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    R/C Scale cars & Racers only Tamiya!..R/C Scale Warbirds. YT International.<br />Cycling/ Arcade games /Spraying & repairing 1:1 cars:)/ Holidays & HOT sun:)!!.<br />Tea & Biccys..more tea....finishing a model/project, then diving straight into a new one!:).<br />Time off from work!!..& spending time with my other half:).
  1. Price drop!!!......this is a good price considering!.
  2. Price shave...come on guys...these are £250 in the shops...best chassis IMHO..a NEW kit here.
  3. Ok time to let this shelf queen go...its complete with original box & instructions..& speed controller etc. I assembled this & painted to correct colors...even added scale dirt to windshield etc...nothing is broke & it was a perfect build..paintwork / detailing is flawless. This is the 2nd release..not the third, save money here..i'm only looking for SOLD...buyer collects..these are too fragile to post. Thankyou Marc
  4. For me..you cannot beat buying a fresh new kit & building it..painting it..then using it. Cleaning it & servicing it like a real car!!..
  5. Another great kit here..& comes complete with a fresh tin of Tamiya super-white for the body...also has the speed controller..this is a fresh new kit!. Looking for £120.SOLD pending payment from VICTOR101CAR. Thankyou. 07747314981 Cheers Marc SOLD pending payment from VICTOR101CAR. Thankyou.
  6. Ok guys..time to part with a few kits....this is complete & mint..looking for £165.SOLD pending payment from VICTOR101CAR. Thankyou. Kit hard to find now & the best one IMHO. Thankyou for looking 07747314981 Btw...any feedback..please check me out on ebay as id neo$gold Best Regards Marc
  7. Hi...wow 15 models!?.....Hmm, some guys have used those fancy glass show cabinets..'neat for keeping dust away etc'.... You could part with a few of the least used,& favourites mark them down & make the decision. Think i have five models...that's enough for me!..i gave the HB to my dad for his birthday gift, he got one of the originals years ago i remember!. Store some at your folks abode?. Best Marc
  8. Ok guys...just finished my HB~2010 Today!!..yay.. ...all detailing done & i'm just waiting for my correct pinion set to arrive.. Is there some kind of cover/filter that fits over the end of the motor?...i ask..as there's a few screw holes dotted around that?... What an enjoyable build!!...although yesterday faffing around with the std suspension block dampers..(worse than the LB!?)...i decided to ditch them..fortunatley i had a top quality set of alloy racing shocks in the drawer!!..i forgot about!? ...so i proceeded to strip them down & changed the shock oil (it was like sludge!)...there were no leaks from these & seals were in great shape & pistons etc, re-filled with fresh silicone oil & bled...wow the suspension is superb now!!...ride heights set & this should corner like a dream. Motor Upgrade to a 540J..& Full ball~bearing set added....digital steering 3kg servo....i chose to use an old servicable traditional stick set for this/crystals etc!!..(futaba). Tracked up & ready for the club this sunday...it a great astroturf track & has a high rostrum...cannot wait to run this Tamiya around it!!. The pin spiked tyres will be perfect for that....guys i'm exited!!!...i'll stick with the wide tack, as i'll what to go round corners at speed....i remember my old HB being a bit poor in this department...& robustness!. I'll see how it handles being used for what it was meant for.. Watch this space for a full track report!!.
  9. Many thanks guys!!..my parts are now on order from MS!!..
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