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  1. Ex Forces too and always have my Leatherman and mini mag handy . I also have a 6 D CELL Full Size Maglight that's being converted to LED - my god its bright now and the battery's seem to last for ages .
  2. Nice ride Scapelnz, I have considered a Honda but they fetch more then I am will to pay here in the uk for a decent one
  3. Fitting a sway away is something I've thought about a lot for years . I lack the skills but in theory a piece of thin spring steel strip let into the ' torsion tubes ' would work .
  4. I've had BMW's - last one was a E36 M3 Evo . Great cars but I'm a granddad now who needs a dog / kids hauler lol .
  5. 40 MPG on a run Wez from a TD4 - not half bad for a 4x4 . Quick too once tuned . Ultra reliable BMW engine with timing chain so no problems with belts failing .
  6. I know Settle very well having being educated at Giggleswick . Personally i would stock a few crawlers - Maverick Scout RTR for example . Kids want RTR these days . Maybe the odd few Tamiya kits but the lower end ones - Lunch box , Pumpkin ect Most trade will be with the tourists and just maybe the odd rich kid from the Boarding School lol Actually it might be worth talking to the school to see if you can get them interested in RC - might sell a few kits on the back of it
  7. yup the facelift 2003 model still looks quite modern too . On the lookout for a decent low mileage one .
  8. Being giving this a lot of thought chaps . after a test drive in both i've ruled out the Discovery and the Bemmer . I don't really need a 4x4 that big . Hopeless MPG . I do fancy doing some green lane driving though. BMW boot is way too small for my needs . SO - here's my compromise . Freelander TD4 . Fairly capable off road , decent mpg , large enough boot for the dog and the same engine as a BMW 320d !!!!!!. Piece of urine to service DIY without having to buy too many extra tools . Get it re mapped and do some basic tuning and I will have the best of both worlds . 148 BHP is easy to do as that's the standard figure for the same stock BMW engine without ruining the mpg figures . Sometimes it pays to think outside the box .
  9. Actually Nobbi land rover parts are quite cheap and in Peterborough we have a lot of non dealer land rover specialists - ie Nene Overland . Most jobs I can do myself such as routine servicing . On the other hand although BMW parts are costly they need less attention . Really unsure as to what to go for .
  10. Guys I need some opinions . Looking for a new to me motor . I need either an estate or a large 4x4 as we have a rather massive Doberman . Has to be a diesel . Budget of £2500 ish I've narrowed the choice down to either a 2005 BMW 320d touring or a 2003 TD5 Land Rover discovery . Both have about the same mileage and service history and will give roughly the same mpg . What would you buy ?????????????
  11. bromvw

    Wild Dagger

    Just read the whole thread as I've being away for a while . Great build . I last built a modified Wild Dagger almost 2 years ago and its still going strong . I went a bit OTT - 4x4x4 and alloy everything . However it was well worth it as no matter how much abuse I give it nothing has broke . I think that may be down to the oversize Clod wheels and massive Kyosho tires I have on it . They seem to soak up a lot of the impacts lol
  12. They do Nik helping to maintain a better contact patch . If anything I find the Blitzer tires oversoft and firming them up seems to make it more stable and less prone to rolls .
  13. Klash to be honest iIMO any 2.2 inserts seem to work well with no noticeable difference in terms of performance between any of the ones I've tried .
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