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  1. Thanks, have a good build with yours. Going to do box art? Hope you find some wheels you like.
  2. Yeah and without any decals it looked more like a hearse! The last three builds I did box-art so this made a change.
  3. Yeah, it started when I dyed the wheels black and then did the roof and jerry can's to match. After that I couldn't brighten it up with any of the light blue or yellow stripes as they just wouldn't fit in. Gives it more of a serious look.
  4. This is my fourth build since last August. Previous ones were Rising Fighter, Sand Viper and Monster Beetle. All sold on Ebay as rolling chassis and pretty much covered the kit cost.
  5. Put in a 540 motor instead of the included 380 and fitted the recommended Tamiya upgraded suspension instead of the blue friction dampers.
  6. All finished, just put the driver in. Looks ok I think but now I need another lockdown project! Really spread it out to make it last, took me 1 week and a day. In reality some could probably have down it in less than half a day, apart from waiting for the paint to dry.
  7. The DT02 chassis is my favourite, so easy to put the battery in and out and very stable when running, haven't managed to roll my other DT02 yet (Nissan Titan).
  8. Used the 'Forward' decal to cover the holes, fits just right and hopefully works ok with the yellow fog lamp decals.
  9. A bit understated but think it works. Didn't use most of the brighter decals - yellow or light blue. Not my favourite job doing the decals, I think its straight and level and so press it down but then discover that its not, had to take 3 decals back off and re-position. Just the driver/cockpit to finish.
  10. The fronts have bearings both sides and the axle goes straight through.
  11. Yes, standard 12mm hex on the rear wheels. Going to have a go with the decals today.
  12. These are the wheels/tyres fitted as standard to my DT02 Nissan Titan for a possible alternative for the Holiday Buggy. Or maybe the Carson All-Terrain wheels/tyres.
  13. Yeah, when they said a blow torch is needed to change the chemical structure of the plastic, I too decided it was staying the colour it was!
  14. Thanks. I'm a bit unsure about the decals. Now the wheels are black and it has an overall dark look I don't think I'll use most of them. I did consider getting some repro originals but will probably try some of the rere decals for now.
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