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  1. There were some unis released by hotbox for the original and I think some are coming for the rerelease
  2. You probably have the special edition version
  3. The Mountaineer! Like the Taisan Starcard Porsche, Alpine & Fiat Abarth it will be an event only body first available at the Tamiya Model Gallery in Ikebukuro, Tokyo the first week of August.
  4. Hi I closed the website as there were not enough sales to justify it. Some of the things I had listed there for a year sold in a day on ebay so all stock has been trasferred there. Jason
  5. Its rather ironic you say that as the buyer of the Mountaineer owns a car showroom that imports and restores vintage cars including Ferraris into Hong Kong.
  6. The Shizuoka Hobby Show is being held the second week of May at Makuhari Messe and is a fairly big deal for Tamiya, it is also when they have their HQ open to the public, being only a few blocks away.
  7. oops, I was looking at the list on page 1 with the Mini 4WD versions at the top
  8. The avante above is a mini 4wd which is not RC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini_4wd
  9. There are some other times here from an event in Japan http://www.geocities.jp/wrfyt827/html/115-challenge4.htm The page is part of a build profile of one of the vehicles that starts here http://www.geocities.jp/wrfyt827/html/115-challenge.htm *edited as quote is mph
  10. The beetle is released at the end of February in Japan and the brat release has been delayed
  11. nikko gets a great review for their $2500 viedo projector r/c R2-D2 http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-12760_7-9675832-5.html?tag=blog
  12. They may not have the licence any more as skynet have one for the Japan market
  13. The key line is 1000 were made and sold out Japan wide on the release date. I have not been able to get a answer to whether more will be made and nowhere has Tamiya officially announced that is all that will be available for Japan. It is a 49 code kit which is limited edition sure but so was the Dyna Storm re-release and that was around for years (though partly because it was slow to sell). I assume the 1000 made first was a mix of hype for the 30th anniversary and making sure a high value kit like this could sell unlike the manta ray and thundershot rereleases which are still on store shelves despite their limited production run & low price. I expect in a month or two more will become available.
  14. There are a few kits of similar rarity to the black porsche such as the FW Sports Special Road Wizard, TGX Nismo Clarion with OPS Engine & Calsonic Skyline Kakegawa Commerative as well as some of the early TRF kits. Not totally unique but some F1 kits were also given to stores as a sample in a plain box with a sticker on the top. The black porsche is older but was considered very collectible on release so more have been kept NIB than what would be normal for its production run. Other rare kits include the Jugg1, Brabham, Lotus 79, TT01 Calsonic Skyline, Toyota Bb, F103 RX Chassis Kit, M4 Sherman Computerized & RCT
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