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    Double Wheels

    Gearhead RC did something similar with a central hub and more/less offset depending on how the wheel is flipped. What they didn't do, though, was come up with a spacer to go double wheels on an axle. As usual, you make nice stuff with the machine tools available to you!
  2. I think the DB02 Leonis suffered from too much weight and some early durability issues, at least with the rear prop shaft due to the angle to clear the battery. There was an upgraded rear prop shaft released relatively quickly. There wasn't much chatter or acceptance of the kit from the start. It was a point in history where there was no love from the Tamiya-nati for cab-forward Lexan buggy bodies. It went to closeout pricing relatively quickly in the USA and is discontinued. It was the same situation with the DN01 Zahhak; it seemed like many people didn't like the body or box art scheme. The cost to upgrade it didn't make sense in general when 1st-gen TRF201 kits were being sold at bargain prices. The DB01 proved to be a little more popular with Durga, Baldre, R, RR, and RRR kits released. If any of these three were to become a future classic, the DB01 might simply because there were enough kit iterations; this implies there were enough sales for Tamiya to keep making more of them. Enough people might remember them.
  3. speedy_w_beans

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Got a call from the local post office and picked these up today, a F104W and a 3Racing M4 (4WD M-chassis). The F104W is a donor for a custom project; it's in the long-term queue. Happy to do an abbreviated build thread on the M4 chassis if anyone is interested.
  4. @isomer1, I don't care much for step screws either; take a look at my in-progress build for some ideas on how to upgrade away from them.
  5. speedy_w_beans

    Traxxas Xmaxx

    If the XMaxx is your baseline, then I don't think Tamiya will have anything to offer. It's "models suitable for radio control" vs. "the fastest name in radio control." Choose appropriately.
  6. speedy_w_beans

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    Will we be getting red, blue, black, gold, and standard editions of this too?
  7. I don't think I've ever had a negative comment or judgment from others, but there is definitely a wide swath of people with whom this hobby does not register. I've learned over time to present the hobby as "detailed scale vehicle building" instead of "driving toy cars." People seem able to imagine sitting at a desk assembling something (much like a stamp collection or butterfly collection), but the notion of driving a "toy" makes it seem childish. By my estimates I'm over half way to the grave; there's not enough time left to really care what others think.
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    The TB Chassis Thread

    Some TB03 bling to enjoy; I'm not even sure if you can find these carbon conversion sets anymore...
  9. speedy_w_beans

    Hobby King - has anyone ever had any issues?

    Interesting. I've placed numerous orders with them over the past five years, and with only one minor exception every order turned out well. In that one instance I used live chat and submitted photos of the issue, and they took care of it. They seem fine for basic items like LiPos, chargers, wires, connectors, receivers/servos/ESCs/motors, and tools. The USA warehouse seems to deliver just fine.
  10. speedy_w_beans

    So, what have you done today?

    Finished this little oscilloscope kit. Total investment was $30 and about 4 hours of soldering. I used to have access to $80,000 oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and other great test and measurement equipment from my employer, but for home hobby use this should work just fine. My neighbor is constantly working on his older cars, and there are times when it's nice to have something like this to monitor crank/cam position sensors, ECU data buses, even spark plug wires (with a coil wrapped around the wire), etc. just to be sure the wiring on the harness is functional. Anything timing related, really. It would also be nice to see waveforms coming from a receiver and going to steering servos and ESCs, or verifying other channels for lights, winches, smoke, etc. The specs are pretty meager with a usable input voltage up to 40V and a frequency up to about 100 kHz; published specs are higher but online reviews have shown its true limitations. It'll be an ok complement to a regular handheld multimeter.
  11. speedy_w_beans

    List your extra shells?

    @Truck Norris for the win!
  12. speedy_w_beans

    Shipping prices from HK to US

    Yep, I completely agree with that. A few cases that tended to work out favorably for Tower include the TT02 '99 Impreza Monte Carlo ($120 Super Saver+free shipping vs. $90+$65 shipping from RCMart), F103GT TS050 ($172 Super Saver+free shipping vs. $136+$59 shipping), TT02B Plasma Edge II ($125 Super Saver+free shipping vs. $87+$65 shipping). Pretty much with any $150 or less kit, the Super Saver discount plus free shipping could beat a lower HK price plus the less expensive, non-EMS shipping. It's when you get to the more expensive kits like tanks, semis, TRFs, CR01s and 3-speeds, mid-grade TA/TBs, higher end re-releases, etc. that US MAP pricing even after discounts won't be any match for HK sellers and the shipping costs. Plus, on new releases that are limited edition, if you really really want it, it might be worth a slight premium to order it from HK and known inventory instead of waiting six weeks to find out you didn't make the cut on the preorder list. This happened on my TS050 kit; I had to wait for a second shipment before Tower could fulfill it. So, best to compare between sellers, prioritize price/timing/gotta have it, and make a choice...
  13. speedy_w_beans

    Shipping prices from HK to US

    I found even with US MAP pricing it still makes sense to shop Tower vs. the HK sellers for kits and compare. I've been a Super Saver member at Tower for years ($10/year membership), and the discounts are a little better than the codes they put on the home page. For example, one HK seller wanted $150+shipping for a F103GT TS050 kit, but with Tower's discount code applied to MAP it was nearly break-even between the two retailers. I gave the order to Tower, but had to wait an extra six weeks to receive the kit because of slow shipping from the factory to our distributor, then shipping to Tower, then shipping to me. I've been using HK for new releases I want quickly, especially limited edition 47xxx that can sell out at Tower and never come back again. It's impossible to know where you are in a pre-order queue. Expensive kits where shipping is less expensive than MAP+discounts are also good candidates. Parts and hopups that fit in postal envelopes (better selection, lower prices, inexpensive shipping) are usually ordered from HK. But I still buy body sets and paint from Tower as the size of the body set kills shipping from overseas. Bottom line, I found I have to use 6-8 different retailers and comparison shop between them for certain items before placing an order. Generally HK is getting more of my RC business these days, with certain supplies or certain shipping speeds satisfied by USA retailers. PM me if you want my list of retailers and what I think each one excels at.
  14. speedy_w_beans

