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  1. I have a couple of these bodies for sale. Will prefer to sell and ship withIn the continental USA. If you are overseas, shipping is expensive these days, but it’s up to you. 60.00 plus shipping. Doesn’t come with decals or accessories.
  2. Also...managed to get these louvres done for the MK2... going fo a Street look version this time...lol.. 6F2312DE-8916-4B48-8E20-4C63B238FBB2 by Preston Trini, on Flickr 8AF915A8-6B90-4314-B8FC-6E1156D3BB29 by Preston Trini, on Flickr 653F319A-577F-4E9F-AC25-948256B49056 by Preston Trini, on Flickr
  3. Lol...hey thanks matman! Yea...can’t wait to dive back into the Holdens... here’s a sneaky peek at the HQs, the first thing I’m gonna do is get the front of the guards shaped right so that the nose slopes the way it should..lol! But it’s not gonna happen till September... A51EAD28-F70C-4FFE-848E-EBD0D010C0F6 by Preston Trini, on Flickr 6B009897-0843-45C9-A232-6A5FB7A84CF2 by Preston Trini, on Flickr
  4. Lol...hey there yogi! Yep...I’m back...! Trying to get back into the groove of things..and also trying to get the pics back up! .....not much updates in the physical sense,.. but I think I have found a solution for a scale 2wd chassis! Started to frame up a couple of Monaros as well as a couple of station wagons...but those will be on hold till September, when I get back home from upstate NY, where I work in the summer. Will be heading up there in a couple of weeks.. ill send you a message shortly !
  5. Hey there Thommo.....apologies...I kinda dropped off the edge of it all...finally getting some time to fix the picture links and only yesterday saw your post! Bummer that you didn’t get the opportunity to take a couple of pics! A Facebook buddy actually saw one over hear out in the Midwest at a car show and sent me some pics..identical to mine as well...I couldn’t believe that someone had one over here...so jealous!! These are the pics he sent me...
  6. Ahhhh...a kindred spirit! Thanks mate!
  7. I love this hobby as well...but it’s also my curse.... I seemed to have moved away from kits to scratch building and making them as scale as I can... I get an idea for a functioning scale part, and I end up spending weeks researching how to build it, which means material and tooling, and just as I’m building the bit, I’m already thinking of another functioning part and wondering if it’s possible to build it....it’s the main reason why my builds take this long, if the part isn’t perfect, it has to be perfect enough before I move on to the next.... cursed I tell you......
  8. Hey guys...here’s another small update Made some progress on the HQ Premier nose panel, but ran out of time tonight....tomorrow I’ll lay down some color and some clear. Once it cures, I’ll get a mold done and run off some casts! Watcha think? 6047687D-6B1B-4B1A-8B0B-6B598877FB43 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 0FAC5150-DE90-4407-AC3A-E4D85505C7FE by Preston Lalan, on Flickr
  9. Lol...thanks mate! Yes... this body it’s on is gonna be a one tonner .... but will be doing a Monaro in both the single and twin headlight flavors! Yeah the metallic green is pretty sweet! It was just a small bit I had leftover in the can from a globe liner I did about 6 or 7 years ago lol! It’s Tamiya paint with Tamiya clear coat applied as well !
  10. Hey guys...here’s another update ! Did a bunch of wet sanding, puttying, sanding, priming, sanding, puttying, sanding, priming, sanding........ :wacko::crazy: well....you get the idea... till I basically said ‘thats it ... it’s not perfect, but perfect enough lol... decided to lay down some paint as it’s the surest way to see any defects... once the paint cures in a couple of days, I’ll make the mold and then make a couple of casts. This way, the casts will be just like the painted pieces and will require minimum work when assembling... Anywho, here’s a few pics...watcha think? I think it kinda looks like a HQ... 224A6E41-6342-456D-8D8E-7D2237BF90FB by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 5D7A2E6E-4CEE-43EF-B76A-A614EF22FC31 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 4617CEF1-3B4E-4A93-B997-48CFA164AB5C by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 349F7D2A-ABB4-4295-A846-B89B49A8DFF8 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 919816C7-6092-455E-B5A6-4F4EDEDF435D by Preston Lalan, on Flickr E5DCF99E-2050-4238-B1AB-E84E61BC33AF by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 126A58B7-47AA-4BCA-ADA1-6245679F006B by Preston Lalan, on Flickr
  11. Hey thanks yogi-bear! Yeah you are right ! They did put a cap on free hosting, I think it was 1000 pics... so I think I have about 200 left before I hit their threshold. I will try to set up another account and see if that works....lol
  12. Been working on some other bits! I had to revise the HQ Nose panel that I started last year, the headlight surrounds were off, and then I also got the bumper built and just started to get the details like indicator light holes in.. once I get the HQ nose where I want it I will be making a cast of it and then modding said cast to the Premier version. The HX Premier version nose shown here, is a cast of the HX nose (off the Sandman) that has been modded! Still need to do some tidying up on it then will make a mold of it and run off some casts! Anywho... here’s a few pics of where it’s at ... watcha think? B1929D91-ACF4-422E-B47C-7D10B23D3EBA by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 77879CE2-4A35-4D3B-8845-AA9139B243CC by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 987B0ACD-F36C-4AC5-B087-665C58202EB9 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 7139FD85-4BE3-40BB-B9C5-A8051596F63E by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 6422B794-50B6-4E05-81D4-38D1727A4834 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 825736DC-F701-4117-B2ED-5070A9BA56B2 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr A2531B70-A419-4DC0-A0C7-70254C7C6B98 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr B19FC8EF-E27F-42E2-9A3C-AA1B1E97C727 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr
  13. Lol...! Now that’s something to think about !
  14. Lol. Yeah I noticed it on The TV earlier today as well! The program was Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. Just as the Sandman went down the ramp they went to Australia lol then before as it passed the TV they went to Stonehenge in England! Kinda freaked me out when I saw it this morning! Lol
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