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  1. Managed to make a nice alloy plate last night at work to take the chassis servo down and mount onto the front solid axle of the CEN HL150 👍 turned out good, far less slop in the steering, instead of 8 links, it's now has 2. Even had time to paint it black on my tea breaks. 👍
  2. When I had my. 'Mad Astute' half madcap half astute I had the same issue. Ended up using DT02 wheels and tyres for when running and the decent originals for the shelf. Iirc I had to use the DT02 front knuckle too, but I genuinely can't remember. 👍 James.
  3. Not sure if it's any use, but I have an ok/average condition used one complete. ... ?? James.
  4. Just fitted my Vampire Racing SR1 esc and 4.5T 9000kv AB+ Motor to my new CEN monster truck. It's lively 😂😂 ........ Had to set a 4300kv limit on the esc for it to be manageable. Also fitted softer springs and some 600 damper oil to get rid of the horrible 'bouncy' suspension, It's good fun now though, lands and corners very much like an actual Monster Jam truck. Hopefully going to get some videos of it tomorrow. James.
  5. My bargain eBay buy turned up today, very pleased. Been eyeing up the 1/10 CEN HL150 Solid Axle monster truck, RRP is around £280. Grabbed this off eBay for £125 it was new sealed in box never opened!! Pleasantly surprised and surprised at how much you get for the money and the quality of the parts is brilliant.
  6. As above they looks familiar, it's actually annoying me. Lol. If it was me I would keep them and just buy a modern shim kit to make sure they are nice and snug without binding upon the rebuild. 👍 James.
  7. Also there is no TT03 or TT05. What you mean is the M03, M05 and M07 👍
  8. Not sure tbh, but they do look alot more modern than the car. As soon as I seen them I thought of my DB01 lower arms (obviously they aren't them) but along those lines. You can see the end of the arms where there is space for a recessed C hub which is a more modern take on suspension. 👍 James.
  9. This . Some of the 3d printed materials are much stronger and harder than any original. Just make sure you know what your buying 👍 James.
  10. Yes just the standard for Tamiya cars 185-190mm. There is one on eBay UK painted with wheels tyres and original kit box. But it's crazy money tbh. 👍
  11. Tamiya's EVO VII WRC was a 257mm wheelbase that's a direct fit for the TT02, sadly it's long since discontinued. I believe L and L Models, make some replica Tamiya bodies like the EVO V though 👍
  12. See that's not bad, that's around £190 GBP. 👍 James.
  13. Indeed, I mean a TT02 is £95 here in the UK and even a TT02B is £105. Which is fair prices imo, I just can't get my head round the £320, plus no doubt it will need hop ups to run a hot motor. So possibly looking at well over £400 just for the kit and a few hop-ups. A real shame as I say it Def looks interesting, but I just can't get my head round the price. James.
  14. Jadlam has them on their site for pre order for £319.95, that's just the kit. 👍. James.
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