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  1. Ol' Blue Eyes has some words of wisdom I think...
  2. An out of RC experience? Yes, and recently. Started a new job last September, so it's taken 3-4 months to learn how to do things in the new company environment. Many days I came home exhausted fighting an uphill battle to gain access to something or get something accomplished. Had a conflict with a grown child who stepped away from our family's values last summer. The decisions this person made and way my wife and I were treated along the way put us under tremendous emotional stress, so there were a lot of sleepless nights, lots of time lost in self-reflection, questioning what's the point of being a parent, etc. The father-in-law is in his mid-80s and his health is becoming more of a challenge. As a result, my wife will get random calls that he's in the hospital and she suddenly disappears for weeks at a time trying to help him get back on track. I pick up the homemaker duties while she's gone in addition to the regular job. I don't fault her; it's just the unpredictability and the way he's regressing back into a child that is stressful. My daily driver car has needed some repairs for some time, but I kept putting it off. Finally it came to a head at Thanksgiving and I had to start rebuilding a turbocharger and replace all the struts and shocks in my garage. Unfortunately, just as the car was in pieces and on jack stands my wife had to split and take care of her father, so she took the other car. I had to figure out some carpooling arrangements for about two weeks while I chipped away at all this service work. All the other stresses really made the holidays feel more like work than anything this year. Decorations, cards, gifts, parties -- all we really wanted was some down time. Meanwhile, there was a pile of RC projects sitting on a table just collecting dust. It felt like an obligation to keep making some progress, and I just wasn't "feeling it." The good news is the new job is getting easier, our feelings about our child are stabilizing, the father-in-law is healthy currently, the car is repaired, and the holidays are done. Plus, the pile of projects, tools, supplies, etc. have all been sorted and organized, and there's some sense of order, inspiration, and sequence to this now. I don't know what to say except that my "environment" was stressful for about half of last year and it's only now I'm thinking about painting some bodies and finishing some chassis. I made one exception for a Christmas competition entry, but that's it. I apologize to the guys who posted some entries in the TC speed run thread; I was a little abrupt in my final post in that thread last year. I couldn't edit the first post in the thread to update the list of fastest cars, and it seemed like there was no solution coming from the forum software side, so I just threw up my hands and gave up trying. There were more important things to worry about. I'd still like to see that thread continue some day, but until the forum software is fixed maintaining the list is messy. So, yeah,
  3. Finished my winter cleaning and took a group shot of my touring/drift cars... From left to right, front to rear: TB04 BMW M3, Sakura D3 Subaru WRX, TT01E Mazda RX7, TA05V2 Pagani Zonda, TB03 Ford GT, TB03 Toyota Supra, RM01 Lancia Stratos, TA06 DeTomaso Pantera, TT01E(mini) Datsun 510, TT01R Nissan R34 GTR, TT02 Protoform P47 (speed run car), M05 Protoform Tornado (speed run car), Sakura D4 Mazdaspeed 6. The cleaning/updating/sorting/organizing has given me a fresh perspective on what to tackle next. Finding some extra shelf space, cleaning my work area, and figuring out what to do with a pile of projects makes me feel a little more positive about things.
  4. Last weekend I was cleaning and updating my trucks/buggies/SCTs/truggies and posted a few pictures here. This weekend the theme continues as I cleaned up my completed LeMans and F1 cars. From left to right, RM01 Mazda 787B, Group C Nissan R91CP, F103GT Nissan GTR LM Nismo, F104W Lotus 79, and 3Racing FGX EVO2018. The last domain is touring/drift cars to be done tomorrow.
  5. @ThunderDragonCy, your question has already been answered by 3Racing. Sakura M4 Sport and Sakura M4 Pro are what you seek. The Sakura M4 Sport was $79 USD from RCMart last year.
  6. This was an unusually busy holiday break with things to fix around the house and on the 1:1 cars; today was the last day of vacation and I took the opportunity to dust/clean/update some models and take some group photos. Trucks: These are all the completed trucks I own currently. From left to right, Lunch Box, CR01 Unimog, Wheely King, and Super Clodbuster. I have a Heavy Dump Truck that's been a work in process for several years now; maybe it'll join the group next year. Over the years I've sold a few other Lunch Boxes and one other Wheely King. One minor disappointment is it seems like the Super Clod's chrome wheels are yellowing over time (5 years?). I keep all my models in the house and out of direct sunlight, so I'm not sure what's happening there. Buggies: These are all the completed buggies, SCTs, and truggies I own currently. From left to right, Associated B4 Factory Team, DB01R, DB01R, HPI Blitz ESE Pro, and TRF801XT. There's a Turnigy SCT almost done and a TRF801X I want to build; like the Heavy Dump Truck, maybe the SCT and 801X will join the group next year. In the past I sold off all my DT02 and DF02 buggies. In addition to cleaning, this was a great opportunity to unlock the center diff on the 801XT and return it to normal; the truggy understeers terribly when it is locked. I still have some F1/LeMans and touring/drift cars to clean, but it looks like that will have to wait until next weekend.
  7. My wife surprised me this year with a TT02 Alfa Romeo 155 kit and a M06 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint. She did a good job of hiding it from me; normally I'm pretty aware of what is showing up at the house. Merry Christmas to all!
