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  1. Liking the various Jumpshot SC body shells just a pity the pre-printed ones I've seen are over £60 each.
  2. Yes, a rolling chassis, including the servo, £25 buy it now plus £5.64 postage. Below are the pictures from the listing. The body shell is cut but this time its not the arches but the sides and back, I assume for extra ventilation.
  3. I carried on looking on Ebay for the Jumpshot SC and just bought this, so will see if the Jumpshot sc shell will fit the TW or I could replace the missing parts and get it running. Looks like parts of the gearbox are missing, also no motor, ESC, receiver, transmitter etc.
  4. For some reason I don't have a problem with the TW rear wheel offset and didn't notice it until you mentioned it when I did the white and silver body shell. That said I do have other things that drive me up the wall, like paint runs and decals that are not quite centred or level. I have the two TW original body shells, a pre-printed one bought some time ago, the two that I have done and now the HPI Blitz shell so don't mind if I don't get another one soon. I also like this purple one better than the original black HPI Blitz body shell I was originally interested in. I spent the morning applying Gorilla tape to the underside of the purple Blitz shell and three quarters there but ran out of Gorilla tape so got to wait until a new roll arrives. It needed it as there are some cracks here and there and generally needed to be firmed up. Have you done any RC jobs this week?
  5. This is the side profile view, showing how the wheels fit under the arches. The cutting of the front and rear wheel arches made quite a lot of extra space behind the wheel. I moved the body shell as far forward as I could but didn't want to lose the front bumper, which would have disappeared behind the body shell if too far forward. As you know, even with the original body shell, the rear wheels are quite close to the body shell on the inside. With the purple shell the wheel position in relation to the body shell is about the same, give or take a couple of mm.
  6. Thanks, pretty pleased with it but it will only ever be a basher body due to the cutting done to the front and rear wheel arches. Yes, found the decals I needed and the body shell is fitted to the TW chassis. The wheels fit under the wheel arches about the same as the original TW body shell, although there is extra room due to the cutting. Yes, I used a razor knife/stanley type knife to cut away the raised up bits around the holes so that the decals covering them would lie down flat. Some of the drilling was a bit fraught as I wasn't sure exactly where to drill but worked out ok. I will keep an eye out for another Blitz shell now I know they fit and also a Jumpshot SC shell as that should fit too. If I get a clear one from Modelsport or MIBI I'm not so keen on the decals that seem to come with them. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/hpi-attk-10-short-course-body-363616 https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/products/hpi-attk-10-short-course-body
  7. Had the body shell come yesterday and just finished it. Covered almost 30 holes and had to make some new ones for the body posts to fit.
  8. Dug out some decals to cover up the loads of holes in the Blitz purple body shell, including a couple of sets of Modelsport ones that might come in handy. Still unsure though whether it will fit/work on the TW and if not will do as you suggested, tidy up the body shell as best I can and put it back on Ebay, perhaps for £20 delivered, that way I may just break even. Not sure I'll get much more. If that idea's dumped, the only other way to get that black Blitz body shell is to buy the truck but don't really want it that much so going to forget that too. If the Blitz body shell does fit the TW, apparently the Jumpshot SC and Blitz body shells will fit either truck so the Jumpshot SC body shell should fit the TW too and there are some nice colours/decal designs. Not much good for RC running again today, had thunder and lightening and rain over night and still raining now...great summer lol
  9. Really like the Carnage body shell you did, the iridescent green and purple work well and also the black areas. Hope you can take it out for a run soon. Thanks, yes hopefully the purple Blitz body shell will fit, thanks also for the advice about tidying up the extra body holes. If the picture is correct on Modelsport and MIBI, the clear shell decals include the less aggressive light decals as shown in the 2nd and 3rd pictures above so might just keep an eye out for a used one with the better decals. I know its not much of a difference but the TW has the same shape of front light decals and I really prefer it.
  10. Yes, love the original black Blitz body shell above but the last few listings on Ebay have been for the complete model and they can be quite pricey, between £125-£200. I can't really justify that just for the body shell lol. Maybe one will come up on its own. The ones on Modelsport and MIBI are clear but come with a complete set of decals so that's the other option, although the body shell pictured on the stores doesn't seem to come with my favourite Blitz decals. I could buy a complete Blitz model off Ebay with the black body shell, keep the body shell and re-sell it with the purple one lol. Probably lose a bit though as the purple body shell is so rough. I don't really want or need the actual Blitz model as prefer the TW. The purple body shell hasn't been delivered yet, not till next week. Thought you would like the colour lol, wondered if it was iridescent as it looks almost black in places where the light is different and then sparkly purple in others. Yeah, crazy amount of holes in the body, will see if I can cover them with decals, insulation tape or gorilla tape. Got a lot to choose from but will probably have to drill new holes to make it fit the TW body posts. Here are the other Blitz body shell designs, really like 3rd orange one below.
  11. Did a search on Ebay and came across the HPI Blitz body below and bought it to test if it'll fit the TW. Its rough as all get out, with lots of extra body post holes, misc holes and the front wheel arches have been cut but only paid £10 plus £4.99 postage so guess its cheap enough just to see if it will fit and maybe get a better condition one another time. Seems like it was a clear body shell that was sprayed as its a non-standard colour compared to the originals I've seen.
  12. Glad the Carnage body shell went well, always nice to finish a new body, look forward to seeing it. Good idea to keep the DW body shell that was on Ebay, good to have an extra one for bashing etc. Agree about not running RC's in the wet/rain, for me mostly because of the extra cleaning needed afterwards. On a nice dry day, after a run, I can usually just brush off the body and chassis. Not sure what's happened to summer, although I do prefer it cooler, brought rain with it too though. Although I've got several TW body shells I started thinking about the possibility of using a body shell from another RC model that would fit, just to have a change and a different look. I think I may have found one, the HPI Blitz. It is roughly the same length and width of the TW and has at least two different body shell designs, although the one below is my favourite. Unfortunately it would be difficult to know for sure if the wheel arches were in the right place for the wheels to fit under etc, without taking the plunge and getting one. The Blitz model itself is ok, it's two wheel drive, a brushed or brushless (Flux) version, its very light (not sure if this is a good thing or not) and the battery cover is screwed down, which is a bit of pain to remove each time.
  13. Sounds good about the Carnage bodyshell. Did you decide to keep or maybe sold the iridescent purple/green body shell you did for the DW? Hope the Carnage run goes well tomorrow if you go out. I could do another TW shell but think two is my limit, I love the original the best and don't think I can improve on it. That said, I might get another pre-printed TW body shell before they disappear.
  14. How are you getting on with your Carnage, taken it out for a run yet?
  15. Yeah, maybe I should have gone for a stronger colour for the back so there was more of a contrast. Guess I was focussing on what would work with the decals. Still pretty happy with it...I think. I see what you mean about the position of the rear wheels under the arches, they seem too far forward. Just checked TW2 and they are the same so must have been designed that way.
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