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  1. Hi all, Just a quick reply to say that IT'S WORKING!!!!!!! :lol: I finally received all my parts and installed it last week and we made a couple of runs on sunday It was nice to run again with that power Thanks a lot to you for helping me! See you! //JP
  2. Actually it acts a little bit like a spring when tensioned, because the opening between the two legs is more wide than necessary. So the screw is screwed in constraint. But you're right, the spring is not acting so strongly and it will never be like the genuine part. In that way I will have to check evrey two, three runs in order to see the use of the brushes and if there is some play between the brushes and the spring. If the brushes are no more enough hold, I will have to open the spring manually. I know this is more fiddling than professional but without that I just can put this motor to the dustbin...
  3. Pinions and Gearsets received I'm still waiting for the bearing set...
  4. Thanks for your answers. You're right, it's totally impossible to find this part separetly... and I understand the reason thanks to you! So I tried to make some by myself and It works! They are not so nice, and it might be "unfonctional" in a couple of runs but I made about ten : The most important is that the brushes are strongly hold and this is the case actually! 7€ the sheet of steel (5mm of depth, ) in my "made-it-yourself" shop and some scissors Bye
  5. Hi Guys, Still for one of my Manta Ray, I'm looking for some spare parts for a motor (an old Tamiya Dynatech 01R) Actually I lost long time ago one of the 2 parts which are blocking the brushes. This is a steel parts like that : I searcht on Internet, but I wasn't able to find this part. Do you know a website which is selling that? Thanks, JP
  6. Ok I will do so! I've just taking a look and it's obvious! I finally succeded to determine the right position ! Experience is the best way to knowledge! I've just ordered my parts and they will be mine under 14 days (I hope)... I'll give you some news soon! Bye, JP
  7. Hi Guys! Once again thanks all of you for your help and especially TA-Mark, cause you're right Thommo... In the past TA-Mark did you work in Tamiya Corp designing the models ??? It's amazing! I didn't regret my subscription to this huge forum Regarding my Manta Ray's... the two ones are becoming three cause I'd got two others ones in a trade on internet! They are in very bad state with a lot of missing parts but I've enough parts to create a third one Actually when I was 13, my dad bought the two first ones for him and me. They are the two ones I describded in my first post, and I decided to give one of them to my son. But in a couple of weeks, we will be able to run 3 Manta Ray, me my son and my dad I promised you some pictures But before that, I have first to order the parts : TA02 gearsets, steel pignions and bearing sets and finding the good ratios for each motors. Nevertheless, I have two last questions : - Can I keep my rear differential gear of the Manta Ray with the parts of the TA02 (spur gear, idle gear, propeller gear) ? Regarding your explanations I'm pretty sure it's doable but in order to be sure... - Do you have any tricks to determine the direction of the motor mount from Yeah Racing. I took a glance quickly and it seemt to me very identic in a way or in the opposite... Thanks a lot JP
  8. Thanks for your advices all of you TA-Mark, in order to answer to your last post : - I was thinking the grey paste was the grease actually... I'm understanding now... - I have not fitted ball differentials to the MantaRay, I'm still with genuine set of parts. - Sorry for my misunderstanding but regarding my manual when I was refering to the bevel gears, I was thinking to the parts in red on the picture below. I'm thinking you are refering to the part in blue when you are saying that the "bevel gears are included in the TA02 gearset". Is it correct? If yes I understand the part you are naming bevel gears is on my manual the differentiel spur gear and the differential cover... - Regarding the motor mount, I'm pleased to see that there is a direction of installation, I'm not too dumb finally In conclusion, with your help and the purchase of theses parts : - TA02 complete gearset (like on my picture) - a steel gear pignion in 16 tooth - a bearing set like on this link I'm ready for 100 runs without damage on the gear system, right? Cheers, JP
  9. Impressive!!! I didn't hope such a huge quality of answer!!!! I'm really impressed by such knwoledge! Thank you a lot! So if I understand you correcty, this is the pinion gear on the motor and the gearing down (ratio) which are responsible for the incorrect wearing of the spur gear? I'm just taking a look to the genuine pinion gear and the tooth are tottaly blunt! I will buy some of the them with the correct number of tooth by the two sellers you indicated. And I will order too two TA02 plastic gearset #50529. To be sure you are refering to the same parts i'm thinking, is the image below is the exhaustive set of parts? : Do the shafts, and the bevel gears of the Manta Ray fit also to theses parts or I need to buy those of the TA-02? For the motor mount I already bought two of them in aluminium from Yeah Racing. I tried to install it but I removed it quickly because it seems to me that it was the cause of the destruction of the spur gear. I noticed the holes regarding the number of tooth of the pinion gear, but I belief the motor mount has a setup direction and I installed it in the wrong way... I'm just "dumb" and I will install it again Last question, I don't understand what parts you are refering both by saying "plastic bushes" and "bearings"... Sorry Thanks a lot for your help!!! I appreciate a lot and my son too JP
  10. Hi Guys! I'm located in France and I'm using again my two old Manta Ray (Item 58087) bought 20 years ago I'm doing this firstable for my 8 years old son but I have to admit I'm taking a lot of pleasure Actually, they are quite "stock" both and only the ESC and the motor were changed : 1st : a 14T double motor + an HITEC SP-650 Esc 2nd : a 14T double motor + a T2M Furious 9T Esc. I bought 3 weeks ago a couple of new NIMH (of 5A each) and after a complete disassembly/reassembly with news parts (for the ones which are broken), I was able to do with my son a couple of great runs However I have some big troubles because the spur gear of 74 tooth (cogs) don't accept the power of the new NIMH and quite all the cogs are destroyed after 5 runs... I'm still with the 21cogs gear on the motor. I will buy some news ones in plastic but perhaps you are knowning some spur gears for this model of Tamiya in alloy or aluminium? Something stronger than the plastics genuine ones... Sorry for my english and thanks for reading and answering if you want! Regards, JP
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