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  1. @ geniusanthony Saito2 and 87lc2 thank you so much for your kind words. I haven't been doing any building for a while due to personal problems which have made me lose enthusiasm to finish the build. Seeing your posts though... makes me want to finish this build. I think if I can get the body painted and decaled it will urge me on to finish it as there is not a lot else to finish off really all the hard work is behind me. Not making any promises but I will try and get my act together and get it finished.
  2. Took some fresh photos as I have entered the murky world of FB I joined the SAMM group so might as well post the photos here as well. Might sell this truck if you are interested in buying let me know as I already have new truck designs in my head I am not much of a collector I enjoy the building side of things.
  3. No problem stock upper links are 111mm and lower links are 99mm (minus plastic rod ends that is)
  4. Nice I never tire of seeing one of these rare beasts looks to be a well cared for example. Is the wheelbase stock I notice the four links aren't stock?
  5. Bit more progress moved battery tray 5mm further forward now fits perfectly under blackfoot body. Decals arrived now my worst nightmare... spraying a hard body
  6. Primed the body made a really nice job of it then taking it back into the house to dry dropped the body onto concrete floor paint was really messed up and full of gravel. Will order a new body and look into hydro dipping a hard body or have someone airbrush the body for me. Just to stressful and difficult spraying is a weak point for me. Plus now I have the nightmare of drilling body post holes again to match what is on the truck.
  7. Thank you for the video so... what you guys are saying is white primer then pure white and then pearl white am I correct?
  8. Thanks guys yes I thought I would need a white primer last body I sprayed with Tamiya grey primer and then gloss black but the black came out matt finish. Is Tamiya primer poor quality or is it a case I should have sanded the primer once I sprayed it on? Will be gutted if I end up with matt finish pearl white.
  9. Hi guys quick question I will be spraying Blackfoot hard body (pictured below) with TS45 pearl white now... spray straight onto body or... spray primer on first and then pearl white?
  10. Painstakingly drilled 6.5mm body mount holes into the body and managed to get position just right Blackfoot body wheel arches line up spot on with 250mm wheelbase I have on this truck you will notice frame sticks out a bit at the front but several vintage monster trucks are like this so is actually scale feature. Question for you guys does an original Blackfoot front grill fit on a Blackfoot 3 body? If so does some kind soul have one they would sell me? Also same question for original Blackfoot tailgate and does anyone have original tailgate to sell?
  11. Thanks guys means a lot I will be using Hitec HS 5645 servos more than likely and yes tempting to put Arnie in there! Picture below will be the logo I use for the truck on each door and maybe on rear tailgate as well. Maybe white wheels white body not decided yet... In fact... could some kind soul please add a link or the video itself for me to a youtube video called Perturbator - Tech noir (feat. noir deco) as it is this music video that inspired this build. I literally start off with a theme and then design the whole truck around that theme sounds crazy but that is me. Also it is an amazing tune
  12. I believe this to be the worlds only ladder frame build with full TXT-1/2 transmission mounted in it. Wheelbase is very short (250mm) which is very difficult to pull off with TXT transmission I will be using Blackfoot hard body on this build. Name of truck will be TECH NOIR based on Terminator movie (the nightclub shootout scene) think 80's neon and you wont be far off. Suits an old school retro style chassis as well Now... a huge shout out has to go to sicnme products (aron) based on ebay I emailed him my design for the parts and he then made me the parts out of aluminium. If it weren't for Aron this truck would not exist. Put simply this truck is a set of RC4WD Gelande II chassis rails with TXT-2 gearbox and axles mounted in it. Insane amount of time effort blood sweat and tears put into this build hope you all like it...
  13. Have just won Clodtalk truck of the month competition with this truck!
  14. Correction I believe those tires are vintage Aristo Craft Clod tires a NIP set sold a while back on Ebay for 107 pounds.
  15. The rear tires in the first photo are quite rare they are not stock Tamiya Clod tires I believe they are Imex Clod tires a new in packet set sold a while back for a hefty price on ebay.
  16. Hi buddy Tamiya TS spray paint is ideal for hard body's I believe there is around one hundred different colours to choose from
  17. Clawing Dead is finished. Regrets? Should have sprayed four links candy lime green. Sorry for the poor photos taking photos is not my strong point. Really hope you guys like the finished article it has been a lot of time and effort.
  18. Been trying to join Club Lupo for the longest time but the website seems totally broken and it is impossible to contact the admins on there. Any members on here that could PM admins for me? Below is a photo of my VW Lupo GTI
  19. Hi Shalston unfortunately if you want custom upgrade parts you have no choice but to buy from the USA as Percymon mentioned main point of call will be CPE another to mention is www.southwestmonstershop.com plus sicnme products based on ebay. Only way to avoid high postage and customs is to build a super stocker which means adding basic upgrades like oil filled shocks for instance. My work in progress "Clod Buster" below literally has two items off a stock Clod Buster the wheels and the body! Even the tires are not stock. Depends what you want and how much you want to spend...
  20. Thank you so basically spray with etch primer and then spray Tamiya TS on top of it that will work ok?
  21. Hi guys I need to spray an aluminium roll bar candy lime green (Kawasaki green) can I use Tamiya TS spray onto metal will it work? Does Tamiya make a specific spray for metal surface what do you recommend?
  22. You have done the right thing only thing I will say if you are using primer you do not need to sand the body before applying. What is essential though once applying primer you will need to smooth the primer by sanding it down nice and smooth. Remember prep is everything with spraying the top coat you spray on will reflect what is underneath smooth surface is essential
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