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  1. So I'm getting more interested... 1. What's the set-up of an original QD, is it circuit board electronics? 2. Does the existing motor simply plug in to an esc? 3. Does the existing steering servo need to be replaced with a hobby grade servo? 4. How well do NiMH or Lipo batteries fit? Cheers.
  2. Cheers Nikko85 for the info about the QD range, I may have judged the range unfairly and with ignorance.
  3. More info here: https://www.rcscrapyard.net/uk/tamiya-46000-model-types.htm
  4. For me? They pollute the Tamiya for sale listings and sometimes (much to my chagrin) make me think it is the 'real' thing, only to discover it is a QD that is most probably broke.
  5. So many listed for sale seem to be not working. Any love for these lesser Tamiya's?
  6. Just fitted the 16T pinion gear and no more flipping on its roof and the rear tyres are ballooning under full throttle. I could no longer use the plastic motor mount as the pinion was shorter than the original 10T pinion. A small advantage of not using the plastic motor mount is, the motor and wires are further in and so further away from the tyre. With the combination of the 12 turn motor and 16T pinion gear, the acceleration has been tamed and top speed increased (I saw no tyre ballooning using the same motor and the original 10T pinion gear) but won't know the figure until I speed test.
  7. That's okay if I want chrome, black or white.
  8. Cheers, haven't decided on a colour yet.
  9. Does the plastic take the dye? Cheers.
  10. Cheers for that, I guess I will have to wait and see when I speed test on 16T. If it's not that powerful I guess I will lose some of the acceleration performance and not gain much extra speed. I wonder if I should speed test on 10T for comparison first, it may be no higher speed on 16T and be confirmed.
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