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  1. Might have saved myself some time changing to a lipo battery to power my Maverick 550 15 turn brushed motor as watched a youtube video where someone did the same and on 2s they got 21 mph and on 3s the motor went up in smoke (although it was a 30 degree celsius day). Seems more and more like I should just go for a brushless system and miss out the lipo/brushed motor step.
  2. No wonder I can't get above 20 mph with a nimh (5C discharge)/tamiya plug (5 Amp max) combination, regardless of the motor. Slowly learning what makes the difference after using nimh batteries and tamiya plugs always. Cheers for all the info and video, lovely back yard you have to run them on. The next step then is to rewire my ESC (Maverick MSC-30BR-WP), below with either a deans or xt60 connector so I can use a lipo battery. I can get a fan for £5 to help keep it cool and carry on using my 550 brushed motor and hopefully break the 20 mph barrier.
  3. Thanks for the info. These maverick 550 15 turn brushed motors are only £12 so I wonder if they would have replaceable parts. Also wonder if I should skip the lipo/brushed motor step and go to lipo/brushless, although have read that this combo doesn't always result in higher speeds.
  4. That sounds promising, cheers. I've stayed (probably too long) with NiMH and now believe, thanks to help from this thread, that whatever turn motor I upgrade to, if the available power source remains the same I won't see much, if any, increase in speed. The only thing is, the hpi ESC has of course got the Tamiya plug fitted but I believe I can get an adapter for whatever the plug is on the lipo I get. I wonder though if I'll lose a bit of power using an adapter.
  5. I imagine if I used 2s/3s lipo with the maverick 550 15 turn brushed motor in the Nissan Titan I would get a better top speed out of it compared with my 7.2v nimh but not sure how much more or whether going brushless would still be better. The HPI esc in the Nissan Titan is 2s/3s compatible and looking at the manual it doesn't mention the need for a fan when using lipo so I could start by just using lipo with the 550 and see what happens power/top speed wise.
  6. Cheers for the info. I ran my Tamiya Nissan Titan with a Tamiya Sports Tuned 23t motor, powered by a Gens Ace 5000mah 7.2v NIMH battery and got readings of 18.9 mph, 19.2 mph and another occasion 20mph but maybe that was with a tail wind! I put the Maverick MM-550 15t brushed motor into the Titan today, using the same pinion gear and battery and got 18 mph. I understood that going from 23 turn to 15 turn would give more power/higher top speed but this has not been the case, possibly due to the limit of the battery, as you said. I did find the Traxxas Titan 12 turn brushed motor gave a 22 mph speed in one r/c vehicle but still not worlds different. Still not sure I need more speed and whether going brushless will be too difficult to control when accelerating at high/full power on forest tracks (where I mainly run my r/c's) but think its time to find out.
  7. I have been doing some speed tests with tamiya sports tuned 23t and maverick 550 15t motors but have not found much of a difference. I think I read somewhere that 550 motors have lower rpm, so maybe not the upgrade I thought it was. I have found a traxxas titan 550 that is supposed to be more powerful/fast but am moving now towards brushless to obtain a significant speed increase. Any advice appreciated, cheers.
  8. Cheers Wooders28, had lots of fun with the Titan but wasn't sure if it was due to the 2WD but may have been. A few more bashing sessions will help me to know each better. From the replies, I will definitely keep both as they will have their enjoyable factors.
  9. Cheers all for the input and markbt73 for such an in-depth reply. I think I will just carry on running them and learning about their similarities/differences and keep both.
  10. Thanks for the replies. These are my two bashers, a 4WD Maverick Strada SC and 2WD Tamiya Nissan Titan. I haven't been running them long so not aware of all the differences between 2WD and 4WD and whether I need both. So far the Titan gets stuck easier and the SC can cope with more challenging terrain.
  11. I wondered if those experienced with running 4WD and 2WD r/c vehicles could share if there are any major differences in handling/feel etc? Is one more fun than the other? Are there advantages to one over the other? Cheers.
  12. Had the Garmin Forerunner 305 come the other day and speed tested two r/c vehicles with it and all went well. The strap of the watch was ideal for attaching the watch around the body posts on one vehicle and around the inside of the bumper on the other. These watches are from 2006 and very chunky so not very comfortable to wear but ideal for r/c speed testing. There are loads on ebay and they are cheap, mine was around £16 delivered. The screen is big so you can display four data fields at a time and choose the ones you want, including distance, speed, max speed etc. Due to its age the battery doesn't last too long but plenty long enough for speed tests and walks.
  13. Thanks all for your help including Superluminal for getting me on the right track that led to finding the right/closest colour
  14. Maybe the Neon Blue is a closer match than French Blue?
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