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  1. Hey mate, use imageshack.us I never have an issue with loading pix from them and it's a free service. Cheers
  2. The shock is built properly. The shock body seems to be warped as Mad Racer said, it's not bad, but definitely not centre and smooth operating like the rest of the shocks. No burrs on the piston, they are actually all smooth from factory as they don't come attached to a sprue tree, they are just in the shock bag separated already. I have the gear tranny for sale unopened if anyone wants one, and the wheels and tyres.
  3. Mad Racer- just started building mine today, and had the exact same issue with one of the shocks. One was smooth operating, the other had friction, and if you look closely when the piston is at full compression, is slightly off kilter.
  4. I don't mean to be picky, but cos I don't have anything to compare the gold pan with in my collection, im a little - dare I say - disappointed, with the quality of the pan. Chinese built obviously we know, but what I've noticed is the counter sunk holes for the gearbox etc are not really "drill perfect" round. And the extension to where the rear bends up around the motor is not as good as it could be. Still I've got my kit, and I'll make it all fit how it's intended....anyone want to buy a spare 6 gear...box?...I'm using a stealth.
  5. I have mine ordered with ACE here in NSW. Still waiting for confirmation dammit. Cheers
  6. This is what you would be after http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/19T-PINION-GEAR-Frog-58041-58354-Subaru-Brat-58038-58384-Lancia-Tamiya-3515007-/350691179628?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item51a6d2bc6c&_uhb=1 Cheers
  7. The teu105 has a slightly smaller footprint, and doesn't have a BEC lead. All built into it. Just bought one the other day. Works perfect with motor turn 25 or more. Cheers
  8. Take the brass spacers out of the front shock. That stretches the shock further out. Then put the ORIGINAL sway bar on. My Foxes are much more stable through corners and still give reasonable turning circle Cheers
  9. Thanks man - might look into getting some for the modern tyre sizes. Yeah Ive noticed how noisy this is compared to my Fox Runner - thats so silent with its 24tooth pinion and Thorp internals. Cheers
  10. Hey man. Taking the brass spacers out makes it much better. More droop but that's ok. I used just the 2 hole piston instead of the 4 hole and used 35 weight oil. Corners are much more comfortable. In saying that , my Fox runner still turns better than the new one, even with the old original swaybar.
  11. Box art is ok - but too many people do that. Y not a two-tone, silver ontop, and another colour under it. Teal or Cherry Red, Metallic Flake paint - that will still out. I did that with my old Fox body. Cheers
  12. MatMan - haha. The E-Clip - how could I forget such a big detail! I still hate e-Clips, fling off everywhere to oblivion everytime you clip them wrong haha! CHeers
  13. Most is. Biggest change is dogbone shafts and inferior sway bar. Comes with ESC and flexi aerial tube, new servo position and a slight variation with decal sheet. Cheers
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