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  1. since the re re Vanquish is coming with plastic Tub chassis, i have a feeling , Tamiya will come up with carbon chassis set as Hop Up parts for it, same when they did back then with set 53038. if this happens, then i will consider buying the re re Vanquish, other than that, no point ( for me ) to buy the re re. cheers
  2. Hi Everyone, Glad had some time to be in-here with you guys. It has been long time Well, just to refresh the old memories with this build ( made in 2013) one of my most beautiful build after the vintage experiences of course Enjoy! Please do post your Egress/Avante Re-re Cheers
  3. Here is my Ultimate Avante 1988 with full hop ups! Enjoy it!
  4. Avante hop up is always an Egress with Avante body set. As we all know that Vintage Egress kit comes with ultimate parts which are hop up parts for Avante and Vanquish. So if you have an Egress, then what you need is only to change the body sets and add the front damper stay from the rare Avante carbon chassis kit = From Set 53036 Hi-Cap Dampers ( Mini ) or use the Very rare set ( 53038 Avante Carbon Graphite Chassis Set ) + Other Hop-Ups GL cheers
  5. waooo, long time not seen such a post about Vanquish! gooo
  6. Very Happy so see you again Mates:) So how is every one! Cheers
  7. Hello All I have many Avante/Egress/Vanquish Parts For Sale + NIP Egress 2013 + NIB Avante Black Special Edition + Vintage Avante 1988 NIB. PLease PM in you are Interested and need more details CCHeers
  8. Hi FS: 1)- Vintage Avante 1988 ( Racing edition ) comes without motor, but i provide 1 NIB technigold Motor. 2)- Egress 2013 NIB PM Me for more details I accept Paypal and ship Worldwide Regards
  9. Hello Mates............Been a very long time Hope All Well! CHeers
  10. Hello, I have a NIP part E..if you are interested please PM me. Regards
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