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  1. Hi Stella I have sent an email from your web site asking for one to be pre ordered. Regards Darren
  2. I think the mfu needs analogue trims and I believe the dx6i has digital trims so I don't think it will work properly.
  3. i have just ordered a Fixsal Glue Kit from the idealworld website. after watching the demo on the TV it looks like it will do what you want. Its water proof and stays flexible when set and will glue pretty much anything to anything.
  4. There is no evidence that the original molds have been destroyed(just speculation on these boards), but with the small changes to the Re-Re Sand Scorcher did they use the original molds or did they make new ones, if they did made new ones then it's not too much of a stretch that they could do it again for the 3 Speeds.
  5. http://www.armortek.co.uk/index.html This is a company in the UK that make 1/6 scale tanks. I was at the wings and wheels model show at north weald in essex were this video looks like it was taken earlier in the summer. Those tanks were huge and very expensive and the web site Armortek was were the guy i was talking to got his from..
  6. i have pre ordered 2 from one of our sponsers Modelsport for £37 delivered each by the end of march (hopfully). sometimes HK sellers are not the place to go
  7. I ordered mine from Stella on the first day they had them on eBay, About 3 weeks back. Stella shipped them with the rear cage problem then found out from Tamiya that there was a problem and has posted new cages.
  8. My 2 from stella both came with the blue bag and ESC plus they both had the rear cage problem with the hole drilled in the wrong place. Blister packs all looked stuck down with no loose parts. Im still waiting for replacement cages from stella.
  9. Mine sat awaiting charges for 4 days and they turned up 2 mins ago with no charges and packed with extra foam inside to protect the blisters plus loads of bubble wrap around everything thats loose in the box. both kits were then bubble wraped and inside a sturdy box with more foam . so as always it turns out goood again. on a plus note aswell i saved £40 per kit on the uk price £80 total
  10. one of my orders from Stella did go missing and after contacting them they said wait a few more days and if it didn't turn up they would send another item out This only happened once from over 100 items i have bought from them over the years. The item did turn up the next day after asking so all turned out good. also i have only been stung once for customs when the customs man miss read the parcel and charged me on us Dollars not HK Dollars. even then after paying £60 if i remember right the truck (Knight Hauler) still worked out £30 cheaper than the UK price. Also going with EMS i get most parcels in about 5-7 days but sometimes 2-3 days had happened. My 2X SS2010's have taken about a week and are due to be delivered today but they did get stuck in customs for the last 4 days and realesed without charges
  11. I got this email from stella today Dear Valued Customer Thanks for your purchase from the first batch of 58452 Sand Scorcher kits with non-woven blue bag. A few days after shipping out kits we were informed of a possible defect with the Rear Guard (Part #19335554). Replacement rear guards were promptly delivered to us from Tamiya Japan. Instead of waiting for buyers to check whether their kit(s) contain the defective rear guard we decided to send replacement rear guards to all our buyers. This applies to kits that were shipped before the Tamiya announcement. Kits shipped after the announcement have the replacement rear guard inserted into kit. The rear guards have already shipped, last week, to avoid any delays during and after the Chinese New Year holidays. Please let me know if you have any questions. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Regards stellamodels Looks like Stella's on the ball
  12. Just got my order for 2 on eBay in Cheers Stella great price and look forward to getting my hands on them Regards Darren
  13. My Hi-Lift is at 4579 (at time of posting here) http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...865&id=2366
  14. Ive built 3 now and love the detail and the amount of time it takes to make these look good.When you first open the box Greg and get all the parts out dont panic just take your time and follow the maual and you should be good. Also the MFU does have a lot of wires so be warned If you get stuck im sure some on here will help you out. Cheers Darren I think i should do some work now....
  15. Swarm i like the pic in your showroom called 'Nice Summer Views' of the Hilux it looks cool Its still bugs me that Tamiya didnt make the wheels a tad bigger..... Cheers Swarm
  16. The kit is 4wd if you click the link in the bottom of my post there are a few 3speed trucks in my showroom to take a look at.
  17. If in the UK use Halfords paints as Tamiya paints for the hard body's are not for sale,You dont get masks but you can use masking tape from car spare shops. If Tamiya paint are available in your area then the instrutions should say what paints to buy. The body comes in 2 main parts and all the chrome bits and windows bolt on after the body is painted so no need to mask any of the shinny bits
  18. You need 2 servos 1 for the stearing and one to change gears so that would take up 2 channels fron the 4 you have on the reciever. When you install the MFU, that will take up another channel so 3 used in total, MFU also has an electric speed control built in so no need to use the included esc. With the handset deal you get 3 servos 1 4channel reciever, handset and battery for handset. If you order the Hilux Kit, MFU,Bearings and Handset like the one in the link you should be good. Then all you need are batterys for running. Again hope this helps but when you get all the bits together it might all become clear. As Swarm Said above
  19. Also Greg for the handset this is the sort of thing you need to be looking for http://www.modelsport.co.uk/?CallFunction=...mp;ItemID=35091 You will get the reciever and all the servos included. this is the sort of thing i have in 3 or 4 of my 3speed trucks. Like other have said you might want to buy 1 metal geared servo just for the stearing.
  20. This is the bearings/Ballrace you need to look for the link is to a finished listing as live listings are not allowed http://cgi.ebay.com/TAMIYA-RC-Ford-F-350-F...=item439cbc3093 Hope this helps
  21. I think the Scorcher 2010 Re-Release has clear windows, give it a few weeks and you should be able to pick up a set.
  22. Go to the Tamiya Club home page and you will find a link to Stella's shop at the bottom of the page.
  23. Dont forget the Box will be identical apart from a few changes
  24. Put me down for 2 please
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