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  1. As it's daft question time, how can I tell what the exact chassis is that I have? Looking at the box it says it's just a TT-01, but when I've done some research on the internet it says that it is the TT-01D (drift). I'm more inclined to agree with the box to be honest. Is there a definitive way to tell?
  2. Thanks for the awesome write up VinceVegaUK. I'll work through everything people have said over the weekend to make sure I've not missed anything. It does look like you can tweak away at the TT-01 chassis to your hearts content. I certainly like that It does come with the light kit! The lights look cool, and much brighter than I thought they would. I like the idea of the home made neon's. Its always good to find another use for a Bic biro Another couple of quick newbie questions: I know these are going to be covered elsewhere on the forum, but where can I get some decent lexan paint on the internet? Is there anywhere that you guys would recommend? Also, I'd love to buy an Evo VIII (Evo 8) shell for on the TT-01 chassis. Does anybody know where I can get a reasonably priced one? Thanks in advance, and thanks again for all of the advice
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome and advice everyone It's certainly good to know you have a friendly forum here I'll have a look at replacing the pinion gear (even though I have no real idea what that is , some research needed I think) and the bearings. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction of where to buy them. I'll get them from where you say to make sure I get the right parts. I'm not sure on the shocks though mike_o, I'll have to check as to what I have. This is where I wish I had built it myself so I know whats what . As for the camper van Neo Tamiya, no chance We've got the van forever (I hope anyway ) but that's very well spotted. I do get quite addicted to things so hopefully I'll be in for the long haul. I always thought I'd never get into modding cars but I've got well addicted to that. I bet this will be no different Hopefully this hobby will be a little cheaper though Thanks again for the welcome and keep any advice coming
  4. Hi all, I'm a newbie here after my girlfriend bought me a Tamiya TT-01 Expert Build chassis for my birthday last week. The chassis came with an Impreza shell which you can see below: I've started working on an Evo VI shell already, as everyone knows Evo's are better than Impreza's Any advice would be great as I've never modded one of these before, and I'm still getting to grips with the basics to be honest. What should I swap first? I hope to get to know you all soon.
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