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  1. I was checking the actuarial life expectancy tables this evening as I'm contemplating an earlier retirement and wanted to think about the household budget and savings in those terms. I feel pretty good overall but was shocked by how few years my wife and I have left, statistically speaking. Between the two of us the issues are accumulating, including cataract replacements, bone spurs, and high blood pressure. Historical family medical issues suggest this is just the beginning. Despite buying body shells and a few additional kits, I haven't touched RC hardly at all in the past four years. It may be time to start downsizing, something along the lines of Swedish death cleaning.
  2. I went through this a few times as various free photo hosting sites started posting ads on top of my photos, started charging or deleting, or migrating photos to new frameworks breaking the links. Alas, all my build threads are now missing the photos on TC. I've reached the conclusion the only way to preserve images and maintain stable links is to pay for it. Eventually I may register a domain name and pay for some low-level, minimal hosting just to keep a stable set of links for my photos and videos. After a decade of this I don't see a better way to guarantee access to the content.
  3. May as well buy from AMain then if you're sourcing from a US retailer...
  4. Hi folks, I stopped maintaining this thread awhile ago. There is a part 3 with a different maintainer you should use to enter speed runs. Thanks.
  5. Shipping costs have been a pain point. It's almost better to advertise locally and remain patient.
  6. No regrets selling off my DT02/DF02 gear. Some regrets selling bodies that took time to mask, paint, and decal. Instead of getting bored with them, I should have saved them for runners. I plan to never sell my TRF201, DB01, CR01, TA, TB, Group C, F104, or RM01 kits, or other brands with comparable specs.
  7. I've mistakenly swapped M3x10 and M3x12 screws from time to time. At later steps I'm missing the right screws and am not sure which earlier step I used them...
  8. Not my entry and not a Tamiya, but this guy generated an impressive 208 mph in his Hobao. Here's a goal to shoot for:
  9. https://www.autoblog.com/2023/05/16/the-little-car-company-previews-final-tamiya-wild-one-max-launch-edition/ Fun!
  10. A Reddit thread on this subject... "If you are spending close to the $300 mark or higher on a Tamiya kit, you're better off with something like the Arrma Typhon or Senton. It will be far more durable than any Tamiya kit." "Tamiya’s good for retro/nostalgia. They’re not generally competitive when it comes to actual performance or innovation, but if you like old-school RC it’s hard to beat Tamiya." "Tamiya vehicles are more like expensive model kits with electronics, the plastic feels more more brittle than other manufactures and they will break far more easily and often. They do not make for good bashers or racers. They are fun to build, but the overall quality isn't near as good and I think they are overpriced." "i was out of the scene for a bit, then my 4 year old and my buddy wanted to get into it, so i bought a tamiya 2wd buggy. 2 weeks later i bought something else. i put a 2500kv brushless in it and it was fun, but not remotely competitive to be fast or strong enough to take a bigger motor or even do a decent jump properly. I got a 2wd rustler and it's night and day better. i took the buggy out last week just to shake the dust off and it broke. tamiya discontinued it recently or else parts are impossible to find. just skip the tamiya step is my opinion." "Tamiya is more for the model train/plastic model building types imo. Tamiya has been around forever and jas great stuff for a certain person. Traxxas, Aarma is probably where you want to be. Problem I (and many will agree) have with both brands is the proprietary batteries and charger." "Stock Tamiya kits are great but I'd say they have a durability and performance threshold. If you wish to go faster than 25mph or take jumps/do vertical falls greater than 5 feet, you will need to upgrade parts."
  11. I've been watching this Youtuber named Metal Complex lately, and his videos about the knife collecting hobby sometimes strike a chord with me. What I find interesting is some of the thoughts he expresses are very similar to thoughts (at least thematically) expressed here for RC cars, and similar to thoughts my wife shares from women she sews and quilts with. I know we're here for the RCs, but to me it's fascinating to see the parallels in distinct hobbies. The production runs, limited editions, clones/knocks, secondary markets, forms of enjoyment, hoarding/collecting, rationalizing, customizing, etc. are the same in most hobbies it seems. Trying a little bit of everything, and finding a favorite niche... Mistakes like collecting too quickly... The joy in simply collecting... I also watched, "The PEZ Outlaw," the other night on Netflix, and there was a critical turning point in the story where the smuggler's original candy dispenser designs were copied by the company he was sidestepping, and they devalued his investment. This sounds very parallel to investing a lot of time and money into vintage kits only to have Tamiya re-release the kit again. It was an intentional strategy/tactic by PEZ USA to stop an overenthusiastic gray market importer; in Tamiya's case I think the high values of certain vintage kits were simply an indicator to the company there was pent-up demand for certain re-releases. Regardless, there's money to lose when a manufacturer or importer decides your high-value collectibles are a little too valuable. Anyhow, it's simply fascinating to see these patterns in other areas of life and relate them back to the hobby we love.
  12. Always consider a person's motivations: Say hello to the estimated $165 million destructo-economy Seems to be combination of factors on the parts of the content producer and the content consumers. The producer sees a notoriety, popularity, financial reward. The consumers can't seem to stop consuming the content.
  13. I'm going to take a contrarian position and suggest you take nothing, @Saito2. If it's been 10 years since you've taken a vacation, and it's 5 days long, then use every moment to take in the scenery and make some memories with your wife and daughter. Bring a blanket, some picnic food, a camera, Frisbees, shovels and tools for making sand castles, etc. Make that vacation special for your wife and daughter; who knows when you'll get a chance to do it again. You can drive RC cars anytime around the house or at a local park. Just an opinion.
  14. I recently bought a copy of the 510 body and was disappointed to find it didn't come with the chrome bumper/wiper/mirror parts the original body had. I guess this body came in two versions originally -- one with chrome detail parts, and one that is more of track version missing those details. As far as I can tell only the track version is available at the moment.
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