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  1. thanks all, I just hope some day that all classic RC's from the 70's and 80's even 90's can be open to discuss on this forum rather then being left on the bottom of the boards. My fox and 956 shall be released with awesome video very soon with the JRX-T along with a Kyosho and maybe my Associated -Mr Beno
  2. It is very lonely here from a collector that not only has Tamiyas and other vintage brands from the 80's Anyway I will have my tamiyas running on video as well with my others so that it not left on the bottom shelf to see real "vintage classics" run.
  3. This is my video of my JRX-T that I got when I was about 15 and had a funny flatop haircut. I still have the truck today and in pretty much near mint condition and shall be run again soon. Enjoy. Also can we ad a "Vintage Team Losi" Subforum here mods? - Mr Beno
  4. My Bad Grastons, I just scrolled down and saw the subforum for Kyosho, I just saw Vintage discussion and thought it was a good place to post for vintage r/c cars of all makes. However, my Tamiya Fox, Porsche 956 could be in the next video with the Maxxum and just thinking it would be cool to leave it as a thread also may include the JRX-T. I am just awaiting parts and such. Please remove or replace Moderators to Kyosho Sub-forums if this is inappropriate. -MrBeno
  5. The answer is "Maxxum FF". At least that is what I think These are two of my vids I did last year. I will run the Maxxum FF again probably in the same parking after a few adjustments.Hopefully to get a nice Asphalt video and photo with the GoPro strapped in it. And maybe I will have my Fox in it as well with it's slicks on Enjoy This was running a Kyosho High-Speed Lemans Pro motor This was runing a Trinity Monster Mash [media=]
  6. Getting ready with the Good old GoPro To run the FoxNo Driver or original shell that I can't find, but I think the "POV" view should be good enough to see this Sly One run again as it ws meant to be Happy New Years Everyone!
  7. Sorry for the double post, just got back and now I got called upon to make the 7 fish seafood salad for christmas. But here is the 956 photos that I took real quick from the uncleaned state and I put my black Lambo Body on it which I bought in the mid to late 80's after I got it from a garage sale. The rest of them I will show them probably tommorrow or later tonight. That L shape thing was a body post to fit the lambo that I rigged way back then. The front are original alumin with parma mounts that I rigged with masking or duct tape, if my memory serves me well. I think they are the original sponge but could be wrong since It could of been my RC12L Also notice my rig job back then for the Bottom chassis break connecting the motor
  8. Hey all, just got back. @ Dave...Let me think about the 956. The major problem with the 956 is the bottom radio plate cracked towards the end so back in the 80s after it happend I rigged metal brackets to it which alows it to still run back then. I have extras like rims but only found 3, I think they are the original sponge tires because it came with two sets. The tires that the 12L has were one set and they are all rubber. I even think I have an extra Gear that I found the other day it could be for the fox but not sure. @pizza Yes sir, that is a Maxxum, and those front tires I found in the same storage along with other parts. I have 2 sets of the original yellow rims and the original tires, but the back ones are bald. I don't think I ever ran it on dirt, I used to love it as a street car (you can actuley lower the suspension so it sits about 1/2 inch off ground.) I ran the Maxxum last spring and posted some youtube vids check them out below. I remember buying it from tower hobbies right when it was discontinued for $89.99 and came with duplicate parts and it came with a Lemans Highspeed red bell, not the 240st. I don't think I would part with it. The only thing that it needs is a new shell. And sure it could use a great cleaning and probably new front coils. Sorry to ramble on, but I love talking about my old cars I will take photos and post them here. The Monster Mash motor was originaly intended for my JRX-T but you can see I was having electronic issues and possibly an issue with my Lemans Red Bell [media=] Now the other one is a Low hour Team Losi JRX-T, it is a runner now. The low hours were due to the stearing servo bracket breaking but I replaced it finaly. I will run it once I get new rear tires, the originals are not the best and worn, but don't want to wear them any more. It is all original too, just missing the top body bracket mount. I took it off when I added a new Ford Ranger or 150 shell. This one will be in one of my next youtube videos probably mid Jan. I don't think I could ever part with it because my Grandfather and I built it together in christmas of 90' I even got the originaly video posted on youtube, but I think I exceded the media limit. My Fox is another issue, it has a front chassis crack but with a little epxy I will get it going again. Still running the original MSC. It also needs some minor new parts. I don't feel like bucking up for another chasis since I plan on filming it run again. Thanks again for the replies, I will post more photos later. -Mr Beno
  9. My "Vintage-Years Resolution" is to get all my cars to be Runners again by mid Feb 2013 and to Video them. Happy Holidays everyone.
  10. This is about the Tamiya "Sly One's" A.K.A The Fox I call it the Sly one because that was one of it's nick name (at least to me back in the day and to others) and I actually bought the replacement shell back in the late 80's for the Fox called the "Sly One" I still got it and the car and stuff. But I don't want to bore you people anymore and since I this is my second post on here, but I plan on getting my Fox running again and filming it for the "tube" very soon. My Fox is not to far off from running again and today I found some more old parts in the storage room from my parents house (In the image shows the Proline rim's and tires I bought in the 80's and been searching for the past day.) I still go tthe original fronts but they are not in that good of shape. Now I need just a little bit of epoxy a soldering new iron and a few other things. I will update this topic as I move alogn on "The Sly Pry-ject" The last time my fox touched the outdoors was the late 1980's or early 90's I think.
  11. Nice pair of 956's, they must fly with brushless. Back in the day I ran mine with the Black Endurance blue bell and it was still fast. I am kind new posting here but been a member for about a year and getting back into it. I still got my 956 MK5 and was thinking of getting her back into running but needs a new bottom chassis to be complete she will run but with a bracket mod I did back in the 80s and new porsche shell (Its sporting a black Lambo Countach since the late 80s). I liked what you did to the left Porsche with the new rear end. Both cars are great in your pic, please show some more.
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