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  1. Bump, still looking for one if anyone has one. Money waiting via PayPal. Thanks, James.
  2. £16 delivered for the lot!! UK postage, overseas will be slightly more. Bargain for someone before it goes on the auction site. James.
  3. Selling some unwanted decal sets. All are BTCC ones. Tamiya Mondeo BTCC decals set, great condition, only 1 decal missing (decal #11) and there is a small crease which can be seen in the 2nd picture . Parma Mondeo decal set and Parma Volvo 850 decal set both are brand new. Any questions feel free to ask. No idea what they are worth so I am open to offers and not looking for much as they were bought in a bulk deal with the Peugeot 406 decals I was after. Can post over seas if needed at cost, will be sent in a cardboard packed package to stop any bending of the decals. Thanks, James.
  4. I think he means the thick lexan ones ( Tamiya have always had good thick lexan bodies) and not the thin lexan ones like protoform, hpi, etc. Carson used to have a good selection of bodies that were nice solid lexan, but not any more and their older ones are hard to find these days There are the likes of Rally Legends who produce some nice realistic rally bodies that are of nice solid polycarbonate. James.
  5. I am looking for the Tamiya Peugeot 406 STW body. Preferably without the decals (I have a set of the original BTCC ones) . Don't mind if it's cut and trimmed but must be unpainted and in good condition. Thanks, James.
  6. Well almost a year on and I have finally managed to get the cockpit set almost finished. Managed a test fit for the picture. Still need to add a visor, window safety net and other small details. Thanks, James.
  7. Finally after almost a year, managed to almost finish the cockpit set for my 1998 BTCC Laguna. Still need to add a few details, visor, window safety net etc. Thanks, James.
  8. As per the title and picture. Box full of random TA03 spares, gearboxes, damper mounts, gears, suspension arms, built diffs etc etc. What you see is what you get. Some parts are new and others are used. Also included is a TA03F Evo V manual. £25 posted within the UK. Thanks, James.
  9. Yaris WRC is a cool body and quite easy to paint and decal. I chose to do mines in full tarmac spec, but it's just at home with high ground clearance ready for a gravel stage 👍. James.
  10. I bought a pack of 10 extentions from hobby king a while back for around £3 gbp. Only needed one but they came in a pack . James.
  11. That's it there. It has some weird discolouration on it but if you scratch it with your nail it comes off, no idea where that has came from as it's only been up the loft. So would benefit from a hot soapy bath with a toothbrush to scrub it. James.
  12. Hi, yes that's fine. Sorry about the delay in replying managed to prang my real car today at 5mph on black ice 😡 so will pop up the loft tomorrow and get it all sorted for you 👍. James.
  13. It's actually not too bad. Certainly nowhere near as heavy as some of Tamiyas older moulded wings. James.
  14. Yup, interior cockpit next then thrash it to death. James.
  15. and of course due to the weather we had to take a wee trip in the back garden James
  16. As above love that 405, the 959 not so much I am afraid. Nice find though James.
  17. Haha, try up here in Aberdeen . There would be no charge just enough to cover postage. Any other TA03 bits your after? James.
  18. Do you have a pic of how the posts attach to the chassis? If it's like the ta03 there is a locating square tab that sits in a hollow square recess. The problem is its not a tight fit at all and there is a lot of play in it. OK, in "a lot " I mean a fraction of a millimetre, but ...... On long body posts thats over emphasised a lot and by the time you add a 4 inch body post you are 4-5mm to one side. Try pushing the body posts over but down the bottom at their mounting point not near the top James.
  19. Thanks guys Sooo ..... I managed to rob the lighting kit off the Raybrig HSV basher shell I got in a deal last year. So a hot glue gun, soldering iron and 20 mins later ...... (excuse the rough decals and body holes, its gonna be a hard runner) Getting there slowly. Def needs a cockpit set and then just thrashed about like a proper rally car !! Although I think this might be a bit OTT, as its mounted on my EJ4S with Vampire Racing SR1 ESC and Vampire Racing 5.5T AB+ Brushless Motor !!! James.
  20. Looks like the body post are to one side due to their length. Tamiya ones are really bad for this imo. There is quite a bit of movement in where they attach to the damper mounts like on the ta03 and tt02. Personally I would use a long threaded screw and a nut on the other end and get then nice and dead straight before tightening to hold them in place . James.
  21. Hi, I will need to check, I have a huge box of TA03 spares. But I will check later and get back to you Are you UK based? James.
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