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  1. Used chassis with usual scrapes underneath,no splits or breakages.shell is in decent condition with very minor splits on front and rear bumpers, and driver cockpit decent too. 1 brand new set of tamiya rally block tires unglued on focus rs rims also new. 1 set of glued multi spoke on road brand new wheels/tires. 27T tunable sport tuned motor with 19t pinion gear. Mtroniks sniper 12t water proof programable esc with instructions. Ansmann 3kg water proof servo. Fully ball raced. Comes with 2 channel stick 27mhz controller with duracel new batteries. Plastic dust cover. Almost a full chassis in spares,all thats missing is 2 dog bone swing shafts I think. Ansmann delta peak fast charger. Carson 3000 mah battery Orion 3300 mah Ansmann 3700 mah included.
  2. please let me know what you have
  3. mr nice

    tamiya mini

    Update i have found instruction manual. I can take to post office and get you a price on saturday if you would like .
  4. Nar sheeva from resident evil athough she does get stopped in the street alot from people who think its lara lol
  5. as above also fully ballraced with 3kg 0.16 sec servo,only built last wednesday with instructions and all spare parts no box sorry. instructions and program card with35 amp 9t ezrun.aly prop shaft and cups, aly motor heat sinc anyway pics 2s 5ooomah turnigy lipo, upgraded gears, i have exactly same setup in my other one very very fast. no tx or rx included. £100 posted
  6. Ok im selling my cc01 .Dont want to spend any more money on this only for it to get slung at back of cupboard when i get new rig. chassis is chopped in all the right places 70t motor and matching esc 9 kg steering servo ali motor mount 4 link kit ball raced front ali arms and knuckles cvd drive shaft thingies for better front steering ali steering mount ali steering upgrade winch-needs attention 2 wires soldering. weighted wheels 6 hours run time max 1 landrover disco shell box and instructions spares from upgrades. £160 posted Thanks for looking
  7. Landcruiser shell custom built, it has moving steering wheel from servo installed behind dash with figure, requires own fixing/mounting-i used velcro £33.20 deliverd
  8. Whats the chances of a meet this year?
  9. esc's, srb wheels and tires, body shells. click link to ebay and then 'see other items' i will end anything thats not been bidded on if theres something you fancy. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rc-body-shells-escort-cosworth-cossie-focus-rs-ford-1-10-/251216728244?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item3a7daf10b4 thanks for looking.
  10. The last couple of weeks ive been lightening the load of cars trucks buggies etc so i can get other stuff finished and then chassing my tail by starting something else 'well you get the picture'. So i have got rid of half projects and plan NOT to impulse buy from ebay and waste money! I have only now.. my half modded CC01 which i want to upgrade more my re re hornet could do with a revamp my mini needs putting back together my daughters mardave needs finishing the tt01 is all good and finally my turnigy sct kit will need building when arrives this week(xmas pressie to myself). My next rc will be in july for bday.
  11. unglued tires have been lightly used and had every other tread removed for better grip and rims are new and only every been fitted for pics and a 2 min run. £20 posted Posted Today, 12:31 PM 7.2 hump pack i think is a 2500mah only had a few charges ...£6.00 posted 4x mini wheels good tread glued £5.00 posted cc01 arms and knuckles with bearings original/used £5.00 posted 2xpacks of 2 wheel adapters brand new £12 posted 1/10 body shell nissan skyline ta04 used but decent £10.00 posted 1/8 truck shell £10.00 posted pair of rc battle machines £20 posted ta04 alu center one way pulley £10 posted light use 1 lipo through it. roller no electrics other then servo Edited by mr nice, Today, 12:54 PM.
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