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Received some free stickers from Big Squid RC for a question I submitted to "Ask Cubby". Happy to add these to the RC Car Action stickers I received years ago for a "Readers' Rides" submission.
  15. speedy_w_beans

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Shipped out some RM01 hex adapters and axle spacers to a fellow TC member who is thinking about converting his RM01 for a M-chassis shell (similar in idea to my Stratos build). It makes me happy to see others tinkering with pan car conversions.
  16. Sure, that's a good point. Depending how much the fiber plate kicks up from the bottom of the buggy, one idea would be to mount the bumper foam UNDER the plate and shape it into a wedge. You could still capture the bottom of the bumper foam with another fiber plate or washers, standoffs, and screws. It would be like taking a touring bumper assembly and mounting it upside down. Another thought is to get a block of nylon machined into a 25 degree wedge, and have some counterbored/countersunk holes drilled at 25 degrees to match the TRF201 front end. Then drill and tap another set of holes at 0 degrees for the fiber plate, and mount the bumper foam on top as usual. It's tempting to say "let's 3D print that!" but I question how long a printed wedge would survive all those impacts, even with 100% infill. I think starting with a block of nylon, shaping it into a wedge, and drilling/tapping the right holes would work better over the long haul. Another perspective is to forget mounting the bumper to the chassis; instead, mount the bumper to the shell and let it make contact with the front of the chassis. You could buy a couple of bumper foams and glue them together, sculpt them to fit the nose of the shell, and glue or Velcro that assembly in place. If you have a second clear shell it becomes easier to check what part of the foam needs more sculpting to fit. I'm kind of attracted to gluing the foam to the nose of the shell and letting it touch the front of the chassis; it would really stiffen the whole nose of the shell that way and leave the chassis untouched for use with other bodies later. That way you don't have to install unique bumpers for each body you want to run; the bumpers are already part of the shells. Food for thought...
  17. speedy_w_beans

    Project RR-03Ra - Converting a TRF201 into a rally car

    Just catching up with this thread again... Great job on the Ford shell and the chassis!
  18. Beyond steel pinions, ball bearings, and CVA dampers, my new standard demand from Tamiya is light buckets for all body sets. It's great to have a decent body and matching wheels, but it feels so incomplete to use decals for lights. At least give us the option of using decals for durability or light buckets for scale accuracy.
  19. speedy_w_beans

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    Now, if only we had a Kumamon driver figure for a Mini Cooper...
  20. I was going to suggest a Tamiya 54819 XL Urethane Bumper; this is the part included with the MAN TGS Racing Truck. You can cut it back to fill the nose of your shell with a coping saw blade, and then sculpt it further with 60 grit or 100 grit sandpaper. Cutting and sanding will be messy and it's best done outside or near a trash can. Another option is adapting GPM's TT02 bumper and fiber plate to the TRF201, part number TT2200R. It's a little more expensive. Or, since they have a good idea, you could always source some FRP, aluminum standoffs, and fasteners, and make your own mounting plate for the foam bumper.
  21. speedy_w_beans

    So, what have you done today?

    A short story from 25 years ago: When I finished college and started working at my first "real" job, I was renting a room from a co-worker at a very good rate. It turned out he was into cycling in a big way and had a few road bikes and one or two mountain bikes. All I had at the time was a cheap Huffy mountain bike that I had repainted and serviced. Well, we started cycling together and as we would make our 30-mile loop through the cornfields of Indiana it was only natural that one of us would challenge the other to a short sprint. At first he would pull away from me quite easily as he was on a road bike and I was on a mountain bike. But, as the months went by, I became better conditioned than him because I was always fighting the flex of the frame and the friction of the components as well as the knobby tires on the road. It got to the point where I could match him during a sprint, and later when I purchased a new Specialized bike, I could pretty easily leave him behind. So, the thought that has lingered with me all these years is that the old cheap Huffy, while not very elegant or efficient, actually was better for me because it made me work harder. Don't get me wrong, I still love the quality of that old Specialized, but I have some respect for even a cheap bicycle and what can be accomplished with it.
  22. speedy_w_beans

    Scipunk builds a XV-01 Lancia (and learns a lot)

    Cool. I've never built one, so I'll be watching your thread!
  23. speedy_w_beans

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    Post #2 on cool wheels... For a period of time I was in love with HPI's Work XSA replicas in various offsets... Several of my cars have these in different colors and offsets. You can find nameless clones of these for cheap. The kit stock R91CP wheels come out well after painting the lips and fasteners, and adding the SSR decals... I like those little details. I'm pretty impressed with Tamiya's Racing Truck wheels as well. Paint the inner hub and change the wheel nut to match, and I think they're pretty convincing. By the way, these taller tires and wheels (or a number of different M-chassis wheels) look great under a Clod Buster shell; they fill the wheel arches appropriately. I was ready to slap these wheels on my FGX EVO 2018 F1 chassis and drop the Clod Buster shell on top, but the wheelbase is off by 5 mm.
  24. speedy_w_beans

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    These aluminum touring/drift wheels are kind of cool... I also like these... And these Gearhead RC 2.2" bead locks: