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  1. Hi all Can anyone help me please What new style tyres can I fit on vintage holiday buggy rims Thanks Jason
  2. sorry i should have said its an original holiday buggy
  3. Hi all Can anyone help me what type of tyres can i fit on a holiday buggy. Thanks
  4. No I just want them for fun. I'm rebuilding some of my 80' s collection of tamiya cars
  5. Hi All Has anyone heard of vapextech battery packs. are they any good I'm looking for a 7.2v hump battery pack Cheers Jason
  6. Hi All I have nearly finished my Holiday Buggy. Just would like a few questions answered if possible. 1- Any ideas how to repair the body and can it be sprayed. 2- What tyres can be fitted. 3- where can i get a hump 7.2v battery from or any tips on soldering a flat battery to a hump battery. Many Thanks Jason
  7. Hi All Just made these bumpers for my holiday buggy. What do you think?????? The front one will also fit my ford ranger i think.
  8. Hi guys I think I have a march 782 BMW Any ideas on how much it is worth Many thanks Jason
  9. The tyres have silicone on them when i used it indoors when i was younger Any ideas what I can do with it Thanks
  10. Hi Guys Just dug this old car out i think it's a March 782 BMW (82013) could someone tell me more please could be up for sale for the right price many thanks Jason
  11. I dont really want to break it for parts i have all the radio gear with it
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