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  1. Sorry to hear of your loss. That R5Turbo though, the stance is perfection πŸ˜πŸ‘ James.
  2. As carman says, it's a shame that this will be on par with cars 2-3 years ago. Tamiya seems to be late to the party every single time these days with competition machines. As said a modern X-ray, Yokomo etc with the same driver would give better and more consistent lap times. The problem the Tamiya cars always suffered was setup, where other manufacturers had loads of setup available as more people ran them. Some clubs would be lucky to have even 1 Tamiya in the touring car class. James.
  3. Wasn't happy with some of the wheelarch shapes and also the side steps were a bit big tbh. So cut the side steps off and reattached with double sided tape further up. Also altered the cut shape on the rear arches. Hoping to get the propshafts all dremeled and fitted late tonight πŸ‘. So far so good. Just need to get round to removing that red anodising from the shock caps. All comments welcome. Also any further ideas welcome. James
  4. Adjusted some of the cuts on the body of my monster truck. Also cut the whole side steps off and adjusted them to sit higher up with double sided tape. πŸ‘ Still to do = remove the red anodising from the shocks oh and more importantly take it for a good fun run. James
  5. Q series? Not sure if that's what I have. I have a Cen HL150 solid axle 1/10 monster truck. I have wrote alot about it in my livery thread. πŸ‘ James.
  6. Jesus that's gorgeous. What a collection. The FW14B 😍😍. Anyways, I would hold onto them. They do seem to command good money, and I can only see that going upwards over the years tbh. As any new F1 release is in the lower 1/20 scale bracket. James.
  7. The old Spec 19T motors were proper fast. My Reedy 19T spec would almost (and I meant literally) keep with a 12T Reedy KR . Bit like a cheap LRP 17T motor would struggle to keep up with a rebuildable stock 27T like a GM3 or P2K πŸ‘ my old GM3 Pro was a 27T rebuildable stock and used to Dyno at around 34K rpm at 7.2V. πŸ‘ James
  8. The DB02 is shaft drive and quite noisy tbh. The DB01 is a super silent belt system. πŸ‘ James.
  9. Haven't done much over the last few days 😒. Waiting on Dremel grinding discs arriving so I can buff down the 1/8 driveshafts to fit the drive cups. I did however use one of the old damper springs as a propshaft guard just like the real monster trucks, albeit mine sis just for the looks as it will spin with the prop. You can hardly see it being black, so might paint it silver then yellow to match the writing on the sides of the body πŸ€” not sure yet. But if it doesn't work when I run it I will just take them back off, can't see why it won't work though. Hopefully the Dremel discs arrive tomorrow and I can get the other prop shaft done and take it for a run and grab some videos of it πŸ‘ James.
  10. Looks great, really do love me a TA03 !! πŸ‘ James
  11. Simple, open the shrink wrap and check. It is only a distributor added wrap anyways πŸ‘ James.
  12. Yeah that's 1040's. Same as what came with my CEN monster truck. πŸ‘ James.
  13. OMG well done Tamiya. A classic shell on a another has been chassis. πŸ™„. FFS πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ the money machine keeps on churning doesn't it.πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜’ James
  14. I really want an SMT 10, but the builders kit here in the UK is around Β£220. Add to that tyres Β£60. And wheels Β£40. Then a body and paint Β£60. And we are at almost Β£400 for a roller. That's just crazy, as the losi lmt is only another Β£200 and is almost rtr. James.
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