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  1. Thanks guys, what i forgot to mention is that the masking tape was on the body for about an hour. I don't think it's the tape being the issue as i' ve changed the tape and the same thing, i found the blue paint marred much worse Than the white. I'm now going to try some halfords paint hopefully it will be more resistant. I had great sucess with tamiya ts paint on my buggy champ, it turned out well i think. Thanks for all your help, i'll keep you all posted on the progress with some pictures hopefully this weekend. Dan
  2. Hi all, i'm really having fun with masking up Tamiya TS sprays. I'm building a Sand Scorcher and trying painting it in the box colours, I laid up some tamiya white primer waited 14 days and laid up the TS White Spray, waited a week before i masked up the white using tamiya tape and then sprayed the TS blue. To my horror the masking tape has etched into the the paint leaving it dull and pitted !!! Now that was the first attempt, i stripped the body, re- primed amd started over, changed masking tape to professional 3m tape used by the auto Industry, primed and the white laid on, waited two weeks before masking and spraying the blue. The same issue. At first i thought it was just the tape residue left behind but it's actually etched the paint. So far i've waisted around £ 60 on consumables and i now have to strip the body again and start over again. I'm now thinking of buying some halfords paints and trying them in a last ditch attempt to sort this out. As you can imagine i'm rather P****d off at the situation so any help and advise would be great. Best Regards Dan
  3. Cheers guys, I've learn't alot hanging around here over the months. Don't worry Mark, work on the Scorcher has begun on the body and i've started to collect a few hopups for her. once I get stuck in i'll post some pic's up. I know what you mean Karl, my Frog was second hand when I got it, beat it to death but couldn't afford to fix it at the time Regards Dan
  4. Hi all, Been lurking on the forums for a while now and thought it best to say hi and show the collection. I've been into RC cars for a few years now starting with the good old Tamiya Frog as a kid, I still have it but it's not on the pic's I also have a Re Re Sandscorcher thats sat in the box waiting to be built Roughrider , my all time fave kit, managed to get one of my own finally last year, could never afford the first release as a kid, running on a sport tuned motor and a ball diff. Kyosho VoneS and VoneR, probably vintage now, had them since 2003/4 My two Tamiya electric on road, Z4M TT01 and a TA06 Arta Garaiya, love the Z4M shell, I drive the 1:1 so its kinda special, TA06 is an awesome to drive, probably the best 1/10 on road that I have had a crack at. Brushless Tamiya motor fitted and quite a few hopups. Enjoy the pix and any comments are welcome. Regards Dan
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