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  1. As long as no one enters their "Wild Willy" Tho tis the perfect season for a "Midnight Pumpkin" photo shoot
  2. Got my Alloy wheel covers for my scorcher today! As Percy said awesome product, great quality!! Check out the pick, coming nicely together now. Took 6 days from Hong Kong, awesome.
  3. You got yours in 5 days??? Mine havent arrived yet and it been a week. ho hum!
  4. Well got down to the beach twice this weekend, had great fun. The interference is well gone and it goes very very well with the Sport tuned black motor fitted. Heres a couple of pics on teh beach, couldnt get action photos was on me own!
  5. went to local model shop and sourced a fairly cheap but modern tx and receiver set for a very good price. Fitted and tested around kitchen and all seemed to be ok. Will update tomorrow once i have been out to the beach with it and see what the range is like. Fingers crossed!! But so far its stopped mucking around!
  6. Not sure whether to post this here, or in the "Electric" section. Correct me if i am wrong. Basically i bought a restored sand scorcher from Volks Rod. All very nice, but there was a problem with interference when running it. It would get to about 5 meters away from you and start "glitching" stopping starting, jerking, losing control. He seemed to think it was the Motor as he had swapped receiver box etc a couple of times and was still doing it. So when i bought the car i swapped the motor (standard silver can) for one i had spare. Still no joy, running like a bag of horse manure. So it definately isnt the motor. Granted the transmitter and receiver are quite old items, should i just bite the bullet and buy a new radio set up? could it be these? He said he swapped these around and tried different receivers/transmitters resulting in the same problems. Its currently running an ESC, is there any chance it could be this messing it up? I dont think it is, as it only happens from a certain distance and further which for me says it must be radio gear. Could an ESC mess it up like this? Any input, ideas would be greatly received. I have a new ESC and Tamiya Sport tuned motor to go in it. Shall i fit all these items and go get a new radio set. then surely all the possible variants have been renewed and it should stop "glitching"?.
  7. Me too mate, but have gone for the larger Rough Rider ones. Gonna look pretty darn cool. Good work on this Scorcher. looking great. mine has been on back burner past couple of weeks, been a bit ill! Should be moving forwards this weekend
  8. Scorchio, they were obtained through google images, just put in what you are looking for and sift through the hundreds of images til you find what ya want. Something like "Rear VW beetle suspension diagram" should get you close to something you are after.
  9. I'm not getting involved in the cafuffle above, i'm here to talk design As far as whether Tamiya were copying the full size VW chassis because they had nothing else to go on or they were copying it because of its simple and clever design, i'm not sure. Personally i think they copied it for a bit of both reasons. The rear set up on a 1:1 VW chassis (swing axle with torsion bar running parallel to back axles), i doubt, would be strong enough scaled down. There would also be the issue of flexibility against strength. These little buggys take a heck of a bashing! I think the design they came up with is a good compromise, as stated above, giving an overall similar appearance once assembled and the body is on the buggy. For me, the real genius in design, was the front axle assembly. This is so close to the 1:1 vw front beam assembly its uncanny. The only differnce is the way it is sprung. The SRB of course has a wire spring at each end of the assembly, where as the actual 1:1 has 2 torsion bars (made up of individual leaves) running through the two tubes attached to the trailing arms at the end. Apologies for all you VW savvy people out there, if i am teaching you to suck eggs, but thought the non vw educated may find it interesting From these diagrams you can see how close they got it, and also how difficult it would have been for them to spring it the way the 1:1 assembly is sprung. Overall, i think the SRB is a spot on replica of the VW chassis, compromising between design, function and ability to mass produce at good costing. Sure they could have made it a perfect replica, but this of course wouldnt have been cost effective. thats my two pennies worth, not a difinitive answer, but what i think of their design
  10. haha! I thought that when i first saw it, but after a while staring at it i knew i needed to have it! When it arrived the wife was like "what? another one?...................oh thats cute..........wow that really nice.......is that what yours will look like when you finish it?"
  11. As some of you may have seen in the "I received from the postman today" section, last week i bought another Sand Scorcher. This isnt any old sand scorcher though, but one prepared by Volksrod. Now, being i am a classic VW Mechanic by trade, I am a big believer in building something yourself if you are going to use it. But when I saw this I just had to have it. I think there was a bit of too-ing and fro-ing with another prospective buyer, but in the end I stuck in there and won it in auction. A few of you requested i start a thread on it, and show some more detailed pictures. So this is it. I'll start at the beginning, when I bought it he mentioned that there had been some interferance with the radio gear whilst running it. For this reason it had only been run for 5 minutes or so before packing it away. After numerous swaps of receivers and transmitters it was diagnosed as possibly being the motor that was causing the propblems. So when I bought it he included a spare motor for me to try in it. I tried fitting this the other night but wouldnt quite go, but luckily I had a spare original motor from my other project that is surplus. Twenty minutes later all fitted and had it running perfectly with no interferance. Result. The spare motor i fitted couldnt have been used much over the years as it certainly had a spring in its step! Even better. Heres a couple of pics for now, i will upload some more detailed ones later today. Its running a stock Silver can, with run of the mill Modelsport generic type ESC and old school Acoms radio gear. The front assembly is powder coated whilst the rear is painted black. The chassis is a modern Alloy type that has been painted black. Underneath there is an alloy Rad22rad skid plate and up front a modified Lightning Rapid bumper. The front suspension has hardened steel shafts, which were made before the re-release. The body is beautifully prepared in a "Mooneyes" theme with a great paint job. Truly is a stunning example. The bodyshell is a brand new re-re bodykit, but with obvious mods. The arches trimmed, running boards removed, window rubbers removed, sunroof blended in, filler cap removed, the nose has been bonded on for a smooth look, rear engine lid smoothed and reshaped, custom inner arches back and front, yellow headlight lenses.....the list goes on. I'm very much looking forward to getting this car out on the sand on the beaches here in Guernsey this weekend. I am in the throws of my own SRB restoration, and think i wanted something to play with whilst that was taking shape! I also have a thread on that project and will be updating that soon. Future plans for this car arent too much. I pretty much want to run it as it should be (hard and on sand!) and just have fun with it. I dont see the point in putting it on a shelf and looking at it! Did think about fitting brushless system etc etc, but i couldnt do that to this model, its too nice to fool around with too much! This deserves to be left as it is! Will update with some more detailed pics later on!
  12. Hi, has anyone got a pair of rear tyres for a rough rider they are willing to let go? Ta Rick.
  13. looking good mate, those hand drawn lines look pretty darn good to me! Dreading cutting mine haha. think i might have to take your lead and do some kind of template.
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