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  1. be real careful with the little bitty mustang decal that goes on the front. I went through two decal sheets because that one was old and small and wanted to separate. It's looking good, I really like those DSs.
  2. My best guess to any origins for the parts on this is that it's a pieced together chassis from an original owner that had several models in that family. I know there was a TA02, TFR414 plus at least one other similar to this one purchased in a lot a few years ago. I know where the TA02 is and I have the 414, this one wasn't sold on because it wasn't ever identified. There isn't a scratch on the chassis and what looked to be cheap plastic wheels turned out to be ali wheels with a bad glue job using mismatched tires. The used shocks make me think this was just the parts car in the lot but together enough that it could run.
  3. Thank you It looked descent and as just a roller chassis worth 20 bucks
  4. It has Tamiya shocks but beyond that. I can't figure out what it is. I know it has a bunch of hop ups so that doesn't help with identifying it either. Any help would be a good thing. Thanks
  5. It's not perfect but it sure beats that hideous jeepish looking body.
  6. I was looking for something different and settled on a sawback. The chassis is great and it runs well on a castle 3900 brushless. The body was truly hideous all shiney red so I dullcoated it and weathered it a bit. It's still truly ugly but not as bad. The 34 ford body and Warn winch will fix the ugly when that shell is finished. The little jar of lip gloss that came with it tastes really bad
  7. Berman, thanks for the lead in or reason for this driver figure. I've seen a lot of different things for drivers to do but this one seemed appropriate. Signalling for a turn is my explanation, It needs work but I had to start somewhere.
  8. I sold a car to a buyer in a country you normally avoid because of shipping issues and it went perfect. As a seller it's a good deal but the warning is probably better to be directed to the original packager. Make sure loose pieces are secured in some way, especially if they're small.
  9. I was working on upgrading the radio set in a crawler and it dawned on me how deep into this hobby I've gotten. At one time it was a couple cars and radios for each with a few batteries shared by all. Now it's multi car radio sets and everything has it's own specific battery, What got my attention was the fact that I'm at 1/4 full on the new six channel 20 model radio and it took one day. There's a total of 24 channels in use so far over these 5 and I caught myself thinking an 8 channel might be needed soon. I used to think my hobby involvement was a bit too much but today just pointed out how far over the edge I've gotten...I can't see the edge from here.
  10. Like this perhaps? image was copied from an Ebay auction, 5 bucks for it
  11. All the Tamiya bikes are beautiful. This is Tamiya's picture of the last one I made. I prefer the liter bikes
  12. I've been doing this sideways progress lately. For every positive move there's been an odd turn that came with it. I picked up a custom Axial sorta truck with a high lift body to make into a scaler. It looked good and I picked up all sorts of add ons for it but unfortunately whoever designed it shortened it up too much and nothing would keep a driveshaft in it. So I parted it out and sent the chassis packing. Meanwhile I picked up a an exceed crawler for a good price replaced all the electronics and it ran fine but the original body was hideous. None of the local shops had anything long enough for it. I'd picked up a winch for the High lift truck but that truck is gone, So I decided to put it on the custom truck with the TLT axles. This one had a mismatch on the 2 sreering servos and I decided to address that before the winch. I pulled the Hitec 130 ounce servos from the clod crawler and put them in and did up the winch. This one turned out good and has been run a bit to test it out. It's the Warn key fob winch and it's pretty cool. Ok, now the clod crawler got the 222 ounce Savox servos. It ran great but the added servo torque about tore up the steering. It needs the end points set to work correctly. Unfortunately it's on a tactic 400 4 channel radio that has no end point adjustment, so it's down until the radio gets replaced. One of the add ons for the first truck mentioned was a dig unit. The exceed is a axial clone so I tried the dig unit on it. It fit but didn't work. So I fit the axial gearbox, dig unit and MIP driveshafts for that first truck into the Exceed. Now it runs great but still too ugly to look at. We went out crawling the trucks and trail running too on Saturday for almost 4 hours. Had a good time but found a lot of the problems mentioned already. My buddy had a body that looked to fit the exceed, I fit it today and now I have a trunk for my junk and a roof rack too. At that time I got one of two mini sprint cars my buddy found. It needed shocks, tires, radio and a battery. I had enough bits and pieces to put it together today and it'll be one of the next ones raced. Sorry so long winded, but it's been fun and kinda productive in a weird way.
  13. All joking aside, I was thinking about the NIB collectors since that's an aspect of collecting I never really understood. I realized I do that too in a sort of way. I have a couple of very vintage static Tamiya kits that aren't really on the agenda to build. I've built them before but don't have them anymore, it's a nostalgia thing to have them and know that if I wanted to build them that I could. There's a couple more I'd like to have and eventually will. I like knowing they're here is what it means to me....if that makes sense
  14. Ok. I've got this really nice glass case with the shelfers in it. BT50, JPS and Kenny Roberts Yamaha. If I cross purposed that case it would be a good habitat for pet mice with something to chew on and use as a latrine. Sounds wrong to me
  15. i'm not so sure about that. If I were to cut a hole in the top of all my cars and then fill them with dirt, plant flower seeds in them and keep them watered on shelves I think we all could agree that it would be just wrong.
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