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  1. Hi guys After contacting modelsport they suggested I send the battery back to them for testing. So I did and two days later I received a brand new battery. πŸ‘Great service as alwaysπŸ‘ I,ve not tried charging it yet as I'm still thinking the charger could be damaging the batteries or was I just very unlucky to have two batteries fail at the same time?? Would you risk trying to charge the new one or shall I buy a new charger which does lipo and nimh? Cheers karl
  2. Cheers for that red zone. Looks like I,ll be getting a sports tuned then if no mods are required. πŸ‘ Cheers karl
  3. Hi Simon Yeah I'm sure I,ve read on here that only the silver can fits without mods to the housing! I,ve not built mine yet but does the motor fit inside a clear case with holes for the wires? Are the sports tuned wires in the same place as the silver can? Cheers karl
  4. Hi mate Did the sports tuned motor fit into your sand scorcher without any modification to where the motor bolts? I was thinking off fitting one in my buggy champ for a bit more speed over the silver can. Cheers karl
  5. Hi mate The 104 will be ok with the tamiya sports tuned motor. I'm 99% sure I remember reading it when I read the instructions for my 104 ESC. "Suitable for motors over 25T and the tamiya sports tuned" http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=45041 Look in the specs section I'm sure somebody will soon confirm this 100% Cheers karl
  6. Hi steveU30 Yeah he said he recommends deans but I,ll probably be ok like you said as well as he runs his hotshot with a RZ motor and the ESC thermaled before the plug caused a problem. Would it be possible to extend the ESC wires if I go to deans if required? ESC is a Mtroniks tio 19 storm! Are deans connectors smaller than the tamiya type as that would help if I have to trim the wires? Cheers karl
  7. Hi mate The only thing working with my "fully charged batteries" is the steering. Is this because the steering takes less voltage? Do you think the batteries will be knackered now? Re lipo The wires on my ESC are short already so cutting the plug and replacing with deans might be tricky. 94EG! Said with my set up BZ motor should be fine with tamiya connectors and he seems a very clued up guy as far as R/C goes. I'm interested as to what he makes of my problem although he,s advised me to go lipo as you have. For somebody like me who only has a part time interest in the hobby cutting plugs and wires and then resoldering them is a bit tricky or I buy 2 new ESC,s to replace already new ones with TAMIYA connectors. Thanks for all your help and advise though. Cheers karl
  8. Hi steveU30 Did the charger ruin your batteries or was they ok if you used a different charger to charge them? Is there any way of testing the charger? Although its a few years old its had very little usage. Looks like I'm gonna convert to lipo although I need to find a stick pack size with a tamiya connector as my ESC has tamiya plugs. Also I will need a lipo to fit in my buggy champ if I change. Cheers karl
  9. Hi mate Yes it is! I,ve just posted in another thread about them. If my charger is not working correctly can it damage batteries permanently? Cheers karl
  10. Hmm Are these chargers not the best as I'm thinking mine has maybe stopped charging my batteries or it has damaged them as the fully charged light is coming on way faster than it was the other night. Only my steering is working now! Are you talking about the NX 85 charger? See my post "help required" in the general section Cheers karl
  11. Hi percymon Yeah the new battery was very hot after this mornings charge. It was hot to hold for long! I haven't tried putting it back on charge once the green fully charged light came on as it was very hot. I don't have a volt meter or my charger does not tell you the voltage. If I could get a volt meter how do you check the battery voltage and should it be 7.2 volts if fully charged? I take it you just touch the 2 wires in the correct order? Electrics are not my strong point! Cheers karl
  12. Hi guys Last week I bought a new HPI plazma 3300 nimh battery for my hotshot and all was well until last nights garden bash. 😞(Let me explain) I,ve been charging my battery at 3.5amps as advised by modelsport when I bought my battery and running the car till it looses its punch then stopping it and recharging it the following night prior to use again. Right here we go after lasts bash the battery lost its punch after a very short time(10 mins approx) and the car just stopped dead. (Was getting a good 25 minutes after first few cycles and the car would start to slow down)No forwards or backwards movement only the steering would function. After letting the battery cool down(1 hour) I put it back on charge and was surprised to see the fully charged light on after only 20 minutes. I gave it another bash and the car lasted about 5 minutes before stopping completely again!😞 Ok this morning I charged it again this time on only 2 amps and again the fully charged light came on after only 30 minutes plus the battery was very hot! This time the car would not move backwards or forwards but again the steering worked!😳 So now I'm thinking the battery has died after only 7 good cycles?? Now the weird bit😁 I charged up my 2700 hump battery out off my unbuilt buggy champ which again seemed to charge very fast(20 minutes) and when I tried it same as no power to the drive only steering is working. This battery worked fine last week.😳 So I'm thinking I'm I unlucky to have 2 batteries die or is there a problem with my motor or ESC both have had very little use from new and only run on very short grass. Could my charger be destroying my batteries as the charge time seems to have gone too fast??? Do I need to send my new battery back too modelsport?? Sorry for the long tx but I had to give you all the details. Cheers Karl
  13. Hi guys My new hpi 3300 battery arrived yesterday so tonight I charged it prior to use as it was completely flat when I received it. I,m very happy with how my hotshot now goes now my BZ motor is getting enough juice I ran it in my back garden after I cut the grass and gave it a very light watering and I had plenty off fun doin dounuts and 4 wheel drifts. (Its running on Tarmac spec tyres at the moment so not much grip on damp short grass)when I got grip on the path it now fly,s compared to using my old higher capacity battery. I,ll deffo be looking to goin lipo soon especially if I get more speed and better run times and easier to maintain batteries. Thanks for the advice karl
  14. Will a lipo with a tamiya plug be ok for my set up as most lipo,s seem to have a deans type plug. Also what about 2s and 3s and c rating? Which would be best for my set up? The battery SteveU30 listed looks like it will fit with no problems. Does the same rule apply to nimh about lower capacity batteries give more performance than higher capacity? Cheers again
  15. Hi mate Looks like I need to get myself a new charger,lipo charging sack and a lipo battery. Keeping nimh,s in top condition sounds like hard work. For my hotshot which has a tamiya BZ super stock motor and 20 turn Mtroniks lipo approved ESC what sort off lipo should I be looking at? Cheers Karl
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