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  1. Mines a tight fit at 24mm so not sure 25mm would fit.
  2. I haven't done this to a battery myself but I imagine you can cut the connector off and solder a xt60 connector on.
  3. Check the wired XT60 connector on that battery it says it comes with a wired male connector, make sure it fits your charger and the max 10 esc. My charger and esc have a male xt60 connector and needs a female xt60 on the battery.
  4. Size looks good, its a soft-case lipo rather than hard-case so not able to withstand so much rough enviroments but the DT02 battery compartment protects the battery well so probably not a problem.
  5. Yes, all the model shops listed are in the U.K. and maybe certain batteries are mainly available in certain countries. The measurement of the gens ace is the battery measurements but you might get away with a slightly longer battery than 136mm if you cut away a bit more of the plastic tabs. There isn't much extra space for the depth 24mm, it only just slides inside the compartment (top edge to bottom of the compartment) but there is a bit of extra space in the compartment on the width so maybe a couple of mm over 45mm would be ok.
  6. So far I have only used the two pictured 2s batteries in the DT02 battery compartment, although there are probably others but the floureon is only 25c and the gens ace is 50c but I am only using a brushed motor so it goes pretty quick on those. Those with hard-wiring instead of battery lead holes may stick out too far to fit in the battery compartment. Best online model shops by my experience: modelsport https://www.modelsport.co.uk/ make it build it https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/ wheelspin https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/
  7. Not sure, looks like a typo. More info here about discharge rates for the max 10 esc: https://www.msuk-forum.co.uk/forums/topic/240695-do-i-need-to-watch-discharge-rate-on-lipos-running-ezerun-max-10-60amp-esc/
  8. https://www.hobbywingdirect.com/products/ezrun-max10-esc?variant=26983763784 "Minimum 70C suggested, lower C rating may be okay, however it will not provide the intended experience. Also, How Power Plugs must be used. The surface area of your plugs, must be "larger" than the wires installed or you will very likely have problems. TRX, "T Plug", EC plugs, and "Deans" are not suggested for today's upgraded electronics setups."
  9. Says this in the link you posted for the max 10 esc: 1 x Ezrun Max10 ESC (XT60 Power Plug)
  10. This is the ESC (just badged as HPI) I use but changed the connector from tamiya (5amps) to xt60 (60 amps): https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/maverick-msc-30br-wp-brushed-speed-controller-mv30001-89320?gclid=CjwKCAjwyIKJBhBPEiwAu7zllybwRFnZo3LvEKWbmiKsDUb7Ege6vvVVfWFEdSwfdzBNwyLZp3-3lhoCcqAQAvD_BwE This one is the same spec and is a bit cheaper: https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/250553/?gclid=CjwKCAjwyIKJBhBPEiwAu7zll25F6RbFZkm1iG7Jik_1lLfM021sTbnZJ3JHCiPCCTX5dB5fyTwoDRoCj0sQAvD_BwE Motor I use: https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/maverick-mm-550-15t-brushed-motor-94365 Get around 27mph measured by GPS.
  11. I use an elastic band around the chassis and over the battery to keep it tightly in place. Measurements of the gens ace 2s battery: Length: 136mm Width: 45mm Depth: 24mm
  12. Removed the battery lid and did this to the plastic tabs in the battery compartment at the front facing end so the battery will fit/lie flat:
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