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  1. Black, chrome makes it look cartoonish to me.
  2. I have quite a few projects I need to finish. 1. Monster Beetle resto. I was gun ho on this one but lost interest when Tamiya rereleased it, one good thing is I can get the parts now to finish it. 2. Kyosho scorpion rebuild. This project has been on going over the summer but requires a lot of metal fab as I plan to turn it into a 2wd rail type rock buggy. 3. S10 scale crawler. I have been working on this project for almost 2 years and its close to being done but the the amount of details in it takes so long to complete. 4. Gcm 4ten chassis Yota build. This is a fairly new project and still needs a ton of work. 5. Gcm J2 Skeleton Samurai. Dont even ask lol. 6. Kyosho Blizzard lunchbox. This one is almost done, it just needs paint to be finished and a over cover needs to be fabbed up to keep the snow out. I have one coat of paint on it but had to stop as it has started to get cold out and I need to finish the paint at work. That's it as far as projects go but I do have a few models sitting waiting for repair like my XV-01 rally car and my DT-02 sand viper. I'd also like to get a 4wd buggy of some sort too.
  3. Krawlerkoncepts is where I get my plates and they are Canadian.
  4. 90%. No google and I skip the stupid infinity question.
  5. Tbh, I question why Tamiya charges as much as they do for their kits? I realize that they have design costs, etc, but these companies still need to make their own molds and produce a product with much smaller sales numbers. Don't get me wrong I love Tamiya and would not purchase these things but in all honesty Tamiya sells 10x more than these knockoffs but they wont pass the savings to their consumers. It kinda of opens your eyes when Tamiya still doesn't offer bearings as standard.
  6. I'd recommend this buggy in a heartbeat. It's a very fun buggy to run and the build and quality is great.
  7. I never made it down there but I'm assuming that kit came from the zoom room. I'm really bummed I didn't go
  8. Just to stir things up but The Zoom Room here in Canada claims to have stock on the monster beetle. I might go there today, but it's a 3hr drive so no guarantees but some of the other Canadian members here might want to have a look.
  9. I like that, I was wondering when Tamiya was going to release a new variant of the gf-01 and this looks like a winner. I think my son will be getting one of these for Xmas provided it's released by then
  10. I've run a silver can, a sport tuned and a Le Mans 360st and had no problems with them overheating. Most were run with the higher gear ratio but i'm using the lower gear ratio with the Le Mans motor and it works very well. One thing I did notice on mine was even though I had no binding on the rear suspension dog bones, the diff output rubbed the plastic gear cover when running, might be something to look at Shenlonco.
  11. I run a 4350kv motor in my Sand Viper without any problems, I had a velineon in my holiday buggy and surprisingly the stock plastic dogbones had no problems. The only issue I've had running hot motors in this chassis has wearing down the backside of the gearbox(front unstoppable wheelies).
  12. I don't see you having any problems with that motor. It will be slightly slower but the difference between a 35t vs. a 33t would be hardly noticed. In fact it could turn out better.
  13. I think quite the opposite, I really like this and I will have one in my collection once they come out. Kinda reminds me of my old Turbo Hopper.
  14. I am glad you brought this thread back from the dead. I have a MB sitting in a box at my brothers place waiting for me to pick up, i had almost forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder as i cant wait to get it and restore it this winter. I love the look of these and yours looks great.
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