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  1. 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab! or 1989 Nissan Silvia PS13
  2. thanks for the tips guys, it is already ballraced and has a 27T Stockstar motor. The MSC is playing up already, so I'll get an ESC ASAP, I've seen some on Ebay but I'm not sure if they are suitable, they are either a Tamiya TEU-104BK ESC or a TAMIYA TEU-101BK ESC, both say they are good down to a 23T motor so I assume mine will be OK? Anyone know which would be best? Would it be a case of just buying it and plugging it in or would it require more work than that? (I don't think ESC's had been invented when I used to build RC cars!!!) Thanks PS. Here's a couple more shots! New body shell set is also on it's way from the USA so I'll have my first attempt at a decent paint job when it arrives and once I can decide on a colour!!!
  3. That's great thanks, will I only need to change the pinion?
  4. Thanks, I'll try making some plastic bottle washers later!! I've also noticed that the acceleration is reduced due to the higher gearing of the larger diameter wheels, can I just change the pinion on the motor or will other gears in the gearbox need changing as well? Also, would I need more or less teeth on the pinion? Thanks, and here's some more pics!
  5. This my new old Brat! I bought it a few weeks ago, it came with uprated motor, ball bearings and alloy oil rear shocks, Body is tatty and I need to buy a new one, also, I hated the fact that the rear track was narrower than the front so I ordered some 12mm hex adaptors for the rear and then some HPI SuperStar wheels and truck radial tyres which have now been fitted. I have run into a problem though, when I fitted the new front wheels, with the wheel nut tightened to the end of the thread, there was still lots of sideways 'play' so I put a washer that I found in the garage between wheel and bearing and re-fitted the wheel, this time the wheel wouldn't spin!! Any advice welcome!!! Thanks
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