  8. A big shout out to @El Dougo for selling me his NIB 58376 F103GT Advan Courage LC70 Mugen. He went the extra distance on shipping and even included some tea cakes! What a guy!
  9. I'm super busy with work these days and don't have hardly any time for RCs anymore. The little free time I do have is spent with my wife. Anyone who would like to copy the list into a new post or new thread feel free to do so. I may not be active in RC for another half year or year with the way things are going now. It was fun while it lasted...
  10. Chris hasn't fixed the issue with editing first posts/topic posts, so until then there's not much I can do to update the list. I don't think it would be a good idea to copy it over and over in complete form, so we're stuck for now.
  11. If you have digital calipers to measure gear diameter and know the number of teeth, this page of gear calculations should give you pinion pitch: Here Count the number of teeth, N. Measure the outside diameter, DO, with the calipers. Calculate diametral pitch using P=(N+2)/DO or P=(N+1.6)/D0 depending on the style of gear tooth. Calculate circular pitch, p, which is the pitch you're interested in, using p=3.1415926/P. Done.
  12. FWIW, in the USA years of inflation means $1.00 in 1980 is now equivalent to $3.28 today (source: https://www.dollartimes.com/inflation/inflation.php?amount=1&year=1980). So if you remember model kits costing around $7-8 back in the early 80s, then those kits would/could be priced at $26.24 today. In general I agree the re-release molds are all paid for already, but there are some kits with fresh molds. I excitedly bought a MPC 1975 Datsun Pickup re-release kit this summer as I (poorly) assembled an original 40 years ago as a child; the product page indicates there are some new molds to replace missing parts (source: http://round2corp.com/product/1975-datsun-pickup/). I'm just thankful a company like Round2 exists to continue some production. Otherwise these molds and products would disappear completely. I have to tip my hat to whoever is running Round2 and has some passion/interest to keep this going. I'm happy to pay $25-$30 to get retro re-releases for a limited number of subjects I had as a child. I also think the few Tamiya static model kits I purchased recently (Castrol Supra, Ferrari F40, and Toyota TS020) are simply amazing in the level of detail they include compared to their RC kits. $25-30 for retro happiness, and $35 for ultra-detail is just fine for me with the limited number of kits I want. I think I have less than 10 kits on display in my office, and that's about all I'll ever build -- roughly the cost of one mid-level RC chassis like a DB01R or CR01. Sometimes I think about what would happen if the hobby industry completely collapsed. What would I do about paint for all the Lexan shells I have? What about electronics? I have the mini-CNC engraver, 3D printer, color laser printer, and vinyl cutter to do quite a bit on my own, but the time investment to make a model from scratch is quite high. Unless something is specifically a passion project, the prices charged for a box of parts and a body is not that bad for a casual effort. On the other hand, I'd be ok cutting some FRP and aluminum L-channel, and make a basic pan car with paint roller/bicycle tube tires. 3D-print a "hard" body, and that would work. At this point I can't take a hobby that seriously; it has to stay casual and negotiable, or it becomes a second job. Here's a guy who spent a good amount of his adult life making a single model from scratch: Very cool, but I'm not signing up for this level of commitment. If the RC companies or static model companies make something that really excites me, I'll buy it.
  13. My wife always tells me to keep whatever I'm thinking about selling. Lucky me! It doesn't change my urge to clear house from time to time, though.
  14. In my opinion, I would skip the TB04 and go for either the TB03 or the TB05. A few reasons: The TB04 center gearbox is not sealed against dirt/pebbles; depending on where you run it you might catch some very small stones. The TB03 and TB05 are sealed. The way the motor is mounted in the TB04 limits your gearing choices to a certain degree. Even Tamiya recognized this and released a "hopup" spacer for the motor mounting plate so slightly larger pinions could be run. They fixed this in the TB EVO 6. The center gearbox bevel gears suffer some wear and tear depending on how much power you put through it, and how much attention you pay to shimming all the gearboxes during the build. Doing a good job shimming helps; using the DB02's metal bevel gears also helps. At least with early production TB04s, there were some issues with alignment between the center gearbox shaft and the rear gearbox pilot shaft. This led to some binding. Tamiya issued a change to the instructions to improve the situation. In my build I broke out a heat gun and reduced the warpage of the tub; this helped too. Everything else about the TB04 is fine; it's the center gearbox that has susceptibilities and limitations to think about. I don't own a TB05 PRO yet, but I do have several TB03s and a few TB04s. TB03s are perfectly fine chassis even with their ball diffs using 13.5T / 3300kV brushless with them. You can use TB04 gear diffs with a TB03 because the front and rear gearbox casings are the same, but I think you have to file the ends of the TB03 pilot shafts just a little so they don't rub on the TB04 gear diff cases. You might give special attention to the TB05 PRO. The motor can be mounted in front and rear positions to change the weight distribution in the chassis; this could be helpful if you dip your toe in racing some. The rear position makes the TB05 similar to a TB03; the front position makes the TB05 similar to a TB03VDS. Good luck with your choice.
  15. Sounds like an improvement. After MAP was announced, I pretty much did anything except buy Tamiya product locally in the USA. Old projects, other brands, overseas vendors, and even house/car projects took precedence over accepting such a step change in prices. TamiyaUSA did me a favor; they broke most of my impulsive buying habits.
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