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  1. Hello All I have many Avante/Egress/Vanquish Parts For Sale + NIP Egress 2013 + NIB Avante Black Special Edition + Vintage Avante 1988 NIB. PLease PM in you are Interested and need more details CCHeers
  2. Hi FS: 1)- Vintage Avante 1988 ( Racing edition ) comes without motor, but i provide 1 NIB technigold Motor. 2)- Egress 2013 NIB PM Me for more details I accept Paypal and ship Worldwide Regards
  3. Hello Mates............Been a very long time Hope All Well! CHeers
  4. Hello, I have a NIP part E..if you are interested please PM me. Regards
  5. No. I was not thinking of selling it, but now it is back for sale. PM Sent
  6. Hello I have decided to sell the following Gems: 1)- NIB Re Re Avante 2011 2)- NIB Vintage Avante 1988 + NIB Technigold motor 3)- NIB Re Re Egress 2013 4)- New Built Vintage Avante 2001 5)- NIB Tamiya Avante Black Special. If you are interested, let me know via PM P.S: I am very well know in the forum for offering a very clean and Excellent Service and kits. I have sold many kits and new builds here and all the friends are 100% happy ( i would be grateful for those to post their comment so others feel comfortable when dealing with me Regards
  7. Indeed, The Driver has no place with this Hop up parts. You might customize the Upper deck or the Body , but i would never do that
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