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    thanks for the advise everyone, il start with bearings, prop, sports tuned motor (ezrun is to much for just running up and down the street) and higher mah battery just because my one lasts hardly anytime at all then il start playing about with the gearing till im happy. thanks again. and i will tell you what esc it is when i find it again.
  2. bennyb


    Oh, i have found a 20t motor from my old traxxas sledgehammer would that be any good if it would fit?
  3. bennyb


    Thanks for the reply axemandavva, i have a 10a esc would it be worth fitting with say a bigger mah battery as mine is only 1900 and a sports tuned motor or the ez-run motor you said about? could you tell me the differents between a higher and lower turn motor? Thanks again
  4. Hi all, i have just got a tto1 with the super-poo impreza shell and i wanted just to tweak it abit and ask a couple of stupid questions, I will only use it for abit of fun so im not after anything special so all i want is a good uprated motor, lipo battery maybe? and i wanted to know abit more about ESC's and if i would need one? and are racing bearings worth it for the less friction? could anyone please point me in the right direction and any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ben
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