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  1. Perfect tool for my male pattern baldness... Or my teeth.. Or maybe one side dedicated to each...
  2. Started as a TT01R Type E and got the full 3Racing graphite and aluminum treatment.
  3. Mabuchi RS-540-7520 The comments suggest this is similar to a sport tuned. Not bad for less than $5 USD.
  4. Vision + mood + raw materials + time = a fun build, maybe some fun driving, and some photos/videos. In the past year something strange happened. I'm no longer in the mood to build or drive much of anything, and therefore, I'm not making much time for the hobby either. There's still some vision and there are materials to work with, but it just seems like there are other things catching my interest right now. There's about 8-10 projects in process; I wonder if they'll ever be finished?
  5. Speaking of the Mammoth Dump Truck, the Heavy Dump Truck on the GF01 is hard body and it was introduced in 2015. Now, that's not a licensed body that is particularly accurate to any real-world model; it just conveys the feeling of a mining haul truck on a comical chassis. It can be made to look scale with extra effort sourcing different wheels/tires and scratch-building details.
  6. Since Tamiya doesn't seem to release TA/TB kits with bodies anymore, I guess the only questions are whether this will help reduce some lap times in the hands of a consistent driver, and if those lap times are anywhere near current carbon/aluminum chassis cars from other brands.
  7. Tamiya's 56101 SRC-6000 Solar Eagle kit was a one-of-a-kind from them released many years ago; I think it would be fascinating to see a "Solar Eagle II" that demonstrates big improvements in solar cell efficiency and motor efficiency. It would be quite the dream to have maybe a 15-20 mph car that could run all day with direct sunlight.
  8. How are the belts holding up between the drag racing and these speed runs?
  9. I can't really pinpoint it over the Internet, but I'm curious about a few things: What are the cell counts, capacities, and discharge ratings (both continuous and burst) for your battery packs? If you're running 20-30C discharge rate packs, they might see their voltage dip too much which might cause LiPo protection cutouts and/or ESC resets to occur, which might cause throttle calibration to be wonky when it starts running again, causing it to run away from you. What is the brand and model number of the TX and RXs you are using? I've looked at some receiver outputs with an oscilloscope in the past, and not all receivers put out the same amplitude of signal to the servos and ESC. If the ESC is looking for a higher amplitude signal and the receiver is just on the hair edge of acceptable, you might see some glitching or weirdness too. Is this a sensored motor system? Any reason to believe the sensor wire has an intermittent connection? How does it behave on the bench with basically no load on the wheels? Does it still act flaky there? If it doesn't misbehave on the bench then I might start thinking about batteries. If it does misbehave, then I'd start thinking about receiver and ESC compatibility, or maybe a defective ESC. Sometimes they cut corners in the design of the less expensive stuff, and it shows. My Flysky Tx and RXs are mostly good, but they can glitch a little and the deadband in the middle of the throttle travel is touchy. My Futaba equipment seems flawless in comparison. And I'm still using Novak brushless setups, some Castle Creations, and some SkyRC Toro stuff. The SkyRC equipment isn't quite as nice as the older Novak and CC. Good luck, I hope you can sort it out.
  10. Wow, @stew_mac, that's super impressive! You're still #1 in the top 10 category as well as #1 in the 4WD category. Just out of curiosity I looked up Nic Case's speed runs, and you just beat his first speed run record of 134 mph (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nic_Case), but with essentially a stock chassis and your setup. How much further can you push it? Nice work, and you're starting to knock on Nic's door...
  11. @BornAgain, sweet rigs! That 8WD is a beast!
  12. My wife and I have a standing agreement to let each other know if we look bad, smell bad, sound cranky and judgmental, or pick up disgusting habits. We've even asked our kids to police us so we grow old maybe a little more gracefully.
  13. @Oh How Original, nice work! Your buggy looks pretty stable in those runs. Good thing you did a second run, too, as that is what got you 48 mph instead of 47 mph. It's great to see some fresh speed runs recently; maybe we'll see more as the weather warms up again!
  14. Congratulations, @Boomstick! Not only are you in the 2WD Tamiya category, but you were just fast enough to take the #10 spot in the Top 10 category! I made a small correction to your math; 54.3 mph * 1.61 km/mile = 87.4 kph.
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