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  1. Hi sorry for the delay in replying, not got a problem with them popping out, I just need one! Bought a part built MK2 with a few bit missing. Thanks.
  2. Hi. I'm looking for a drive shaft 77mm long, with a ball and pin each end, and a suspension/steering tie rod, 50mm long, M3 threads each end (10mm of thread) I believe these are common items used on several models over the years. I also need some aftermarket shocks and front wheels/ tyres for an Avante mk2 if anyone can help. Can paypal as a gift. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I just bought a job lot of stuff from a local model shop, the owner had decided Tamiya cars were no longer his thing and he is concentrating on other stuff. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time I guess (FOR A CHANGE!) Anyway there are approx 95 tins of high quality spray paint, some genuine graphics sheets, lots of hop-up and spare parts, some tubs, (not sure which model) wheels, tyres etc. I have listed them all on ebay but if anyone is interested in any, or all of it as a job lot, i'm sure we can work something out. I'm just getting into this Tamiya r/c thing but have the bug big time, 10 cars in already after only 6 weeks! I'm not sure how to post a link but my ebay name is spanky.spangler You should be able to find me by doing a 'search by seller' Thanks, Chris.
  4. Just picked up an Avante mk2 with a few parts missing. I need 2 front wheels and tyres, a rear damper stay - MS3 3X50mm, an MJ6 drive shaft, approx 75mm long, and a pair o front shocks. Can anyone help? Can paypal as a gift. thanks.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys, I'm not really into big stuff like this, so think I will split them and sell them separately. Let you know how it goes
  6. Thanks Twinset, mystery solved. Its definitely a Ford Ranger. Now here is my new dilema..... should I sell the body on its own, its in good shape but needs painting, OR should I just bung it back on the Clodbuster and sell the whole thing as a going concern?
  7. Aah thanks, done a bit more research, I'm new to this, I think I may have made a boo boo here, the shell is the old 'rigid type ' material, it definitely says Ford on the tailgate, has a rectangular hole behind the rear window , in the flat bed. it also has sort of bulging out rear wheel arches, maybe I bought a cloddie with a different body, could be a Blackfoot, but looking at them, they dont seem to have the bulging arches! Anyway what ever it is, its going on Ebay now.!!
  8. I just picked up a vintage Clodbuster, which I was going to restore but have decided not to bother as I have picked up a couple more projects along the way. It came with two front grills, one is a chrome one piece with the Ford logo on it, the other is a two piece, top half chrome with proper lights. My question is, which is the original one, and am I right in thinking the Ford one is rarer? The back of the body also has the Ford logo. I am going to bung it on ebay but want it to go with the correct grill. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  9. Yeah emailed the guy I bought them from and he said all motors have them inbuilt.
  10. Yes it was GEGGS2003. Bought Thursday PM, arrived Friday AM, Cheapest on Ebay. Can't ask for more than that!
  11. THEY ARRIVED THIS MORNING!! One thing I am unsure about though, the instructions say 'make sure the motor is fitted with 2 motor capacitors (0.1uF), one from each terminal. My new Holiday Buggy 380 motor doesn't seem to have anything on the terminals, not sure if any of my other cars do either, are they built in or is this something else I need to buy?
  12. Ebay actually, 2 for £30. Thanks for the info chaps, 2 on their way as we speak!
  13. Mtroniks sport 20. Anyone know if these are any good? Pricewise they are 2 £30 on ebay which seems good to me. I just need something for a standard 540/380 motor, with reverse.
  14. Yep that crossed my mind, think thats the way to go. when two of us are using the cars I will still need two transmitters anyway. Cheers for the advice.
  15. OK thanks for the advice, would I have t buy new receivers for all my cars too?
  16. Hi could use some advice, new to all all this, so please excuse my ignorance, bought some used Acoms Techniplus radio gear off ebay, put batteries and crystals in the transmitter, all powered up ok, but no control over over any of my cars, After a little investigation all all was revealed. The new transmitter is 40 mhz, all my stuff is 27! I just assumed 27 was the standard, wasn't even aware 40 existed. So, why are there 2 frequency bands, what is best for cars, Guess I will just have to bung it back on ebay.
  17. Ok thats some good info, I will order a new set, thanks.
  18. As the title says, I'm looking for a Re Re Sand Rover and Holiday Buggy. I want them to use, so don't mind if they are a little bit rough round the edges!. I can paypal as a gift, or I have an original Hornet in superb condition, in its original box, with its original Acoms radio gear, assembly manual etc, all excellent condition, been in a plastic bag in an attic for over 20 years, been tested and ready to go or show. Maybe we could do some sort of deal? (Don't know if I'm allowed to mention it but I have a Kyosho speedboat from the 80's (Also bagged and attic stored for over 20 years), boxed, radio gear, fully ready to go, and all in superb original condition, to swap to, pics of Hornet and boat available)
  19. Hi, could one of you knowledgeable chaps point me in the right direction, I have just bought a vintage Subaru Mud Blaster with perished tyres. I can't seem to find any Specific ones for sale, but I guess there are other models with the same tyres. Which ones? Is ebay the best place to source them? Any advice gratefully received, thanks.
  20. Hi I'm new on here but I have seen this type of event work well, I used to be into scalextric, the club have 3 or 4 'swapmeets' each year, different venues, usually not anywhere too flash, all the locals turn up, to buy and sell, and a good time is had by all. I regularly see posters for model railway enthusiasts at the local school hall, same thing I imagine. I would def be in for a midlands based meet.
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