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  1. Yearly bump. Still looking for one. PayPal cash waiting. James .
  2. InsaneJim69

    DB01-R "Evo"

    Watching with interest. I loved my db01r, I had gear diffs in mines but with no oil just aw grease and they were fantastic, easily on par with the ball diffs but zero maintenance pretty much. Also the big bores are a nice upgrade, great for tracks with a lot of jumps, but the stock aeration dampers are better for flatter surfaced tracks. James.
  3. Funny enough even the old group c chassis 787b and Jag etc had lexan style light buckets for realism, but again they weren't made to house led's , although a small hole drilled and a hot glue gun to hold the led in place and they still work fine. That's what I ended up doing with my Yaris WRC. James.
  4. Hi, genuinly can't remember If I sold this or not. Will have a look either today or saturday and get back to you. Thanks, James.
  5. I actually have 3 of these. Lol. 1 for the shelf and 1 to run(your one). The 3rd I am going to paint in plain white like the test car 👍 James.
  6. New tyres came in the post so fitted them along with the Michelin decals. 👍 James.
  7. They were bland, should have added some seasoning 😉 James.
  8. It's just for the wheels. Painted using halfords paint and oven set at 50 degrees to help dry and cure the paint. They were in for 30 mins and the paint was dry. James.
  9. Totally agree, their 90's guide books had the cars looking amazing with proper stance and ride height etc. Now they look like they are just thrown together for the show. 😡😢 sorry I love Tamiya, but massive poor show for such a big and widely accepted company within the modelling world !! Thanks, James.
  10. ......... And the paint has dried 😁👍 . Just waiting on the new Tamiya tyres to arrive so I can add the Michelin coloured logos. Thanks, James.
  11. Painted and decaled my Hyundai i20 WRC body. Just waiting on the wheels curing in the oven from a fresh coat of Ford Meteor Grey. James.
  12. I managed to do the can to can mixing trick. By god it was messy but turned out good. I also have another i20 Body, again it has no body manual and some of the stickers are missing off the decal sheet, so I am going to do it plain white like the WRC test car and just use black panel lines to define the panels. Turn up your volume 😉👍 Thanks, James.
  13. Aww dude your a star 👍 Thank you so much. Did you ever get your one painted and detailed etc? Thanks, James.
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