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  1. HAPPY: After much anticipation I got my Vintage Hornet all together.. I got the new 4600MAH battery pack in, I installed the Novak Super Rooster ESC and the Speed Gems Jade motor (15x4). I put new oil in the upgraded dampers and she was a go.. I charged her up and MAN IT RIPS. I would estimate 35-40MPH easily (will be GPS tomorrow). It was soooo much fun driving it after being a shelf queen for 16 years.. I wish it had a locked diff though, but I can fix that.. I felt 14 again I was happy to say the least.. SAD: My wife was so excited about my new-found happiness she wanted to experience it.. She asked to take a stab at it so I reluctantly handed it over to her and said "take it easy, it aint like your redcat" (she owns a redcat monster truck). She happily grabbed the radio and Full throttled it and jumped the curb at a good 30MPH. It ripped the whole rear suspension/rearend out (broke both semi-indy suspension points). As a 6' 220lb man I can admit I almost cried ALMOST. I scooped the dead carcass off the sidewalk and sulked into the house like a kid who broke his toy on Christmas.. I was so full of mixed emotions.. Anger , sadness , revenge ... I almost bought a Hornet RE-RE to make me feel better and to take some revenge on my not-so-r/c skilled wife.. Not even 1 hour of funtime and it was dead.... maybe for another 15 years.. HAPPY AGAIN: As I was putting the dead carcass in the box I noticed a sheet of unused plastics.... NO WAY.. YES! I must have bought a new suspension plastics sheet years back because I had brand new ones.. Like a happy kid I changed them out and was overjoyed.. I was playing with it for 4 hours straight that day until nightfall hit... It was a good day of mixed emotions that I have not felt in a long time. I forgot how fun these are... I'll let my wife stick to her Redcat Racing POS.. Keep your hands off my Vintage..
  2. I dusted off the old Hornet and re-installed the Novak Super Rooster esc and the Speed gems "jade" 15x4 MOTOR. All my battery packs are old and none over 1800mah lol.. So I ordered a couple 4600MAH packs and waiting on them so I can play with this Hornet once again as I did nearly 20 years ago.
  3. RTR slightly used Traxxas sledgehammer. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290598071817
  4. Here goes another guys.. Help me buy my re-re's!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290597554562
  5. Ahh yes, the Hot shot I totally forgot about that gem.. IMO The hot shot was one of the meanest looking buggies to date.. I already have the FAV kit coming in.. I find a sweet spot to run them the other day and can't wait to get some video up.
  6. Well, Of course you guys know I'm a fairly new member, yes, go ahead and look to the left at my post count.. My intentions when joining this forum was to off all my old R/C stuff and be gone.. That has changed from reading on this site.... You may think "But This guy is selling all his old Tamiya's/R/c's on the e-bay" Well technically no.. I gave a original shelf queen bruiser and a juggernaut to my older brother to stay as shelf queens because he bought them for me when I was young.. I am NOT a collector at all.. Just a guy who kept a bunch of old r/c stuff some never ran due to having too many to run and not enough money to fund for radio's etc at my young age.... SO I have decided to sell most of my old stuff that is worth a bit more money (unknowingly to me until about a week ago).. I will keep My original Clodbuster (and a 3/4 new one) .. The mildy run one I will run and the 3/4 one I will build into a fully restored shelfer for memories.. I will keep My original Hornet and a 1/2 and run it like heck with the Novak rooster and 14 turn double, the Wild willy will also be kept... And of Course the King Hauler and Trailer.. With my "newfounded riches" lol.. I plan on buying a Bunch Of RE-RE's to build AND RUN!!! I can now afford to do so (somewhat).And teach my 12 & 8 year old about the hobby, Honestly, R/C cars is what kept me from becoming a bad egg, as most my young friends are now, well, incarcerated or not doing too well.. Maybe it will help with them as well.. What do you recommend? I'm, not into this new stuff, or Gas stuff at all.. I'll stick with what I know.. I was thinking RE-RE, anything I'm missing? FAV Holiday buggy Buggy champ Sand scorcher..
  7. ^ Your post gave me a good laugh, thanks I needed one.. I'm guilty of having some shelf queens, but not by purpose.. I usually build them and have another similar model that has not been flogged to death yet. Or I just had so dang many that I just stuck with a favorite.. To be honest my favorite was My hornet, My Futaba FX-10, My WW2 and the frog.. Those got the most playtime.. I used to ride sportbikes for a medicinal hobby, but I since have sold that due to .. well, due to I don't want to die just yet. I busted out all the old r/c's and have a smile again..
  8. Most people overlook this , but on the original Frog the Hex for the wheel backing nut is REAL defined and sharp as where the Scorcher/Superchamp are not as defined and almost look round. So If you have the defined hexes, most likely you have frog wheels..
  9. I think the tires are all the same , maybe some with holes some without.. There are Differences in the wheels however between the original frog/Superchamp,scorcher .. The superchamp and original scorchers are the same, but the original frog has differences.... So There is a way to tell if "frog" wheels have been used on the Champ/Scorcher...
  10. Here goes another Tamiya.. Just a fun little wild dagger up with futaba radio.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290595514313
  11. Nice.. Freebies are always good. What a good mate you got there.. That there buggy would be A grasshopper 2 I think.. I'm pretty sure I have one of those laying around.
  12. Here is a Tamiya SRB buggy parts lot.. Mainly Sand Scorcher , but some superchamp, etc.. misc.. Thanks.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290595010611
  13. I put my superchamp up on e-bay.. Here is my Plug.. Thanks Tamiyaclub.com for the plug section.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290595000064 To the buyers here.. The reserve is far less than what I was asking in the For sale forums to let you know.. BUT the other parts from the sand scorcher are in a separate auction Thanks.
  14. Haha.. You are in the same boat as myself. I have been reading this forum non-stop for like 3 days trying to catch up on 20 years as well. This new brushless/Lipo stuff is awesome.. Great run times, super smooth operation etc.. Not like before. I remember I had a modified Futaba FX-10 and I got a whopping 3-4 (if that) minutes out of her lol.. Now I hear they get like 20+ minutes easily run time with massive speed and reliability. How times have changed, in this case for the better.
  15. Looks great.. I like the new paint as well, but the old rat rod flames on flat black was cool too...
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