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  1. My Super Astute is completely unused. It has only been built and the body painted. Every single part is ORIGINAL! No reprints, no copied parts, NOTHING! Yes, you can have a TTC with the gear cover! I even have the original box that the body kit and stickers came in if you want that also along with some stickers that I did not apply such as the driver name on numbers for the wing plates. I also have a couple of original pinions still inside the Tamiya packaging in my toolbox. This is what you would get if you bought one from the box and built it then just left it alone since day 1. Not a mark, not a scratch. Postage will be about £20 as I will get a nice box and make it secure alongside tracked postage so you should get it in the same condition I send it in. Will probably remove the wing and put it inside the car. I may have some other bits and pieces to throw in as well like a Li-Po and charger if I can come across them. Selling as I don't see the point in having it sat in a cupboard. As for the price of the car itself, well, we all should know what this is worth especially in this condition so leave me an offer
  2. I have been doing all the research I can on these and got in touch with Fibre-Lyte as they used to make them. I found out they lost the mould and someone, a few years back, sent them a chassis to make a new mould from and got a few orders together in order to make it financially acceptable. However, the chasis was bent so they couldn't make the mould and had to cancel the order. I have a non-bent spare one (just pretty scuffed!) tham I am willing to 'sacrifice' if it gets a mould made for a new graphite chassis. Fibre-Lyte have expressed an interest in doing this. Details are a little sketchy right now with a possible minimum order being for 5 at about £100ish each. If, however, there is sufficient demand then they may begin to mass-produce them again for their website. So, I am here asking who is interested? If I can get enough people in on this, then I can try and move the process along with either a minimum order or sufficent people that they mass produce them again. We may end up making a flat pan version but the plan is to see if the tub can still be made. I have a few people that are already interested in getting in on this. I'm not asking for money up-front right now, just some interest. If I can get the minimum then it would be up-front payment. Spread the word whereever you can.
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