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  1. The body on the TRF 419X is a Porsche 962C body from Australia. I used a custom Velcro battery tape system, instead of using that weak glass reinforced tape, for better adhesion. The front "locker" 1 way diff was replaced w/ a standard 419 gear diff, w/ 10,000 wt fluid oil. I do not drive much on carpet, but when I do, I still have the front locker in my back pocket. Other fine tunes are heavier sway bars & dirrerent weight big bore shock springs. If you want to see things under the hood, I'd be more than happy to post pics for you here
  2. Hello there everyone! It's been quite a while since I've posted anything here, but here are my 2 latest builds - A highly modified & upgraded Tamiya TA02 An upgraded and custom Tamiya TRF 419X Enjoy the pics, and thanks for looking!
  3. Hi Max I have been having delays as well for receiving mail from overseas recently. Here in the USA, our federally-run post office is making a lot of cutbacks, and this fall of 2013, they will stop deliveries on Saturdays. I see that it seems to be happening everywhere
  4. Oh - I almost forgot. I used these on my vintage RC10 - RC decals - 1/10th Scale Mooneyes Buggy Lamp Covers
  5. Okay. I am surprised that you didn't get them yet. I mailed it in a regular white letter envelope, with a note in it, saying "Please let me know when you get these." I suppose we can wait a bit longer. In the mean time, I looked on ebay for them, and it seems that they do not sell that particular decal sheet anymore. The good news is that I found this - SPOT LIGHTS DECALS TAMIYA STICKERS PRECUT VINTAGE 1\10TH WILL FIT OTHER MODELS I hope that this helps if they do ultimately do not arrive in your mailbox. Good luck, and again, let me know if you get them!
  6. Seriously? I sent them out moinths ago. If you didn't get them by now, then look on ebay for the same ones. That's $2.45 in postage wasted.
  7. Way to go! PS - I mailed your buggy light stickers out today. The post office said that you should expect them to arrive at your door in 6-10 days. Message me and please let me know that you get them safely!
  8. Those are awesome! Hopefully they create a rally car racing class, or at least let us run in the SCT class - I can imagine mine nipping at the heals of those heavier trucks and getting their drivers in a delirious panic!!!
  9. Thanks! I got them over a year ago on that popular interweb auction site. I forgot what search words I used, but I see a set of those stickers now and then when I browse thru vintage buggies. I bought them for my East Edinger and Cadillac era gold pan RC10s. I was one giant sheet, and even after I cut it in half, I still had plenty left over, so I will keep two of each for somehting else down the road
  10. I have these: The sheet is smaller now, but I can cut off a 4X3 square for you and give them to you and mail them in a letter envelope, and you can have four of each. PM me if you are interested
  11. Sweet FF01 restore! I just sold my micro hulk TA02 to my kid neighbor's friend, so he can't crash into me any more LOL!!! PS - my last Tamiya, for now will be the XV01 pro rally kit - I think I wanna wait tho and see if they come out with a wicked sweet TRF gold edition, just like they did at the end of the TA05 series legacy. BTW - the Transverse motor mount "should fit" up front - pay attention to the motor spacers up front!!!!!! And I do believe that it's the FF03 series sway bars that fit. the older TA05 sway bars needed minor mods out of the parts bag, but they interchange with leftover hardware with no problems. And yes, I am lying and have been building mine all along, but I have been saving the pics for my own build. No need to see the same car 5,000 times, but my thread will be to mod it out, tricks and tips, etc. Anyways, nice restore for your stock old car! What's next!?!
  12. I didn't know if you had 2 user names and it was a double post. I did quickly read the other one and it was also about a grasshopper - my mistake! Don't give up even after the sanding errors! I find that Lemon Pledge furniture spray polish and cleaner works very well to shine up rc car bodies, and it's probaby more gentle on that kind of paint surface than car poilshes. Also, if you use a power tool to polish the plastic body, set it on a low speed, and let the surface cool every now and then so it will not become discolored. If you use the Lemon Pledge spray, all you need is a clean lint-free cloth, and wipe it clean and shiney! If you're going to strip the whole paint off it, remember to spray on a new primer base after it's ready
  13. Okay. I have been trying to follow both of your forum threads, so take it easy on me and re-name one thread. I see 2 "Advice from you" threads, with 2 different Grasshoppers. I know that you want attention to your matter, but double-posting any single subject multiple times on the same forum makes one look like a spammer or troll. I do, however, understand your passion. Tamiya rocks! Please delete that old double thread so I do not get emails on 2 subjects just for 1 car . . . . that would be greatly appreciated!
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