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  1. I am looking for a kit supplied 61T spur gear - please let me know if you have one that is surplus to requirements. Thought I'd ask here first before having to get all of the G parts. Also after an alloy motor mount in case anyone has one of these kicking around.
  2. Hi, I'd like this please, if still available. Many thanks
  3. Good point well made. Sensored only please, if there are any about Thanks WillyChang!
  4. Thanks but bought a new one just before your post! Now only after a brushless motor.
  5. I'm after a decent condition brushless motor for a Tamiya 4WD buggy. Thinking around 13.5T but open to options. Let me know what you have knocking around. Thanks!
  6. I picked up something similar sometime ago. Rebuilt it and am really pleased with the way it is now. I went with Tamiya gold shocks, sports tuned motors, Tamiya twin motor esc, 2S lipo, bearings throughout and a very high torque, extra large steering servo. If you are going to retain the stock chassis, check around the steering servo for cracks and fit the Tamiya chassis brace plates. Mine was cracked so I replaced the chassis. I would be included to do this anyway if you are going to rebuild and run it as they are pretty cheap. Best of luck and enjoy the ride!
  7. Hello folks I am currently sprucing up my Wild Willy 2 with bearings, a sports tuned motor, steel pinion and a set of oil filled shocks. I have picked up a set of TrackStar 61mm shocks and they look like they will fit except the holes in the ball joints are larger than the standard fittings. Not sure of the hole size at the widest point but appears to be 6mm. The shank diameter of the WW2 shock bolt is 3.72mm. Does anyone know whether there are any shock link balls or sleeves available that I could use to fit these shocks? Or suggestions as to other standard fittings that I could use? Many thanks in advance for any ideas. I had a look online but didn't see anything that would obviously work. H
  8. Yes re-re wheels would be good. Tyres also or just the wheels? Cheers
  9. Hello folks If anyone happens to have a decent set of 2.2 wheels and tyres that are surplus to requirements then please let me know! Many thanks Mm
  10. Please message me with what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks MM
  11. Hi folks, I am after any old body shell to use as a basher body for my newly restored stock clod. Please let me know if you have anything suitable knocking about. Many thanks MM
  12. Does anyone know if a stock Clod Buster will fit in a Beatties Bag? If so is there room for a transmitter as well?
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