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  1. Sorry, not to be a spoil sport but the comical grasshopper is on a wr02 chassis I think. The kong head is a much more complex build on a Gf 06 chassis i think similar tech to a gf01 or the land cruiser pick up and dump truck, it's fun truck with good motor in it. I run an xl5 traxxas set up and it flies.
  2. So if you're thinking TA 01.... go Ta02 either the 934 black edition or maybe a porsche gt2. One hassle the whistles and bells. Every hop up the gt2 is pretty basic order what hop ups you want start with bearings.
  3. For such a young hobbyist you've racked up some serious inventory. Many of us were like you,"too cool in school" we now look back and drool over what we should have bought and put away. Keep building and expressing yourself through your cars.... mine keep me somewhat sane..... somewhat... lol
  4. I've seen a custom Wild willys body on this. It looks real trick
  5. probably have all of the parts you need except the wheel .
  6. Mines a forum find about 4 months ago, one of the guys was selling his swb Wild willy project with 2 extra bodies and a near complete extra chassis. Having restored so many before my stock of other bits was good so. I build and sold a jeep for a member at $250 plus shipping restored another body and ended up with a premium swb Wild Willy for free. Then a week later a buddy pointed me at a WW in box on market place. Kid had 2 cars for sale a lancia rally NIB, and what looked like a partial but ww in box. Kid claimed only controllers were missing. Not a nice young man it turned out. Lots missing but both shipped for a steel sold lancia for 775 shipped. Ww parts owe me less than nothing
  7. I've got one coming to me and its not my kind of kit. So up for sale. Message me first come first served best offer gets it. Should arrive this week.
  8. I haven' been on in a while. So my today post may be a catch up.yesterday bought a Vanquish. Over the past few weeks I've restored 3 WW 58035 sold one and selling another 2 .
  9. So, I decided to make a list of cars I'm going to sell, and promtly came up with good reason why I shouldnt sell any..... now where did I burn that list ... I mean put that list. Yes, where did I put that list?
  10. Licensing on the body shell is probably the key factor. It's generic. Not Merc not Ford not Toyota or VW
  11. Cooked some wires yesterday on the Kong head need to ease up on the 3s lipo
  12. Sorry got swamped with family stuff I will look tonight as lads night got cancelled due to wife requesting us time.... happy wife happy life.
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