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  1. Hello All I have many Avante/Egress/Vanquish Parts For Sale + NIP Egress 2013 + NIB Avante Black Special Edition + Vintage Avante 1988 NIB. PLease PM in you are Interested and need more details CCHeers
  2. Hi FS: 1)- Vintage Avante 1988 ( Racing edition ) comes without motor, but i provide 1 NIB technigold Motor. 2)- Egress 2013 NIB PM Me for more details I accept Paypal and ship Worldwide Regards
  3. Hello Mates............Been a very long time Hope All Well! CHeers
  4. Hello, I have a NIP part E..if you are interested please PM me. Regards
  5. No. I was not thinking of selling it, but now it is back for sale. PM Sent
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