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  1. Have it listed on ebay. Message me here if your interested. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263015125442?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. Probably a daft question, but how do I start a showroom? I can't find anything on my profile page.
  3. Anybody know if there are any road tyres to fit the sand scorcher rear wheel? Preferably tamiya brand, slick or treaded.
  4. I hava a set of upgrade aluminium rear dampers from the rere hornet I'm using for a project but the springs are way too soft, is there any stiffer springs that would be compatible? Also looking for stiffer springs for the wild one front shocks too.
  5. I think I have two, one new and one used but excellent condition, let me check and get back to you tomorrow sir.
  6. Any of them... All of them! Why? just because!
  7. 1.Kyosho Scorpion front arms' especially left arm. 2.Buggy Champ outer wheels, the ones with the round holes' aluminium or chromed plastic.
  8. This may be the coolest RC ever made' beating the Kyosho scorpion! Bet this would look cool with those kubelwagen wheels you made too.
  9. Need shocks for a project stadium truck I'm building' I have used RC4WD twin spring shocks in the past but can anyone recommend anything else? Need to be 80mm to 100mm in length' also prefer adjustable and aluminium if possible. I did originally fit XD aerations which were decent but way to wide in diameter. Need something than can handle big jumps... like monster truck! Anyone tried Proline powerstroke?
  10. Aren't RC cars called cars because they look like... cars? Vintage buggies look realistic, why would you want to race something that looks like a bar of soap? The modern stuff looks ridiculous' stuff performance!
  11. Mask of the tyres, and give the wheels a couple of light coats of matt or sating varnish' I believe Tamiya do these in TS spray? Humbrol also do similar, this dulls the chrome and gives the primer something to actually stick to' then just primer and paint as normal.
  12. Rebuilding an old scorpion ' need parts if anybody has any' will also consider part built/damaged repairable buggies. I have paypal' looking for front suspension arms in particular,
  13. Looking for an alternative tyre to fit the blackfoot rims, I know 2.2 tyres fit but can anyone give me a specific in production pin/spike tyre to fit? similar to monster racing/stadium truck tyres. searched back posts but nothing carved in stone LOL!
  14. Cant see Tamiya rereleasing Blazing Blazer, they seem to have cheeped out on official licences, no Chevy on Clodbuster etc. fake sponsor decals on re-re's. I don't think they want to pay to renew certain licence fees' maybe the official company's are demanding to much money to use their name, after all Its a lot to pay out for something that may not sell in these days big RC market' and rereleases only appeal to a small percentage of the RC market, I mean just look at those sand blaster front tyres' would it have been viable to get the licence and up the price of a kit just to have those tyres? It would put those kits in a price range out of many fans reach! I know the Sand Scorcher is official licenced but the scorcher is an expensive kit, how much of that price tag goes to VW? non correct body and all' it must have been a gamble! Perhaps a Blazing Blazer with a slight name change and altered look alike body? but who would want that?
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