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  1. Thanks xeostar, so much better to see it in picture form. Does it actually make a difference having it fitted and where did you get those wheels from and will the 959 tyres fit on them. Thanks again
  2. Ive read that the Tamiya Celia handles better than the Porsche 959 due to a front stabliser. Can a front stabliser from a Celia be easily fiited to the 959?
  3. Hi Percymon, your the kind of chap I feel might help me out with my problem!! I running a Tamiya Porsche 959 with a ESC model TEU-104BK. It's been running great until I started to muck about with the receiver (hirec BEC). I took the battery lead, throttle and servo lead out of the receiver but when I put them back the servo lead didn't work, only the throttle. I've tried a further 2 receivers and another ESC, same model as above, but still having the same problem. I'm running a Acoms MK 1 & 2 and tried both. Your wisdom would be grateful. Ta Geoff
  4. They are quite stiff considering the age of them but when I turn right the back tyre comes off its rim, but that doesn't happen everytime. In the manuel it says to use cement glue.
  5. Instead of ordering some tyre cement from hong kong, is there anything from local shops I can use. I'm fixing porsche 959 tyres to the wheels. Ta
  6. Hi, can you tell me which website you got your 2200mAh 2S lipo, and your ESC. Does the ESC have to have an alarm. Cheers
  7. Thanks for the advice. I'm new to ESC's. I'm learning all the time. Thanks again
  8. Hi, I'm having a slight issue with a ESC. The LED on the ESC flashes once when transmitter throttle is put forward....as suppose to, yet when I reverse the LED flashes once yet no power to motor. I have to push throttle up to neutral and down again for motor to work. Once I'm in reverse I can go back to neutral and back to reverse with no problem but when i go forward I have to push the reverse down (no motor speed).....back to neutral.....and reverse again (with motor speed). I use an ACOMS 227 mk 2 and Hirec BEC reciever. The ESC is fitted into a Porsche 959. Any suggestions.
  9. OK, i'm trying to get my head around this......phew. What your suggesting is to cut the tamiya connectors from my ESC and replace them with the connectors from Hobbyking. I gather the lipo alarm fits into the connector that comes out of the lipo battery pack. Would this alarm work for me? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7-4V-11-1V-RC-Li...Alarm-Indicator and could you give me a UK website that sells a lipo battery that I need. Bit of history for you........i bought my very first Tamiya Sand Scorcher from Littlewoods catalogue at a price of £72.00. 25 yrs later i bought a re-release at £250 from ebay. In the good old days I just bought a battery and away I went. Its far to complicated these days, but I gather the lipo has a longer running time than the NiMh battery. Thanks again for your help. Geoff
  10. Hi, had a look on ebay. Will the Turnigy 2200mAh 3S1P 11.1v 40C-50C Lipo Battery do the job. Coundn't find a 2 cell battery like you suggested. Will the yellow connectors from the battery fit into my Tamiya ESC TEU-104BK. I appreicate your comments as I've only just got back in RC and batteries have changed from over 25yrs ago.
  11. Ive a MK Transmitter, but I had a look and cound'nt spin the steering 180 degrees......nice idea. I went onto you tube and got advice on reversing the servos. Thanks for comments
  12. I've just bought the new 2010 sand scorcher. My question is which battery to use. The tamiya manuel says to use a 6.6 racing pack m-size, on ebay and it costs £40.00. I've had a look at some discussions on the forums and it appears as if the 2200mah overlander is the one to use. I'm not very well conversed with batteries, so can someone please tell which battery to get and the amount of run-time I would get out of it running it on sand dunes. Also, would I have to buy a different charger or can i use the same one for NiCd/NiMH Cheers
  13. Hi, i've just ran my Porsche 959 after months of restoration........and it goes beautifully. I have an 1400mah battery which is 2 years old and charged it for 14hrs. The car ran for 10 minutes, as expected. I've just ordered a 3000mah battery.........does anyone know the run length of using the 3000mah or would it just me double the 10 minutes. Cheers
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