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  1. isthisnametaken

    Bigwig re-release #47330

    I was just about to say the same thing. That's a classy move on Tamiya's part.
  2. Great news! Thanks Pintopower... keep up the great work!
  3. I changed my order to 2... I don't even own 2 ORVs Just one 2016 Blackfoot to relive my childhood
  4. Awesome! I ordered one... now I'm trying to change my order to 2. Great job Pintopower!
  5. isthisnametaken

    Blackfoot re-release #58633

    I really enjoy your videos... keep up the great work! I laughed when I saw your baby strapped your chest!
  6. isthisnametaken

    AMPro ORV Chassis Upgrades and...err...upgraded upgrades?

    I just stumbled on your videos on Youtube... great work on the part designs, and I really enjoy your videos.
  7. isthisnametaken

    Blackfoot re-release #58633

    I'm just pumped that I have the opportunity to build one again... many years later after building one as a kid. Fingers crossed though for licensed Ford body!
  8. isthisnametaken

    Blackfoot re-release #58633

    Oh boy... its going to be hard for me to not buy this.
  9. isthisnametaken

    Project Dusty the Blackfoot

    I wish i didn't give away my old Blackfoot 20 some odd years ago... maybe I'll cross my fingers for a Blackfoot rerelease... Looks great so far!
  10. isthisnametaken

    NEW Porsche 911GT2 Club Sport TA02SW

    This is correct, it's like this on my 1:1 993 as well...
  11. Cool build... looking forward to seeing more!
  12. isthisnametaken

    Custom Egress build

    Nice work... I like all the custom building you're doing.
  13. isthisnametaken

    How did you come up with your user name?

    I was entering a bunch of names... all that were taken. So i found myself asking, is this name taken?
  14. isthisnametaken

    How Likely Is A Porsche 959 Re-release?

    Man, this was the one I really wanted as a kid. I would love a re-re of this chassis!
  15. Nice work, are you going to run this?