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  1. 1 horsepower = 746 watts, so take the power output of your motor and divide by 746 to get horsepower. Typical RS540 power is about 90 watts peak, so 90 / 746 = 0.12 hp. Take the 0.12 hp and divide by the weight of your model to get the power-to-weight ratio. It'll probably be something smaller, like 0.08 hp/kg.
  2. Nice to know SuperClod parts can be dyed; I may want to consider that in the future... Thanks!
  3. All my lexan bodies for the old projects are cut and sanded; just waiting on good temperatures to mask and paint them...
  4. I second Novamadcar's sentiment. I have a few of Tamiya's 1/24 and 1/20 static models, and the level of detail in the moldings is amazing compared to the usual RC body parts. It would be very tempting to put a 1/12 pan car chassis under such a detailed body shell to make some room for the interior too.
  5. Thought it might have been a California Prop 65 issue (substances that cause cancer), but it turns out to be a rule from CARB (California Air Resources Board). Might be time to make a trip into Nevada and pick some up...
  6. It's amazing how well everything is cleaning up; the chassis shots are beautiful!
  7. Ah, I see @markbt73 you have the vertical rail thing going as well...
  8. "How many Ts are there in a Mabuchi RS 540SH?" Sorry, I can't help this... I free-associate stuff all the time... I'm glad there are others here who are answering your questions, but when I read the thread title the very first thing that came into my mind was this old ad from my childhood: "How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?" The difference is, with Tamiyaclub, you'll definitely know!
  9. Still own this, 13 years after initial purchase: The Mazdaspeed 3 has been a lot of fun, but it has needed some attention from time to time: CD changer in the head unit stopped working. Replaced with a JVC head unit, later with a Sony to get Bluetooth. Thermostat stuck open pretty early on. Known issue. Replaced with an OEM part (revised). EGR valve stuck closed a few years later due to soot buildup. Known issue. Took it apart and cleaned it out with carb cleaner. Turbo seals started leaking oil about a year ago. Light smoking at stop lights. Tried a band-aid and then rebuilt the turbo with new CHRA a few months ago. Primary wideband O2 sensor completely died; I suspect it was because of the turbo and I just didn't address it soon enough. Replaced with NTK/NGK parts. Front right strut started leaking oil. Replaced all the struts and shocks with Bilstein B6s over Christmas break. Mods: Mazdaspeed/AEM cold air intake Cobb turbo inlet pipe StreetUnit rear motor mount TWM shifter bushings Mazdaspeed cat-back exhaust system Goodridge stainless braided brake hoses Hawk HPS brake pads Enkei GTC01 wheels In process: Bought a salvage in-dash navigation display and converting it into a wireless charger/cradle for my phone It led a gentle life for about 10 years, but it's been pressed into longer distance daily driver duty and is starting to rack up miles. Can't decide if I should try to preserve it and sacrifice another car to the daily traffic, or if I should just wring out all the remaining value and send it to the grave in another 5-6 years. Mazda's CEO recently stated he thought the Mazdaspeed 3 was "childish," so it doesn't feel like they'll make any more of these in the future... I love mine, and it's awesome for negotiating traffic. Enough power, good brakes, makes nice sounds, engaging to drive with a 6-speed manual transmission... The original promo for it:
  10. Yeah, NC, over in Winston-Salem. We should meet up some time for a drive or to check out each others' collections.
  11. Dang, man, I love that engine / heat sink and that interior!! Also, I have to give you some props for using gun bluing on the links..
  12. Great music for downing out everyone at the office... Our company changed to an open floor plan recently so there are a ton of people standing around talking; it kills my concentration while I'm trying to work. So I strap on a pair of decent headphones, flip on noise cancellation, and get into the zone. Our office is this really sedate, politically-correct environment; to look at me no one has any clue I'm rocking out while tapping away on the computer...
  13. Erich, really nice receiver you have there... Remember the Heathkit I fixed a few years ago? All these old beauties just need a little care to keep them going... My wife and I woke up today and I suggested we do something more spontaneous than usual... I said, "let's go for a car ride..." and we ended up visiting some locations we've passed for the past decade. First up was the log cabin company visible from the highway. Can't tell you how many times we've driven past it -- maybe a hundred or so in the past decade. Sometimes we talk about selling our neighborhood house and finding some property in the mountains or the countryside just to have more space and quiet. With the last child nearly launched, we're talking about changes to make the next decade or two more about us. Anyhow, we learned a fair amount about the construction and maintenance on such a home. It's just something to consider, but we're not committed to anything yet. Then we stopped by a large fabric outlet store on the same highway. They always have a huge banner hanging out front that says, "FREE FABRIC." Free fabric is catnip to her, so we had to go in. Most of the bolts of fabric were for home decorating or furniture, but she was excited to find certain pillow forms and certain edging. It was just nice to see what they really have; she may go back with a friend or two of hers and do some shopping there later. We stopped by a place called Furnitureland South purely on a whim. I had seen a photo online of a giant four-floor dresser decorating the main entrance, so it seemed like an attraction unto itself. That place was crazy; there were a thousand brands of furniture represented. You could find any style of bedroom, dining room, living room, patio, etc. furniture. We weren't shopping for anything, but it was nice to stroll the galleries and take note of some of the styles. Definitely plenty of ornate / overdone / gaudy styles out there, but there were a few simpler and more functional pieces. The place is so big they have three buildings and a skyway between two of them. Can't say I'll ever buy anything there. The final stop of the day was a clothing store; my wife has wanted me to go buy a few pairs of pants recently and I kept dodging the issue. Finally, she took advantage of our random day and my trust, and she directed me where to drive. Once I was close by I realized what was going on, but it was too late. So, we did buy two pairs of pants... Otherwise it was a nice day of just driving around and checking out some places we've always said, "we should stop there someday..."
