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  1. Hello All I have many Avante/Egress/Vanquish Parts For Sale + NIP Egress 2013 + NIB Avante Black Special Edition + Vintage Avante 1988 NIB. PLease PM in you are Interested and need more details CCHeers
  2. Hi FS: 1)- Vintage Avante 1988 ( Racing edition ) comes without motor, but i provide 1 NIB technigold Motor. 2)- Egress 2013 NIB PM Me for more details I accept Paypal and ship Worldwide Regards
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    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Hello Mates............Been a very long time Hope All Well! CHeers
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    Wanted vanquish parts

    Hello, I have a NIP part E..if you are interested please PM me. Regards
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    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    You are very welcome dear :-)
  6. Hello I have decided to sell the following Gems: 1)- NIB Re Re Avante 2011 2)- NIB Vintage Avante 1988 + NIB Technigold motor 3)- NIB Re Re Egress 2013 4)- New Built Vintage Avante 2001 5)- NIB Tamiya Avante Black Special. If you are interested, let me know via PM P.S: I am very well know in the forum for offering a very clean and Excellent Service and kits. I have sold many kits and new builds here and all the friends are 100% happy ( i would be grateful for those to post their comment so others feel comfortable when dealing with me Regards
  7. Hi I have for Sale FS: Vintage Tamiya Avante 58072-1988--NIB... The Kit is from the First Batches that comes without the motor ( Racing kit ) Payment Via Paypal As Gift/Family Please. Photos on request Serious Buyers, please PM Cheers
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    WTD- vintage Egress parts..

    Pm sent mate
  9. Hello, Staring first with Manuals, I have the following Vintage Manuals: 1)- 47009 Tamtech, Lotus type 102B with driver decal--NEW---SOLD 2)- 58082 Madcap--New--SOLD 3)- 58197 Porsche Boxster--New 4)- 58045 The Hornet--NEW--SOLD 5)- 58161 Ford F-150 x 2--New 6)- 58146 Chevy S-10 x2--New 7)- 58122 Blitzer Beetle-New 8)- 58087 manta ray--New--SOLD 9)- 44002 TGX-Mk.1 TS--New ( only some note on the top of the front cover ) 10)- 58108 Mercedes-Benz 190E--Like New 11)- 58095 Lotus 102B Judd--New 12)- 58088 Mercedes-Benz C11--New 13)- 58103 Jordan 191--New 14)- 58132 Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide--New -- SOLD 15)- 58096 Toyota Celica--New 16)- 58093 Bear Hawk--New---SOLD 17)- 58192 King Blackfoot--New--SOLD 18)- 58106 Stadium Blitzer--New 19)- 58141 Jeep Wrangler--Like New--SOLD 20)- 58110 Super Blackfoot--Used: Nice condition--SOLD 21)- 58087 Manta Ray--Like New---SOLD 22)- 44001 TR-15T---Used--SOLD 23)-58204 Blazing Star--new--SOLD 24)- 58065 Clod Buster--Like New--SOLD 25)- 58089 BullHead--Like New--SOLD 26)- 58583 Egress 2013--NEW--SOLD All the Manuals are Vintage PLease go through the the post for other parts as it has been Merged! Other Parts : 1)- Tamiya Vintage Parts C & N for Avante/Egress/Vanquish--NIP. Taken from Vintage Avante 2001 Kit 2)-Tamiya CPR P-160F--NIB 3)-Tamiya 1150 Sealed Bearing. NIP, Quantities = 3 -- SOLD 4)-Tamiya Hi-Cap Dampers ( Only Cylinders and Caps)--NEW. Quantities= 2 x Front with Caps + 2 Rear with Caps.-- SOLD 4)- Parts for Tamiya Avante Black Special as following: 1)- Part B is Missing: B4 - NEW--- SOLD 2)- Part G is Complete - NEW--- SOLD 3)- Part E is Missing: E 2 and E3--- SOLD 4)- Part Z is Complete - NEW--- SOLD 5)- 2 Pairs of Rear Wheels ( Wide ) - Pink Color - NEW. World-Wide Shipping at Cost Paypal as gift Please Regards
  10. Hello, For sale are the following parts: 1)- Parts: A,B,C,D,E,G,H,K,J,T,V,P,Y,W---NIP---- (B & G & D--SOLD) 2)- Tires: front and Rear--New 3)- Wheels: Front and Rear--NIP 4)- Cup-Joints--New--Full Set 5)- Universal Shafts--1 Pair--New SOLD 6)- Uprights--Left and Right--New 7)- Bearings--New 8)- Metal Bearing Bag--NIP 9)- Press Parts Bag---NIP SOLD 10)- Damper Bag--NIP 11)- Tool Bag---NIP 12)- Link Pin Bag--NIP 13)- Screw bags: A,B,C,D,E--NIP 14)- Box--Excellent Condition 15)- Manual--Like New Condition SOLD 16)- Chassis/Tub SOLD - Ball Diff parts: 1)- Gear Bag--NIP 2)- Pressure Plate--NIP 3)- Differential parts bag--NIP 4)- Differential gear bag--NIP All the above are new Sealed and Never opened. Payment: Via PayPal As Gift Please Shipment: Via Registered Air Mail with Tracking Information. Photos on request PLease look what you are interested in and drop me an offer Cheers
  11. Hello, Here are Lot #2 of parts for Sale: 1)- Vintage Tamiya Avante 2001 Screw Bag (D)--Used in Like New Condition. Missing: 2x11mm Pin Screws. 2)- Vintage Tamiya Avante 2001 Screw Bag (E)--NIP 3)- Vintage Tamiya Egress Screw Bag (E)--Used and Complete in Like New Condition. SOLD 4)- Vintage Tamiya Egress Press Parts Bag--Used and Complete in Like New Condition. Quantities: 2 5)- Vintage Tamiya Egress Diff. Housing and Torque Splitter Parts--NIP SOLD 6)- Vintage Tamiya Egress Steering parts + Reinforcing Plates.--Used and Complete in Like New Condition Only Reinforcing plates x 2 7)- Vintage Tamiya 53039 Hybrid Narrow/Front Spike Tires--NIP 8)- Vintage Tamiya 50270 Pin Spike Narrow/Front Tires--NIP 9)- Vintage Tamiya Egress Ball Connector Bag--Used and Complete in Like New Condition 10)- Vintage Tamiya Egress Rod Bag--Used and Complete in Like New Condition. SOLD 11)- Vintage Tamiya Egress Metal Parts Bag--Used and Complete in Like New Condition 12)- Vintage Tamiya Egress Blue 6mm Adjsters ( 8 pieces )--Used and Complete in Like New Condition SOLD 13)- Vintage Tamiya Egress Part (N)--Used and Complete in Like New Condition 14)- Vintage Tamiya Avante/Egress/Vanquish Uprights--NEW ( From Avante 2001 Kit ) 2 pairs available. 15)- Vintage Tamiya Egress Carbon Fiber Chassis Set ( Upper and Lower Decks + 2 x Reinforcing Plates )--Like New Condition Lower Chassis is SOLD 16)- Vintage Tamiya 53036 & 53037 Hi-Cap Damper Set with bonus Part: New rear damper stay-- Complete in Like New Condition: The Screw Bags are still Sealed and never opened! 17)- Vintage Tamiya Avante 2001 Ball Connector Bag--NIP: 18)- Vintage Tamiya 53039 and 53040 Hybrid Spike Tires ( Front & Rear ) + Vintage Tamiya 53005 and 53006 Lightweight Narrow and Wide Wheels--Like New Condition: SOLD 19)- Tamiya Dynatch 02H Motor with Tamiya Hop-Up 12T Pinion Gear-- ( New) Was Mounted on Shelf Queen. No Box: SOLD 20)- Vintage Tamiya Egress Mixed parts with good number of Titanium screws, Nuts and Lock Nuts: ( Like New Condition ) Motor plate, Motor mount and Cross bar are not Included Please Feel free to ask Questions. Payment: PayPal As gift/Family Please PM or send mail to: h.allawati1@gmail.com with your offer Cheers
  12. Hello all, After we obtained this piece of Art , i though to make this thread discussing and mentioning the differences parts that we can compare between the Vintage and Re Re. This Thread also will help those who seek to modify their re re to Vintage or vis versa i have done a photo of the chassis: Upper Deck: It is very clear the difference in both chassis as there are many but focused on major things: Noticed the the Chassis stay hole you will see the length between the 1st one and the 2nd one in the re re is little long than the vintage, that's why hi capacity batteries can fit smoothly in the re re.. - Small holes for the driver figure. - 3 circles changed to 1 and 3/4 Lower Deck: The difference in this one is, if you can focus on the Chassis stay hole you will see the lenght between the 1st one and the 2nd one in the re re is little long than the vintage Lets see what you have! Cheers
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    FS: Vintage Tamiya Avante 58072-1988--NIB

    No. I was not thinking of selling it, but now it is back for sale. PM Sent
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    Wtb 3 x technigold

    PM sent mate