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  1. I'm in need of a Thundershot prop shaft , no luck on eBay , is there a upgrade that can be done?
  2. Success got a jr beat 2 alpina on 27mhz works flawlessly
  3. Thanks for the advice got carp falcon ribs and spike rears ordered now on to the shocks what size cva I assume minis front and shorts for the rear
  4. Madcap tires seem to be hard to find, are there any other options ?
  5. 27mhz that could be the problem all I have is 75 mhz
  6. I have a cpr160 unit that has no range any suggestions
  7. hey there anyone in canada willing to get me a ps-16 blue metalic spray body, i live in nova scotia where there is not even a hobby shop. im in need to finish my avante thanks Dave
  8. let me know if ya wanna sell that body and wing , look great on mine
  9. i have a fp-tf-am on channel 80 if its ay good to you
  10. i have a optima runner restore project , shock clamps, body tires and a polish and it would be mint.
  11. well i have to say i have a scx10 and as far as build quality i would say its marginal at best stock ( to much plastic) , i have taken my bruiser to a scale meet no laughter mostly amazement . sure it doesnt have the suspension flex tha axail does. the bruiser is true legend will anyone remember the scx10 in 25 years? my guess is probably not.
  12. anyone have rc channel aluminum wheels on there bruiser, curious about fit and quality thanks dave
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