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  1. Like most things my bmx was a secound hand silver fox which I sold for £20 to a mate .... I regret that! However I am now the proud owner of a 35th anniversary Raleigh chrome pro burner which like all my Tamiya cars will stay in the box for the time being. now I'm looking at others, I really can't afford all this 80s retro goodness. chris
  2. Haven't posted in a while but the news of a re-re black avante and the astute has got me excited for this hobby again. Now just need to find a way to pay for them. chris
  3. Looks like another fake site to me, copyright 2017 with Avante in stock. Seems to be a few of these sites popping up lately they also quote free shipping on orders over $100 dollars, that means some of those cars would be at least $50 dollars cheaper than their list price. I wouldn't risk it personally.
  4. I personally would always buy 3 of the same if only I could afford it, I now own 12 kits of which I've bought enough spares to duplicate only one of those and this is the reason I give myself for keeping them all nib. What I really can't explain is why I own at least one spare body shell, new wheels, tyres, decals, spares, hop ups, for almost all ..... which are all nip. I really feel I have a problem, but I like that ! chris
  5. Looks the biz ..... makes me question myself why I keep all mine nib.
  6. Well I received mine a few only a few days after ordering and for the first time ever it arrived shrink wrapped! I think my wife thinks I'm crazy I was estatic. Trouble is now if I want to open one I'll have to order another. Could think of worse dilemmas right now.
  7. Well that's mine ordered from Tamico, now the waiting game. chris
  8. Just noticed Tony's has the mooncraft wheels up on the bay already, very tempted but strange he has them befoure any other seller when there is still no news of the kit in the uk yet?
  9. Not today but his past week I received my MIP diff and 2 vintage Tamiya catalogues. Not a bad start after a very quiet 2016 as far as rc goes. chris
  10. Thanks again, the bracket I got hold of real easy as again it seems to be a common part. Looks like I will have no choice but to get a few screw bags, I think t was percymon tang recommended the rc truck bags last time as they have large amounts in them.
  11. Thanks Truck Norris, I've enquired about that screw bag many time but I'm afraid I can't afford the price of the few E screw bags which totalled half the price of my bruiser kit. I've tried several model shops they can't even get hold of that bag at all. what I don't understand is the fact they have produced lots of that body set but don't do a screw kit for that alone which should come in at a reasonable price? chris
  12. I've also bought all the bits to make an additional two bodies but have since struggled to find the nuts bolts and screws to put it together. i think the only way is by buying several screw bags from other models unless someone knows differently ? chris
  13. Well done pintopower and thanks, I finally took the plunge yesterday and ordered one plus a rebuild kit .. gonna have to buy another frog now! Oh and another one of two diffs once I've got a bit more cash spare. thanks again and to all the memebers who made this happen. chris
  14. I'm really glad this is about to be re-released, if I remember rightly it was around the time I was moving on from my rc cars ..... more due to the fact I could never afford to upgrade my aging secound hand and rather shot hotshot. Still have great memories of seeing it it the rc guide book I still bought to drool over what I couldn't afford. At least one for me , after all it's my birthday in Jan. chris
  15. I remember one my my best mates in primary school having several of these ... as well as a tcr race set ..... god I've just timewarped back to about 1984!! Chris
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