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  1. Too hot motor in a sand scorcher will make it rollover constantly on asphalt, much due to the non diffed gearbox. However, there is a cheap and easy fix; mount Brat/Pajero front wheels/tires, and it wont. They give a significantly wider front track, and wont dig under and let it roll over. Ran it like this with a technigold back in the day, and no more rollovers. Other solutions might very well achieve the same.
  2. Id like to buy a single lot or individual Futaba receivers with BEC, 75 Mhz Am. Realistic offers please.
  3. Bingo, oven baked. Minor setback, thats all. It'll buff right out. On the serious side, was trying to soften the paint to get the masking tape off, as it had hardened quite a bit. Didn't expect the whole body to do this in a few minutes on "keep warm" though. Oh well, new body, try again.
  4. What's this about ORV modding Alberto? Did I miss that thread in the forum? Great to see your still at the hornet mods. Did you ever consider the trailing arm vaguely depicted on the GH's boxart? I wonder if there is any simplicity benefits, and how that might have handled.
  5. Thats a nice quality paintjob there, love the color. Im not going to lie, id much prefer the roof in the same color, over pink? Unless of course, the driver is experiencing gender issues, and its reflective of that. Lol But good to see your active, and I admire the level of quality you put into your builds.This being a resto, makes it that much more impressive. On my end, i have finally gotten into more permanent accommodations, and have been looking for our rc cars to continue where we left off. Big ile of stuff in the garage makes that harder, but soon. Need to finish my third grasshopper for the little one.
  6. The fun part isn't the added top speed so much, but the huge difference in acceleration. Technigold in a fox makes it seem alot angrier, and it has the handling to make use of it. As opposed to other classics, like hornet, frog, sand rover, fav etc. But your the boss I guess.
  7. Put a techniold in it, and you'll be much happier. The BZ is rhe current version that performs similarly, at reasonable cost.
  8. This makes me want to try out racing. Count me as interested.
  9. My son has a 380 gh, and I have a 540 Hornet, otherwise we use the sane batteries, ball bearings, esc and so on. The biggest surprise to me, as how similar in performance they are. Even the lowly 380 will easily make pirouettes on a livingroom floor. Its mainly a difference in noticable higher top speed on the 540. Acceleration is not much difference. For bashing they seem similar. The Hornet can barely control the added power anyhow. Just alot of bouncing.
  10. I painted this hornet after reading among other things about the color theory in this post.
  11. Really cool. Will there now be a conversion kit coming out for the rest if us? Lol The rear end especially took som ingenuity to work out, it probably is a huge weight benefit over the srb aswell. Womder if anyone ever tried making a trailing arm system like shown on the grasshopper box art. Ive ready concluded one can make half shafts from a cut down hornet gearbix, with the right combination of bearings and drive cups. Just needs a unique trailing arm system true to the boxart. What do you say, Alberto, up to the challenge? How is the weight and balance of it on this thing though?
  12. New family member coming of age, new project. Thats all for now.
  13. Any old schoool diffs? Mine has nylon suspension arms, quite a bit lighter.
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