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  1. OSR, I waited and you were right...got a brand new sent off of eBay, the price was a little high but.....
  2. Does anyone know that when you convert a stock hex style dogbones for a Monster Beetle / BlackFoot to a Thorp Diff setup do you use the rubber long shaft covers with the zip ties, or do you leave them exposed without grease? Any help please...It will be for a semi-runner.
  3. Does anyone know what type of grease to use on a Thorp ball tranny? This is for a Monster Beetle. Any ideas would be great.
  4. I got got an extra set of brand new dogbones (Thorp 4510) with a small Thorp decal NIP. I am willing to trade someone who has any (Thorp 4509) long shafts for the MB, BF, Mud Blaster. I just really need one.
  5. Also, OldSchoolRunner, I never ended up getting new bearings for the Thorp, I found (1) 1/16 that I was looking for...(from older post). At least on the other side, I put the stock gears in and runs pretty good for now...knowing I have a Thorp "almost" ready to go in....it was just something that I could not afford way back when....
  6. I know, it's hard to wait when your trying to finish a project.
  7. the tl01 looks to be to short, the re-re brat looks like it might, but also looks like a different type of end...
  8. I need help, I'm looking for one long joint shaft (Thorp 4509) to complete my rear end. Does anyone know what other vehicles would work other the Blackfoot, Mud Blaster, Frog... I went on Ebay and tried to search and the only thing that came up was the Kyosho Big Brut and Double Dare. Any help please.
  9. I hope everyone is well, still kind of new at this....I'm just about to buy 1/16" and 1/8" carbon steel ball bearings to replace in my Thorp rear diff for my Monster Beetle (not yet installed). They come in 100 count each and by no means to I need all of those. Just wanting to known if anyone would be intrested in some of these ball bearings. I'm not looking to make any money what so ever, just to cover the postage. If your stateside, not so worried, it would just be a stamp. Also what kind of greese should you use? Would Tamiya AW work?
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for a Tamiya Club or Vintage Club in the Orlando or Central Florida area. Any help would be great.
  11. Ya, I'm leaning towards just keeping it. I know they are super hard to find in one piece along with the spot light/bar. But yet again....probably going fix it up the best I can and primer it. Depending on how it turns out it my end up on the sell/trade page or the bay.
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