.
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