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  1. Thanks! It is going to be a ton of fun for sure I think! looking for shocks at the moment haha
  2. I have been looking at these kits for a long time - 4 years or so when I first got back into RC. Said that if I'm getting back in I'm getting the kit I've wanted, but couldn't justify the cost of a NIB kit. Said that 2 weeks ago, and started looking for kits.. After a week of nothing but staring at the 1 pic on RCmotomaniacs, I finally found one local of all places - a heavily used, and beat nitro that was converted to electric. Struck a deal to pick it up the following weekend (2.5 hour drive so had to wait til the weekend). 2 days after making that deal I'm on eBay searching for parts, vintage electronics, and searched expensive first, and BAM and NIB Quad Rider EV kit pops up on the top of the page. $100 shipped cheaper than RCmoto. Emailed the seller an offer, which went unanswered, so I thought about it for a day, and pulled the trigger on it next night.. Seller didn't confirm it was complete but all the important stuff was there, and uncut/modified. (Paid $475 shipped for it), and super excited to build/rebuild this kit finally! Immediately after buying the kit, I started searching for parts in the 1997-2003 range, and settled on this setup after not getting to lucky on Facebook or finding any real decent parts/motors on eBay- Novak GT7 ESC P2K2 Epic 27t stock motor Trinity Kinwald Dirtinator 13x2 motor Kyosho Scorpion 12mm hex 2.2 5 spoke wheels Reproduction Tecnacraft Scorpion 1.75/1.9 4 spoke wheels (going to mod to fit) Unknown vintage knobby 1.5/1.9 tires Futaba MJ T2PHKA TX/FP-R122JE RX/S148 servo Fast Eddie bearing kit New Orion 3000mah 7.2 NiMH batteries (2) Still need - 32p pinions 2.2 tires Make scale nerf bars/ foot nets New scale shocks (AE or similar once I figure out the lengths they need to be) New turnbuckles/rod ends JConcepts 1.7 Double Dee's (anyone have a pair they will sell??)
  3. It was! Going to be even faster this season!
  4. Bringing this back up!! Sadly this is my only car left! Sold all my buggies sadly! Went from 1 to 15 back to 1 SO I decided to dump a little into it here - STRC - All gun metal in color Front bulkhead Front pin brace Front caster blocks Front spindles Steering rack 12mm hubs Front 6mm shock tower Shock caps Threaded shock bodies Hardened CVD's (using B44 bones for the narrowed rear!) Castle SV3 5700kv combo (have had it) Castle ESC fan Traxxas LCG black chassis RPM ESC cage for SV3 in Slash Futaba 1" aluminum servo arm Lunsford 1.5" M3 titanium turn buckles (rear camber) DE Racing Burrego Silver 2.2 12mm hex buggy wheels (finally be easy to install/remove the front wheels!) AE DS1903MG servo (have - less torque but 5 grams heavier than 2075) RcReaper 7" aluminum adjustable wheelie bar Spektrum DX3 radio (have) New Parma Muscle 71 body that will be done up as my friends 71 Demon (DMX Demon - was on Street Outlaws NOLA)
  5. The XXX EA3 I got - P2K 27t motor (out of the XX, which now has the Komodo 19t spec in it) Trinity shock collars Futaba S3003 servo Novak Racer ESC (just bought) Still need to find a Losi Spektrum 2.4 radio like the other 2 - missing - battery strap, gear cover, and rear body mounts (found everything but the radio so far) It came with 5 bodies, 3 wings, 4 NIP front Blue wheels, NIP white wheel set, 2 very nice used sets of white wheels with Pro-Line/ Losi tires.. The best body/wing out of the bunch - put white Losi wheels with old Losi tires on it
  6. Another HUGE update! Well I bought an unadvertised Losi XXX CR BK2 last week, it came today.. OMG it's nice! I ended up robbing all the stainless hardware, and Trinity aluminum parts for my other XXX. Made the new buggy a stock roller with a P2K 27t spec motor, and old Losi wheels/tires.. Here is what I robbed/swapped off the new one to my clean one.. Cleaner front wheels hubs (blue aluminum) 3 blue 4-40 mini nuts (in steering knuckles and servo arm) Conical washers on the steering rack hold down Replaced all steel hardware with stainless Correct cvd's for the Trinity wheel hubs Blue aluminum wing mounts Nos Trinity blue aluminum wheel nuts Swapped left front arms so the clean one has correct arms Still need.. Trinity rear bearing carrier's coming from a friend (7) Trinity 4-40 mini nuts (6) Trinity 4-40 large nuts New TBG body/wing done in the same style by Trung Au Blue rear wheels Nos Losi tires