  14. Nope, the 'Flying Colors' series was one of the first of the Hot Wheels to come out in the 1970s. I don't know the exact details; I'm sure there's someone on this site who is an avid Hot Wheels collector and give the precise history of different series. I think I had the 917 starting when I was 4 or 5 years old, which makes sense given the car was released in 1974 (https://hotwheels.fandom.com/wiki/P-917). The paint doesn't do anything fancy, nor does it have any metallic in it. But, much to my surprise my parents saved and gave me my original collector's case and about 20 of my original cars from when I was a child in the 70s. So, with RJ Speed up for sale these days, there's no way of knowing how much longer these 962 bodies will be produced and sold. I've been feeling more nostalgic and reflective these days, and doing some sort of homage to the original Hot Wheels is on my mind. I hate doing box art stuff; it has to come from some inspiration and be personal to me usually. Collector case:
  15. I pretty much buy whatever catches my eye; beauty is very subjective. For me I like the F1, LeMans, and touring releases. I do consider the chassis and like nylon tubs, FRP, and carbon fiber more than ABS/PC. I look for actual light buckets instead of stickers. Sometimes I might buy a second kit to save for the future if I'm really geeked about it. As a result I'm drawn more towards TA, TB, FF, RM, Group C, and F103/F104 chassis than anything else. As Tamiya has discounted a lot of their TRF off-road chassis over the years, I've scooped up a few of them on closeout. The by-product of all this is I have all the Super GT releases on TA05V2 and TB03, all the recent RM01 LeMans releases, and most of the F103GT releases. There's a sprinkling of Group C and F104W too. I do have buggies, trucks, and SCTs, but my real love is nicer quality on-road releases with subjects I can relate to. A lot of my collection, both built and NIB, falls into this category.
  16. I like where you're going with the Protoform ATS-V body and the corresponding Hot Wheels car. I have a RJ Speed Porsche 962 shell I want to paint in the same style as an old Hot Wheels Porsche 917 'Flying Colors' car I have:
  17. Probably going to try finishing some half-done projects I've been ignoring: HPI BMW 2002 turbo shell on a 3Racing M4 chassis Calsonic GTR R35 shell on a TB chassis Team Hahn MAN TGS shell on a TT01R chassis '72 Chevy C10 shell on a Turnigy SCT chassis Heavy Dump Truck body/hydraulics/lighting -- really lost my momentum on this one; my ambition outstrips my patience I've got the itch to start some new ones: '99 Impreza Porsche 962 TRF801X BRAT That should last the year and then some...
  18. Not sure if you're worried about specific colors that are released and discontinued periodically, but I'm worried about the state of the hobby as a whole and how to match decal sheets to paint if Tamiya stops selling their unique colors. It's less of an issue for some of the generic kits, but racing liveries on some of the TA and TB bodies demand several colors... Discontinuation of all spray paints. It's not something to worry about now; I'm thinking about 10-20 years down the road. Nope, not stockpiling. I'm trying to use up as many fractional spray cans as I can now. I'll buy paints for a half dozen bodies at a time, or make some opportunistic buys at the local hobby shop. Again, my concern is mostly 10-20 years into the future...
  19. I worry more about paint availability when I finally get around to building certain kits in the distant future...
  20. I still have 90% of the cars I built over the past 10 years; the collection is up to 32 at the moment. What really helped me was installing vertical shelf track on the walls of my 6' x 10' hobby room (Closet Maid branded track) and using adjustable brackets and individual shelf planks to conserve as much vertical space as possible. As the collection grew I'd add more brackets and planks, and adjust the spacing between the planks to the minimum needed for cars. So, my top shelves have all the monster trucks on them and there's only a little gap to the ceiling. There are a few shelves with buggies on them as they all have about the same height. Then the last shelves in another section all have touring/drift/pan/F1 cars as those are relatively low-profile. I also used shelving planks wide enough to be able to turn the cars 90 degrees and pack them in more tightly side-by-side instead of nose-to-tail. I have room for about 4 more cars, and then it'll get interesting...
  21. I don't mind the chassis codes... I've always had a mind for acronyms, numbers, stock symbols, physics constants, etc... I barely look at the model name and look at the chassis code first to decide if I might be interested in buying it.
  22. Your friend's* insanity doesn't match my friend's* insanity, but it sounds like they both belong in an asylum...
  23. Though it's too cold to paint right now, I've been trimming shells and deciding on color schemes for them lately. Soon I'll have a BMW 2002 turbo, Chevy C10, Calsonic GTR, MAN TGS, and Heavy Dump Truck fully trimmed, sanded, and waiting for a warmer day (all old projects I want to complete).
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