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  1. Thanks for all the support, I started cutting the Horn back and it snapped . But whilst i was surfing Ebay for some parts i just decided to go for it and got a 3racing chassis. Turned up today (only took 3 working days from HK!) But as alot of my other parts havn't turned up i started mocking it together and ran into a issue, The Standard gears don't mesh (Not even close). So I was wondering if anyone eles had the Chassis kit and what gears to run on it?
  2. Fitted new gear shafts to my TT01, started screaming abit to start with and not really going anywhere, then realised the batt was almost flat working v nice now. Next to fix the steering.
  3. So putting the origanal servo arm has fixed the problem, has anyone else fitted a Ajustable arm to a TT01? If so did you have the same problem or was there another way? maybe a different horn to make the bar more inline as that was the problem i was having. Also with the Steering bars im noticing them slowly working loose over 10 mins or so, maybe using loctite? I feel these should be bar joint like on the rear suspension arms.
  4. Ill be trying the original servo arm out soon to see if its an issue with the angle, other than that im stumped
  5. well just joined the site, been reading up ect. Anyway ive got a tt-01 (yea yea starter i know but not going to change for a while) had it for a few years now, started just bashing it and very novice drifting, it was gathering dust for a year or so and now ive decided to get it going again but more for getting into racing. So far ive got: Front and Rear ajustable arms, 13mm oil shocks and gear shafts (3 Racing) An Ally driveshaft, Brass eyelets for the suspension, Ajustable Steering and servo linkages (GPM) Steering linkage, 2 Degree Caster rear hubs and ally front hubs (Yeah racing) Its running the TEU-101BK Esc with a Sport tuned Tamiya Motor (with heatsink) and Acoms Techniplus radio gear Anyway now you know my current setup, after installing the Ajustable Servo link my steering seems to get stuck going to the right say 60% and 20% when going to the left, theres more pressure on the Servo horn itself (Warping slightly) Any idea why this is happening, ive checked all the screws and clearences and it all seems ok. Anything i might be missing?
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