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  1. Free shipment of coronavirus with every order...
  2. Finished a King Yellow 6x6 build. This is basically a Dynahead chassis with portal axles, 4-wheel steering, King Yellow body/wheels/tires, and the 3D-printed LED bezels/light pipes I posted a page back. There are functional LEDs in all positions, including alternating yellow and red roof LEDs just like a real school bus. Pictures and film clips below:
  3. The fastest way to check a pack is throw it in a car
  4. When you measure the voltage it's under no load, so almost no current is being drawn out of the pack, and there's no voltage drop as a result. But as soon as you start to put a meaningful load on the battery, the current flowing out of it causes a voltage drop on the battery, especially in old/weak cells. This is a phenomenon known as "internal resistance." It's the characteristic of a battery's voltage dropping while under load.
  5. Wow, I never imagined an ORV chassis could look this good!
  6. Years ago there were other clones (DF02, F104, TRF416...). I guess the Bruiser is the most recent one covered here. Usually the clones don't survive long.
  7. Printed out the LED holders/light pipes for the King Yellow body. Things are starting to come together. Almost at the moment of truth where I have to drill some holes in the body. Once everything is physically mounted, tidying up the wiring should go more quickly.
  8. @moffman, I have a set of 49435 DF03 Damper Cylinder (Blue) if you're interested. They're the same clear blue as your spur cover. Yours for the taking, just cover postage.
  9. Correct. Per Battery University (https://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/elevating_self_discharge), NiMH might lose 10-15% of charge in the first 24 hours, and then 10-15% per month thereafter. If your B6 is showing a low voltage relatively quickly, then it's possible one of the six cells in your battery pack is weak and isn't holding a charge at all. Since all the cells are wired in series, one weak cell becomes the weakest link in the chain and affects overall performance of the pack. If a few cycles doesn't rejuvenate the pack then it's time to replace it.
  10. I was pretty intrigued when Tamiya announced this. Glad I bought one; it looks like they did a great job on the body.
  11. I've been thinking about @Saito2's question throughout the day, and the one data point I can offer is my wife spoke with our local mail carrier the other day, and he indicated our moderate-size post office has been doing well. No one is sick even though they handle tens of thousands of letters and packages daily; everyone is still coming to work. There are some prudently cautious new procedures at the front desk (red tape line, stand behind until allowed to approach, social distancing, gloves, etc.), but I was actually happy to hear they were ok so far. Now, I live in a blended rural/suburban part of a small town, so our situation is by no means indicative of New York City. I think if I lived in Raleigh or Charlotte I'd curtail my online buying even more than I have, and if they declare martial law or something else really serious you can be sure I won't be doing anything other than hanging out in the house. But since our local post office is healthy, and people are mostly working from home and respecting stay-at-home orders, I don't have any problem ordering just some small items to keep projects going or a single limited-run kit. I was searching on Google for any documented cases of USA truck drivers infected with COVID-19, but there's nothing particularly prominent showing up. Either package carriers and truck drivers are hiding their illness, or the reporters haven't probed this topic much, or they're reasonable healthy and continuing to move goods all over the country. There was an article in the New York times about a month ago, but nothing recent that I can find. It's probably wise if each person assesses his own situation (how sick is your community, what is its demographics, are your carriers overloaded and sick too?) and buy online accordingly.
  12. Designed and printed some LED bezels for the King Yellow body... Going to print some light pipes/LED holders tomorrow.
  13. My first guess is your NiMH packs have gone bad, but since you have a B6 clone you might be able to cycle those packs a number of times and rejuvenate them. Just repeat full charge/full discharge cycles maybe 5-10 times and see if the pack then holds a charge better. NiMHs should be stored with a full charge for best long-term results.
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