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  1. Sorry the FTX diff didn't work out. Sent you a pm.
  2. Hope the diff fits. I bought a spare new diff for a Timberwolf off ebay once but it got lost in the post These are links I have bookmarked for timberwolf/desertwolf spares: https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/spares-hop-ups/maverick/maverick-timberwolf-parts/?gclid=CjwKCAjwtdeFBhBAEiwAKOIy5wku3LQqEB8r_k4O9K-pQdKQPucbd5U4Rjh4vYF37zR0lzThV1qQnRoC_9YQAvD_BwE&product_list_limit=32 https://www.modelsport.co.uk/spares/timber-wolf-1330 https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/c/1301/
  3. Fitted new wheels on this, its an original Monster Beetle with a Parma body and re-release Sand Scorcher decals. http://
  4. Also I wondered about the 3 spikes on each branch of the tyre treads as had seen mb's with either smooth treads or two spikes.
  5. Thanks, I couldn't see the servo guard in the re-re manual but hadn't picked up on the msc mounting plate.
  6. Thanks, haven't checked the drive shafts yet and if you mean the end of the motor where the motor wires are soldered on, its silver.
  7. I know it has a msc but this doesn't necessarily mean its from 1986, are there any other indications? Cheers. http://
  8. p.s. as far as I know the Timberwolf and Desertwolf are identical apart from the bodyshell/body posts.
  9. I'm surprised that you even found a Maverick DesertWolf, I have had Timberwolf and Desert Wolf bookmarked on Ebay UK and haven't come across either for sale in over two years. I have two Timberwolf models and got these during 2020/2021. I hope you find the parts you need, these are great 4WD bashers with great handling and very stable, just a shame they didn't seem to sell many (based on the lack of them turning up on Ebay).
  10. I think I had this but can't remember for sure, I think the image was either too big, the wrong image file format or I had run out of upload allowance. If you cannot resolve this problem, upload to an image hosting site (such as postimages.org) and just post links (they may even be embedded into your post, without someone having to click a link).
  11. "Front tyres seem to be everywhere" Glad you found the front tyres as you said you were looking for front tyres and rear tyres and couldn't find them anywhere.
  12. https://www.rcjaz.co.uk/tamiya-50450-rear-tire-for-0681-p-3662.html https://www.jk-rc.co.uk/tamiya-blitzer-beetle-parts/tamiya-50449-p Can recommend JK but haven't ordered from rcjaz.
  13. Thank you so much for testing the one you have, much appreciated. Sounds like its pretty good for rc use . I also like the slimline shape of it and decided to go ahead and order one.
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