  7. Sadly I lost the header card for the armature, but still have the card for the can setup..
  8. Well guys! Another update for the Losi's! Found a BUNCH of parts for the XXX and pretty much restored it at this point lol - also went thru the XX a little more.. XX- NOS Trinity blue front hinge pin brace/ trans brace NOS correct "Punisher" decals for front pin brace Swapped 84t purple spur gear for white 78t (24t/78t gearing) VERY nice used original wheels/tires Losi rear's w/ Losi mini pins Pro-Line 4 ribs w/ Pro-Line wheels Lowered ride height XXX - New/used clean chassis NOS rear chassis pivot plate New/used ok shape front chassis plate NOS Trinity blue aluminum rear pivot brace NOS Trinity blue weave graphite/Aluminum motor plate NOS Losi sway bar kit w/ XXX-SCT blue aluminum hinge pin brace VERY nice used original Pro-Line wheels/ Holeshot Pro-184/ 4 Ribs tires Bunch of new/used hardware New/used BK2 trans case - shimmed up with AE aluminum #4 washers to clear hinge pins Swapped white 78t spur for purple 84t spur (24t/84t gearing) Added 10° of timing to the Kinwald 15t motor Lowered ride height Haven't gotten yet - NOS Trinity blue aluminum axle spacers - these will need trimmed to fit CVD's but oh well they will look killer! Scored NOS Trinity blue aluminum rear hub carriers! Printed off instruction/spec sheets for the Novak Cyclone, and Racer EX ESC's (still available on their site) MCI Racing makes reproduction decals for the Kinwald car's and plan o buy both sets, as well as, Team Blue Groove bodies for them. Going to have them repainted and decaled just as they are.. MOAR PICS!!! Plus moved all the older pics to a new folder so they will be reposted below in order!!!
  9. Well a decent hiatus due to my 1:1 71 Demon but I'm back! Working on my XXX a little! Haven't touched the XX CR - have RPM rod ends waiting for it but not sure I'll put them on or not.. Bought a EA3 XXX CR for some nice Trinity blue anodized parts! Just got done fitting them last Thursday! About a month after posting this thread I was lucky enough to find a NOS Trinity 15t arm NIP so I swapped out the NOS 27t arm for the 15t.. took it for a test drive after breaking in the arm/brushes on 5v or so and WOW it flies! Now my favorite buggy out of my collection. Here is what I managed to get off the XXX EA3 CR - it had a blue aluminum rear arm mount, but I found out the hard way it will not fit a BK2 buggy so it will stay with the EA3 - 14 or so anodized blue finishing washers Anodized blue shock collars Nos fiberglass blue plaid front shock tower (have another NIP that is blue glitter) Anodized blue front hinge pin brace Anodized blue front bulk head Anodized blue front axle hex's Well worn anodized blue wheel nuts Added some stainless hardware as well Correct cvd's (had aluminum XXX4's in it) Also found out it has a full set of TiNi coated hinge pins! AND just bought today - NOS Trinity blue rear wheel spacers and rear hinge pin mount!
  10. Test drive was a failure. I think the Orange RX receiver is junk, I found out the hard way that as soon as you get more 3ft from the buggy the radio no longer works.. YIKES almost lost my fresh electronics to a pond! SO so much for a transponder.. going to buy a new Spectrum receiver and a large suit case to make a travel box out of!
  11. I looked just now and there is enough room to move the inner camber ball stud up on the tower, I will likely go that route if the steering hitting becomes a problem at full droop.. I'm going to take it out and break it in on my road here today since it's dry out. Small update - Took a AE blue anodized 4-40 nyloc nut, and drilled and tapped it for 5-40 threads - to replace the steel nut it had on the end of the slipper clutch Glued the tires up last night Added a 3mm aluminum spacer and a 7/8" long titanium bolt to the bottom of the rear shocks to align them better Added nitro fuel line to the bottoms of all the shocks to act as travel limiters Got a final weigh in - it's heavyish! So I think the new body with a decent paint job, personal transponder will do the trick to get it above weight, and only have to add weight for tuning purposes! Weight was taken with a lighter B4.1 body, was 1,496 grams, and 2 1/4oz adhesive backed lead weights got it up to 1,508 grams! So will likely not add an interior ahaha
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