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  1. Ironic the frog has to avoid the buggies...
  2. In terms of RC, I'm in an ok spot at the moment. Sold a few things last month and cleaned up my work space and storage room. With that said, I haven't had much drive to do anything lately and it feels like the window to complete some painting is quickly closing until next spring. As the temperatures turn cold the next opportunities include electronics installation and working on 3D printed detail parts on several projects. I doubt much will happen until I get my 1:1 car put back together, make it through leaf cleanup season, and finish scanning paper photographs from family albums. There will be plenty to do as the holidays come as well. In terms of life in general, I'm more irritable than usual. Work is a drag. My wife keeps shopping for houses we can't afford. My son is taking his sweet time launching. I hate having to wear a mask and be deliberate with excursions into the real world. I also hate having to consider if domestic terrorists are marching through my AO and what parts of town to avoid. I miss going to movies, hockey games, the apple festival, and the county fair. I'd love to get back to the more care-free, spontaneous life we were living before. I wish businesses would just focus on serving customers and drop all the virtue signaling they've latched onto. If you've ever laid in bed and felt the room was spinning around you, that's kind of how I feel in the real world right now. Everything is still here, but everything is "off" in one way or another.
  3. That's nice, clean work. I like your paint job.
  4. The caps off PS spray paint cans make fine car stands...
  5. Generally inventions and technology displace previous inventions and technology when it makes economic sense. When the initial purchase price, range, and charge/fill times are roughly equal or better than ICE vehicles across all weather/temperature conditions then we'll see more of a shift towards EVs. I know we should include running costs, maintenance, insurance, as well (basically look at the total cost of ownership), but many people don't think as deeply about the running costs as the first three parameters. The topic of autonomy could/should be viewed as something separate from the powertrain choice; either an EV or an ICE vehicle can be controlled by an autonomous solution. Like @markbt73, I also think autonomy is a dead end and won't see the light of day in our lifetime unless we completely rebuild our road system into a rail system. There are too many uncontrolled situations, corner cases, and evolving signage/landscape to have 100% confidence a system is trained completely. I wouldn't trust it. A controlled environment like a rail system is a different story. One other hot topic in the automotive business is connectivity. Cellular modems are getting embedded in more and more cars, with some projections suggesting up to 60-70% penetration rate in vehicles in the next few years. The automakers are finding clever uses for the connectivity including lease/rental enforcement, diagnostics and remote firmware updates, concierge services, general WiFi/wireless data access, data harvesting for engineering design improvement, advertising, and more. The way I see it is connectivity will become pervasive in the near future because automakers are finding ways to pay for it even if the end customer doesn't subscribe to the service. The economics make sense for at least one party to fund it; it's even more lucrative if the end customer subscribes to the service. The switch to EVs will again be dictated by economics, but that will mostly be tied to advances in battery science. Once we hit $100 USD/kWh of capacity and 5-minute charge times then things get interesting. Feels like another 10-15 years to reach that tipping point for EVs, and then it becomes a function of older cars aging out of the global fleet for another 10-15 years. Autonomy is an unwieldy problem, though. I really think more advances in ADAS levels 1 and 2 and formalized regulations driving automatic braking, lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, etc. will solve a good percentage of traffic collision/fatalities. Current studies suggest around 60-70% effectiveness of these lower-level technologies. Personally I don't want to give control to a fully autonomous solution; I like the act of driving. I also don't want any connectivity; I prefer privacy, quiet, and no distractions. But I would consider a change to an EV when the price is right. Less maintenance and some inherent fun factor (low end torque) would make it appealing to me.
  6. Great build! That really came together well. Love the paint and lighting.
  7. Least popular? A month ago I'd tell you to look at what's still in stock at Tower Hobbies, RCMart, or Stellamodels. It's like the one or two brands of toilet paper still in stock at the stores... The brands people like were completely sold out.
  8. I would argue the TB03 and EVO5, TB04 and EVO6, and TB05 and EVO7 are roughly related to each other, at least from layout/architecture standpoints and release dates. TB03 and EVO5 have rear motor location, longitudinal motor arrangement, and ball diffs. TB04 and EVO6 have slightly forward motor location, transverse motor arrangement, center gearbox, and gear diffs. TB05 and EVO7 have multiple motor mounting locations, longitudinal motor arrangement, and gear diffs. The EVO7 has three motor locations and the TB05 has two. Earlier generations of TB and EVO I'm not so sure about.
  9. My first suggestion is to not give any children a smart phone, tablet, or personal laptop. My daughter didn't get a smartphone and a laptop until she was 18 and leaving for college. During high school she had a prepaid flip phone for emergency calling and texting. We had a common laptop placed in the kitchen where the entire family circulated. She hated the arrangement, but we were acutely aware how much time her peers were wasting on social media. In the end, her moving away from home with these gadgets still addicted her and her moral compass shifted thanks to peers and Reddit. We put the same deal in place for our son, but he continued living at home with us while going to the local community college for his training. He has a smartphone and personal computer, but he's retained a lot of his best qualities. I think there are several differences:. He's a boy not a girl, doesn't care about his peers as much, is surrounded by his parents moreso than his peers, and is working on practical hands-on skills. I read somewhere even certain people in Silicon Valley don't allow their children to use social media or have a smartphone. That tells me everything right there.
  10. The moment of truth is fast approaching; I'm almost ready to pull the transmission out of my Mazda and replace the clutch. It's been a slow process taking everything apart as it's all packaged so tightly in the engine bay. It's pretty clear things were designed for easy manufacturing but not for service; I've had to make a few custom tools along the way. Fortunately I've been working from home, so leaving the car up on jack stands for weeks hasn't been a problem.
  11. Technically not today, but last night... I've been working from home since March and my office/hobby space has been a mess. Spent some time reorganizing the shelves, cleaning the mat, and putting parts away in their respective storage bins. With some free space available again and the weather changing I'm feeling a little more motivated to start building again.
  12. So on TC Photos, can you upload 50-100 photos in one folder or album? I just want to keep my build threads organized by folder and not have to span multiple folders/albums if possible.
  13. Wow, that really has some presence with all the bling! Hard to believe this is still a T3-01!
  14. I thought blue was a nice color on the Ghia, but that gunmetal is fantastic!
  15. Update: The kit arrived today! That is completely crazy. I placed the order on September 16 (HK) / September 15 (local), and the box arrived today on the 18th (local). It was only a $13 difference between regular mail and Fedex, so I splurged and was expecting it to take a week instead of 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile, the order of parts I placed on September 14 (HK) / September 13 (local) has only just now been processed through the HK post office on the 18th. I'm sure it'll be another 2-3 weeks before the parts get here. This is a SF-Express E-Parcel as noted in another post. At least for the chassis kit, it was well worth it to me to spend a little extra. I don't mind the parts taking the slow boat over.
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